How to Organize a Drawing Contest to Promote Values | C&A Case Study

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Whenever a brand or business communicates with its target audience, it’s important that it also conveys its core values. Therefore, customers are more likely to remember communications from your brand more positively if those communications are infused with your brand’s ideals. In this C&A case study, we can see how the clothing brand successfully promoted its values of sustainability by organizing a children’s drawing contest. They used social media to promote the campaign and engage families.


Keys to organizing international promotions

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Do you work for a company with a presence in several countries and want to launch a multinational promotion? Do you want to carry out a contest in a country other than that of your fiscal residence? There are a number of considerations to keep in mind when organizing international promotions. Some of these include: Which legal frame applies? Are some countries more complicated than others? How to draft the terms and conditions?


Three Tips to Organizing a Successful Giveaway with HubSpot Integration

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So you’re organizing a giveaway and want to use it to feed your HubSpot account? You’ve come to the right place! Giveaways are great for boosting engagement, increasing brand visibility, and growing your online audience, but by integrating your Easypromos giveaway with HubSpot you can also classify participants as potential customers and send them tailored content that will continue to engage and delight them once the promotion is over.


Promotion ideas for football matches

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The ball keeps rolling regardless of the time of year. Club-level competitions such as the Premier League and the Champions League, or international competitions like the Euro and the Copa América attract millions of viewers around the world. This is a golden opportunity for your brand. Here at Easypromos, we have lots of ideas for ways to surprise and captivate your soccer-loving audience. Keep reading to find out how to score a hat trick in your next marketing campaign!


How to run a Twitch giveaway for a brand
How to do a giveaway on Twitch

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Twitch is a growing social network (12% of overall users are already using it according to the 2021 report by IAB). It is the social network with the highest intensity of use (1hr 40mim daily average use), and it is replacing tradicional TV within younger audiences who see in the platform a streaming service with infinite channels and content. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that brands are already looking for ways to be a part of it. Today we will be taking a look at one of the ways to do that: creating promotions and giveaways.


Step-by-step Guide to Writing Terms and Conditions for Social Media Giveaways
how to write terms and conditions for giveaway

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Are you about to launch a digital promotion or social media giveaway? Make sure you don’t forget one of the most important and easiest-to-miss aspects – the terms and conditions of your campaign. Each online promotion should come with its own T&Cs – to specify entry requirements and other important details. It’s also an excellent way to share all information with the participants and protect yourself in case of complaints from entrants. In this blog post, we take you through all the steps that should be covered in the terms and conditions document created for giveaways and promotions organized on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


Sancor Seguros Celebrated the Copa América with a Social Media Quiz

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Sancor Seguros is a proud sponsor of the Argentinian soccer team. To make the most out of the Copa América, the brand launched a social media quiz that achieved excellent results. And the icing on the cake was that Argentina won the tournament! If you’d like to learn how a Timed Quiz can give your brand’s social media channels a boost while attracting potential clients and enabling you to capture their contact details, read more about this success story below.


How to Pick a Winner of an Instagram Giveaway with Multiple Posts

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So your Instagram giveaway is up and running, or maybe you’re about to finalize it and now find yourself asking the following question: how do I pick a winner of my Instagram giveaway with multiple posts or ads? Read on to learn more about the most reliable Instagram giveaway picker for multiple posts on the market.


Creative Fall Promotion Ideas: Generate Buzz and Engage Your Audience

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Don’t forget about autumn while you start thinking about your winter holidays campaign – fall is a fantastic time to reconnect with your audience while you transition from the buzz of the summer to the so-awaited holiday season. In this blog post, we share ideas for fall promotions: interactive games and contests that will help you engage your audience and stay top of mind with customers.


Foster Customer Loyalty with the New Validate Receipts App

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Would you like to run client-exclusive promotions that boost customer loyalty and trust? Learn how to organize giveaways for your paying customers that upload pictures of their receipts or invoices from your store or e-commerce.