Prize Fulfillment Management or How to Make Sure the Winner Receives the Prize

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You’ve planned the contest, you’ve set it up and promoted it, you’ve used the tool to select the winner and you’ve also published the winner using the winners page and the certificate of validity – and now what? You also need to make sure the winner receives the prize.

Maybe it’s the aspect of the whole promotion you’ve thought about the least, it seems like a minor detail. But sometimes this minor detail, the prize fulfillment task, can cause complications because of bad communication or trouble contacting the winner and this can affect adversely the credibility and the trustworthiness of your brand.


How to take your social network campaigns to the next level with email marketing
email marketing

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Not so long ago, people were saying that email marketing was dead, that it was no longer an effective way of contacting your leads and capturing new customers. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth: email – as a method for communicating with leads and customers, boosting sales, and encouraging loyalty – is alive and well. But perhaps you’ve found that your email marketing campaigns don’t always work as well as they should. Have you stopped to ask yourself why?


Facebook Modifies Policy on Facebook Live Polls

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A few hours ago, Facebook changed its policy on the use of Facebook Live. An extra item has been added to this policy which conditions the use of live broadcasted polls with Facebook Live. In this post we explain the change and its consequences in detail.


Changing the Thumbnail of Your Facebook Live is Easy if You Know How

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Broadcasting live videos and polls with Facebook Live will increase the reach of your posts given that Facebook gives more reach value to this type of content and your videos will be shown before posts from other users and will have more views in the users’ newsfeed. If in addition to that the thumbnail image is interesting and striking, your video is sure to be seen even after the live streaming. You can change the thumbnail image of your Facebook Live videos to help achieve that. Keep reading and we’ll explain how.


Practice lead engagement using voting contests
lead engagement voting contest

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When a brand wants to interact with an audience and dynamize its online community, implementing a social media contest or promotion is generally an effective method of doing so. Brand followers are usually enthusiastic about such initiatives. You have a lot of options, but if what you’re seeking is to generate engagement with your public, then we suggest you give voting contests a try: you won’t be disappointed.


Jeremy Stern, founder and Managing Director of PromoVeritas

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Jeremy Stern is the founder and Managing Director of PromoVeritas. In his previous role as European Promotions Director of Coca-Cola, he saw a gap between the brilliant ideas of creative agencies and their clients who wanted to follow the rules and regulations for promotions. Hiring a lawyer was expensive and few had the necessary knowledge. As a result, many promotions were run casually and with limited respect for the laws. Whilst many others were busy setting up creative agencies, and frequently shutting them due to competition, PromoVeritas chose to operate in a niche and has grown and prospered. It now operates globally, has over 200 active clients and runs over 1500 campaigns a year.



Judging Prize Promotions
header_judging_prize_promotions (1)

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When you want to host a photo, video or writing based contest in the UK, you have to know the CAP Code. With the Easypromos app, you can choose to select the winners randomly but maybe you want the winners to be selected manually by a judge or a panel. In that case, this article will help you to understand the aspects that you need to keep in mind when organizing the contest and how you should proceed. Our partner PromoVeritas explains all the details here.


Improve your Inbound Marketing strategy with photo contests
photo contests

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These days people are more aware than ever of the importance of Inbound Marketing for connecting with your brand’s target audience. With this change of focus a paradoxical situation has arisen: while brands attempt to attract potential new customers organically via attraction marketing, greater powers have been given to users in their buying choices and their exposure to so much information and content means that getting their attention is not so easy.


Chicco UK Celebrates Mother’s Day with a Sweepstakes from Multiple Facebook Posts

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UK baby products brand, Chicco, wanted to celebrate Mother’s Day, which in the UK fell on Sunday 26th March 2017. With the help of their PR and Social Media agency, HROC, they planned a Facebook Timeline Sweepstake that included four different pre-scheduled competition posts to ask for entries. To enter, mothers were asked to comment on one of the four posts with their one golden piece of advice to new mums. Chicco then used the Easypromos app to gather all entries from all four posts in one sweepstake in order to select five winners. The response to the competition was very positive, with the first post receiving more than 300 comments and the Chicco Facebook page receiving over 900 more likes during the week the sweepstake was running.


Premium Design Template for Digital Promotions and Online Contests
Premium Design Template

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Today we launch the new Premium Template which includes options that enable you to create promotions and contests with more creative design. This way we respond to one of the improvements most sought after by our clients during the past year. The new template has responsive design and from the beginning it has been planned thinking about the Mobile First philosophy, meaning that the design has been planned giving priority to mobile use from the start. In this article, we explain the main features and benefits of the Premium Template. We finish with a practical guide about how to get started and links to active demos.