How a Footwear Brand Generated 130.000 Leads with a Branded Game

Kamila Palka
Kamila Palka
The footwear brand Flexi looked for a way to convert anonymous website visitors into leads. The Easypromos mini-games combined with attractive prizes turned out to be the perfect solution for the Flexi e-commerce. Learn more about the marketing campaign that converted 130.000 visitors into leads.

The client

Flexi is a Mexican footwear producer, leader in the Mexican market. The Flexi brand has been operating for more than 80 years. 

The objectives of the “Play and win with Flexi” lead generation campaign

Flexi’s marketing team had two main objectives in mind when they turned to Easypromos: to generate customer engagement and capitalize on website traffic. “We wanted to launch a simple and attractive campaign. We understood that our consumers are more attracted to skill-testing contests, rather than contests that involve a voting process”, explains Luis Muñoz, the Digital Marketing Manager at Flexi. “Easypromos provided us with a perfect solution; the games offered by the platform are equitable and what captivated us the most was their compatibility with mobile devices, as well as the simplicity of creating a promotion.”

The solution: a long-term incentivized promotion

Flexi decided to launch a long-term campaign focused on capturing new leads. The brand launched an independent microsite, where they directed traffic from the Flexi e-commerce page. 

The brand ran their very first gamified promotion over the Christmas period. They opted for a festive Puzzle, which turned out to be a fantastic tool to attract, engage and entertain the visitors

The second promotion launched by Flexi ran all the way from April until July. This time, Flexi visitors were invited to play a branded Memory game. “We are happy with the results of both games. However, we see that the Memory game offers a very high degree of randomness that makes each gameplay totally different”. 

Screenshot's of the lead generation campaign by Flexi

The Easypromos platform enables companies to create gamified marketing campaigns that are easy to set up and launch. The applications are easy to use and don’t require coding or programming experience. “We were looking for a simple option in terms of setting up the promotion and complexity for users.”, explains Luis Muñoz. 

Flexi opted for the White Label version, which allows you to activate the campaign using your own domain, fully customize the promotion, and integrate it with other external tools. “The customization options that come with the White Label version are fantastic. It highly helped us to generate greater customer trust since it allowed us to fully edit the promotion so that it matched our corporate image” says Muñoz.

Flexi's lead generation campaign

The integrations with other tools are an important aspect for Flexi, as the footwear brand regularly uses tools like Data Studio and Mailchimp. This way the participants registering in Flexi promotions form part of Flexi’s database. They start receiving email communications straight away, as Flexi’s mailing list is automatically updated every time new users sign up. 

Campaign promotion on social media and web 

Although the main objective was to convert website visitors into leads, Flexi promoted their campaign through various channels. Organic users were captured from their e-commerce site, as well as from social networks. Flexi increased their chances of converting online users, by running Facebook and Instagram ads. 

Flexi ads on Facebook
Flexi ads on social media, lead generation campaign with games

The brand used various formats to showcase and promote the campaign in order to attract new participants. In addition, Flexi also attracted new website visitors with a banner and a pop-up promoting the “Play and win with Flexi” promotion.

Flexi banner

The perfect lead generation combination: fun and prizes

Both campaigns – the Puzzle and Memory games – involved attractive prizes: a yearly supply of Flexi shoes. The winners were selected weekly, which is a great choice when it comes to long-term campaigns. It generates more engagement and participations. Each week of the campaign, Flexi chose one winner: the player with the best score of the week.

The playable promotions launched by Flexi normally last at least 10 to 12 weeks. The longer period allows the organizers to promote the campaigns across many different channels and therefore attract more potential participants. Flexi also adjust the design of the promotion according to the campaign they’re promoting, for example, Mother’s and Father’s Day. 

With one month still to go, Flexi had already surpassed the results of the first promotion in terms of leads; the brand converted 130,000 website visitors into leads. The gamified dynamics allowed them to revamp the lead generation. “We were trying other more traditional solutions such as pop-ups to capture leads throughout the site, but the results were not as we expected because it was not a win/win strategy,” says Luis Muñoz. The double incentive (entertainment and possible prizes) generates much more engagement and response from visitors. That is why gamification has become a highly effective marketing strategy. 

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We are very happy with the Easypromos platform. We’ve experienced how robust it is and how many things can be easily done and achieved. The platform has a lot to offer and we can’t wait to try out new contests and dynamics.

-Luis Muñoz-

Digital Marketing & UX Manager at Flexi