Frequently asked questions

What is Easypromos?

Easypromos is a global leader in digital promotions. We offer a self-service, intuitive platform to create and manage digital campaigns across all social networks and devices.


Easypromos was founded in 2010 as one of the first apps for online promotions. Since then, we've worked with clients all around the world to create the best possible experience for marketers and campaign organizers. Our platform is reliable, robust, and easy to use. You don't need to be a programming expert to customize promotions down to the last detail.


We specialize in digital campaigns for large brands and agencies. In our first ten years as a company, we've helped to run over 2 million campaigns with 20,000 clients.

How can digital promotions help my brand?

Online promotions are an essential tool for any modern marketing strategy. They can help you capture leads, connect with your target audience, drive traffic to your store, get customer feedback, and reward your most loyal followers. And they can create buzz and user-generated content on social media, while minimizing and managing brand risk.


To find out exactly which promotion is right for you, take a look at our success stories with past clients, or contact us directly. We'll be happy to advise you.

Why should I use Easypromos?

At Easypromos, we know that the little details matter. Five years is a long time in digital marketing, and we’ve spent that time actively listening and responding to the needs of our clients. That's why our platform is so comprehensive and reliable. It's all been designed for you - from the customization features in our apps, to the carefully researched tutorials and guides on our blog. Easypromos helps you to achieve your marketing goals efficiently.


Still think we can do better? We'd love to hear from you!

What kind of promotions can I create with Easypromos?

With Easypromos, you can create 24 different types of promotions including social media giveaways, contests, quizzes, surveys, loyalty programs, and giveaways for live events.  Check out our full list of applications

I have an awesome marketing idea, but I don’t know where to start. Can you help?

Every great marketing campaign starts with a good idea. And we're here to help you succeed!


Start by checking out our free Promotions App Helper to see which app is the best fit for your campaign. Or you can chat live with us to figure it out.

Can I customize promotions with my branding?

Yes you can! Our platform is designed so that you can create good-looking promotions, even if you don't have any design or programming expertise. Use your own logo, colors, images, and text to edit the campaign. For advanced users, you can also add your own CSS.

Where will my promotion be displayed?

This is really up to you.  You can embed your promotion as a widget on your website, or set it up as a stand-alone microsite. You can also embed it on your blog, share it on social media, and include a promotion link in your email newsletters and print materials. Your promotion is not exclusive to any single platform, so you can reach your audience wherever they are. You'll see all the promotion entries and data collected together in your Control Panel, including information about participation sources.

Will my promotions work for mobile users?

Yes! All Easypromos promotions come with a responsive design, which automatically adapts to any mobile device. However participants access your promotion, they'll have the same great user experience.

How do you keep my data safe?

We keep your data secure. While we do collect some data for internal use, we will not share any of your information with anyone else. Check out our Privacy Policy for all the details.

How do Easypromos subscription plans work?

You can choose from several different payment models. You can pay for promotions one by one, get a monthly plan with unlimited promotions, or choose an annual plan which includes unlimited promotions and a discount. Read our Pricing page for more information.

Can I try Easypromos for free?

Sure you can! Your first social media giveaway with your new account is free.

I am an agency, and I manage several accounts.
Do you have a special price for agencies?

If you are an agency and expect to manage more than one promotion a month, we recommend a monthly or annual plan which gives you unlimited access to promotions. We charge agencies the same rate as direct clients. Check out our Pricing page for more information.


If you have a special enquiry, we'd love to talk about how we can help! Please contact us at

How much does Easypromos cost?

We have a range of pricing options, depending on the promotions you want to run. You can find out more on our Pricing page.

Can I get a refund?

We evaluate refunds on a case-by-case basis. If you would like to discuss a refund, please reach out to us and we will get back to you within 48 hours.

Can I test my promotion before it starts?

Yes, you can. Our platform is completely open, which means you can create, draft, and preview your promotion before you pay anything. We won't ask you for any billing information until you're ready to activate your promotion.

What are other brands doing on Easypromos?

Great question! We love collecting case studies from our clients. Take a look at some of their success stories.

I need help. Help!

Stay calm - we've got lots of resources to help you out.


Start with our Online Help Desk, where you'll find find step-by-step tutorials, frequently-asked technical questions, and guides for designing your promotion. You can also chat live with our support team. They'll be delighted to help.

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