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You can buy one single promotion, or buy a subscription plan to create unlimited promotions..

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Purchase a single promotion. Recommended if you plan one promotion with a duration of up to 2 months.

For unlimited promotions or duration of more than 2 months see our subscription plans

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Apps starting from $19 USD 19 euros

Sweepstakes Create a registration form to collect data from users and carry out a random draw among all entrants.

Facebook sweepstakes Carry out a random draw among all users who liked or commented on a post on your Facebook page

Instagram Sweepstakes Select random winners from users who comment on a post on your Instagram accounts.

Twitter Sweepstakes Carry out a sweepstakes among your followers, or among the users that retweet one of your tweets

Pick-A-Winner App Carry out a random draw among users imported from a .csv, .xls or text file.

Youtube Sweepstakes Organize a sweepstakes among all users who comment on a video on your YouTube channel.

Photo contest Let users submit their pictures and display them in a public gallery.

Writing-based contest Let users express themselves by submitting a phrase, comment or story.

Coupons Distribute a coupon to participants to redeem for discounts or gifts.

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Apps starting from $100 USD 80 euros

Video contest Let users submit their videos and display them in a public gallery.

Hashtags contest Contest based on tweets, photos and videos from Twitter and Instagram with one or several hashtag.

Quiz Users will have to guess the correct answers to a series of questions.

Surveys Discover likes and consumption habits of your customers and users.

Multiple-choice test Provide users a message or content tailored to their answers in the test.

Predictions Let users predict the results of a series of events.

Promotional Codes Distribute unique coupon codes to participants to redeem for discounts or gifts.

Redeem Your Code Reward your customers with a code to register for an online promotion.

Pick your Favorite Display stories, photos and videos in a gallery and let users vote for them.

Recruiters Participants will have to recruit friends to increase the chance of winning.

Instant win Award prizes immediately and users will discover instantly if they are winners.

Are you an agency?

You can benefit from discounts and licenses for unlimited use.

Subscription plans enable you to carry out unlimited promotions in any of the Facebook Pages that you manage. A subscription can be taken out per month or per year..

Frequently asked questions

Can I test one application for free?

Yes, the first Basic application is free for any new Easypromos account. The available applications in the Basic version are: Sweepstakes with registration, Facebook sweepstakes, Twitter sweepstakes, Photo contest, Writing-based contest and Coupons.

Applications available in the Premium and White Label versions can’t be activated for free.

What are the accepted payment methods?

The payment of the promotion can be made via credit card (VISA, Mastercard and American Express) or PayPal.

Can I pay via bank transfer?

The bank transfer is only accepted for annual subscriptions or the purchase of promotion packages. 

When is the payment made?

The system will require the payment when you want to activate and publish the application. If the account has an active subscription, the activation will be automatic. If the account doesn’t have an active subscription, the price per promotion will be applied and the system will redirect you to the payment screen to make the corresponding payment. 

For how long can I run my promotion?

By default, all promotions that have been activated within the ‘Pay per promotion’ model will have a maximum duration of 2 months, starting at the activation date. This provides the administrator with the freedom to make any necessary changes and adjustments to the promotion, including close dates, within the two month window.  After the two months is up, the promotion status will automatically change to "Closed".  If your needs require promotions for longer than two months, please see our "Subscription" package, which provides support for long-term campaigns and will enable you to keep your promotion active for as long as you need.

Note: You’ll need to purchase a subscription for length of time the promotion will be active.

Can I obtain an invoice of the payments made?

Yes, the system will automatically generate an invoice once the payment is made. The invoice can be downloaded from the administration panel of the account.

Do you provide refunds?

We evaluate refunds on a case-by-case basis. If you would like to discuss a refund, please reach out to us and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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