4 Tricks to help Improve your Facebook Page Promotion

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Promoting your Facebook page can be tricky. To stand out from the crowd is even harder. However, if you follow our easy guide to improve your Facebook page promotion, you will soon be inundated with likes and followers.


Tips to Run your Facebook Photo Contest Successfully

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So, you have decided to organize a Facebook photo contest. Maybe you want to gain more followers, increase traffic and increase visibility. But how do you manage this type of contest? We have some ideas.


Quick Tips to Ensure That Your Promotion Graphics Work Effectively

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There are some aspects of your promotion that you must take great care of to ensure the promotion’s success. Graphic design is one of those areas. In this post we give you some quick tips for ensuring that the graphic design of your social media promotions is as effective as possible.


Instagram Contest Ideas to Grow your Followers

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You have had an Instagram account for quite some time. Yet, your following is still only double-digit. The time has come to grow your profile. How to do that? Here are some Instagram contest ideas!


Find Out How to Carry Out B2B Promotions on Social Media

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B2B (Business-to-Business) refers to commercial transactions between companies rather than between companies and individual consumers. Is your company involved in B2B? Have you considered running promotional actions through your social media networks?


How to Generate Visits to Your Social Networks to Increase Your Followers

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One of the primary objectives when launching a Digital Marketing campaign is to increase the number of followers, likes and fans of the organizing brand’s social media profiles. Online contests, sweepstakes and promotions are all effective actions for doing this. However, in seeking to achieve this goal it’s important to keep to the guidelines of the various social networks.

The most effective method of obtaining new followers via a promotion while keeping to the guidelines of the social network is to direct users to your page or profile and let them decide whether or not to become a follower. Number of visits to your social media profiles is one of the most important parameters to measure when you launch a Digital Marketing campaign. In this post we explain how to generate and measure visits to your Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter profiles in strict compliance with the guidelines of each of the social networks.


How to Create a Valentine’s Giveaway on Social Media

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In February a very special date is upon us, a day that all brands should use to promote their products and incentivize sales: Valentine’s Day. Organize a Valentine’s Giveaway on your social media channels, your web or blog and disseminate it through all the channels you have in reach, online and offline. You will see more engagement from your community and increased brand awareness which affect sales positively. Do you need ideas? Here we give you some real examples to help you.


How Does the Fight Against Engagement Bait Affect Facebook Pages?
Engagement Bait

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Brands administer their Facebook pages carefully, well aware of the social network’s potential for gathering audiences and giving them valuable information about businesses. However, the bad practices of some Pages have compelled Facebook to launch a crusade against Click Bait. Last December, the company announced that it would penalize posts and Pages that were found by its algorithm to use Engagement Bait.


Introduction to the New Prize Management System

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In this post we introduce the new system for managing prizes and winners on the Easypromos platform. This system has been developed over the course of eight months, and, from 31 January 2018, it will apply to all new promotions created with the platform. The new system simplifies and improves on the way winners are selected, while also increasing the mechanisms and options for distributing prizes among promotion participants. Keep reading to learn more about the new features, the benefits of the new system, and what you need to know before January 31.


Bring your Online Store to Life with Sweepstakes and Contests
online store

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When you have an online store you are continually seeking ways of attracting new users and leads who can then be encouraged to advance through the sales funnel. This is where sweepstakes and contests can come in very handy indeed.