Relationship Marketing: Improve Customer Relationships with Promotions

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Looking to create lifelong customers? It’s time to introduce digital promotions into your strategy. In this blog post we take a look at how to boost brand engagement, customer loyalty and sales with a good relationship marketing strategy.


How to Increase App Downloads with Promotions and Games
how to increase app downloads

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Does your company or brand have a mobile app and one of your tasks is to increase app downloads? The number of apps in the app stores grows by the day and, of course, getting users to download and use the app is one of the main goals for most of them.


4 Ways to Celebrate Geek Pride Day with Your Followers

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Geek Pride Day is a fun event for… well, geeks! If your audience is full of Star Wars or anime fans, Geek Pride Day is a date on your calendar that you just can’t ignore. In this blog post we share 4 ways to celebrate the day with your online audience. Let’s take a look!


How to Promote Running During the Pandemic

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The COVID-19 pandemic caused the world of sports to stop and then transform. In the case of running, many races were canceled or postponed, forcing race organizers like La Bolsa del Corredor and its running club to come up with innovative and virtual solutions in order to continue motivating their communities. La Bolsa del Corredor organized Rainbow Virtual Series, a multi-race campaign with online registration and results, with the help of Easypromos. In this case study, we go through all the applications used for the campaign and how the organizers promoted their virtual events. The outcome speaks for itself: the organizers are already working on the 2021 edition of the virtual race.


The Importance of Visual Content in Sports Promotions

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We live in an age where millions of photos and videos are shared on social media every day. In this post we’re going to explain the hugely important part that visual content plays in sports-related promotions, and we’ll introduce you to a tool that makes it easier for you to create this type of content.


Promoting Instagram Giveaways with Visual Content

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Instagram giveaways are a great way to promote a product or grow your following. After all, who doesn’t like free stuff? But with the number of brands and businesses you’re competing with, it can get difficult to cut through the noise. And no matter how compelling your giveaway is, you may struggle to get participants. The secret? It’s all in the visuals.


How to Promote Your Online Campaign to Achieve Your Marketing Goals

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The fundamental reason for running online promotions is to give the best possible exposure to your product and brand, and the ultimate goal is often to attract as many participants as possible – so that you walk away with new leads, increased sales, and a better position in the market. Are you about to launch an online contest, game, or giveaway? Take a look at the following tips and tricks of promoting your digital promotions.


What is Twitch and How are Brands Using it

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In January 2021, almost 2 billion hours of video were watched on Twitch. Here’s everything you need to know about the live streaming platform and social network – including how brands are using Twitch for marketing.


How to Organize a Successful Twitter Giveaway

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Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms and it’s a great communication medium for brands. With millions of daily active users, companies often look for ways to engage with their audience, as well as drive engagement, and Twitter giveaways tend to do both. If you want to generate high-quality interactions from your followers and boost brand visibility, you should read on to find out more about running successful Twitter giveaways.


How to Promote your Podcast: Giveaways and Promotions

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Podcasts have become a new entertainment medium, especially popular with mobile device users. Their popularity is still growing and many podcasters are looking for new ways to engage their listeners. Today we take a look at how to reward and engage podcast listeners with online promotions and giveaways.