3 Interesting Facts about Promotions and User Behavior
promotions and user behavior

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Despite the fact that e-commerce, social media and all variety of internet platforms are more widely used than ever before, users’ reluctance to share their personal data with brands is still the main barrier when it comes to participating in sweepstakes and promotions.


Add Contests and Inbound Marketing to obtain more leads

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In the Annual Social Networks Study for 2017 recently published by IAB Spain, the conclusion regarding online promotions is clear: in Spain, 83% of those surveyed follow brands via networks such as Facebook and Instagram. 40% of these followers have no problem providing their information so that companies can send them information about promotions and advertising of interest.


3 Ways to Gamify Your Facebook Page

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A brand’s Facebook page requires constant generation of interesting content to foster engagement and communicate effectively with followers and customers.


Use a photo contest app this Christmas to increase your visibility
photo contest app

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If you have an online presence, for sure you are always looking for more chances to get views and followers. Christmas is the perfect time to do so. People feel festive and want to share that good feeling. So why not use a photo contest app for your page?


Which Prizes Work Best in Twitter Contests?
prizes Twitter contests

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Running a Twitter sweepstakes is one of the best ways of bringing your business to the attention of internet users. A Twitter sweepstakes can help you accomplish your strategic objective: whether this be to generate more traffic for your website; achieve greater visibility for your brand or product; gain more followers; or loyalize the followers you already have.


Instagram Bio Ideas and How to Organize a Contest

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Instagram bio ideas seem to just grow everywhere but in your head. It seems that everybody has a killer Instagram page these days. Not only are the photos an insight into our daily lives but we can keep our followers updated with stories by the minute. How do we keep our followers interested and gain new ones in the process?


How to Restrict Promotion Entry to Participants Above the Legal Age

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Do you want to launch an online promotion and restrict entry to people aged 18 or above? If your online contest or sweepstakes requires age restrictions due to the nature of the product (particularly if it contains adult or alcohol-related content), the new age restriction feature will be very useful. Below, we explain how this feature works and what it allows you to customize in your promotion.


Ideas for your Christmas Facebook contest

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The most important campaign of the year for many brands and companies is getting closer: The Christmas campaign. If your online marketing strategy has Facebook as one of the anchors and you want to run a contest on this network during the holiday season, you can find inspiration in these real-life examples and plan your Facebook timeline contest. Boost your community and you will see that the visibility of your brand on Facebook will increase a lot during the campaign.


How to loyalize your blog readers with a social media quiz and sweepstakes
loyalize your blog readers

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Devising specific actions to loyalize your blog readers is an important task. When carried out effectively, such actions can provide helpful feedback from individuals who are genuinely interested in your brand or product. Because we know that preparing promotional actions can be a challenge, we’ve written this case study of a successful promotion carried out by Mocay Caffè called the Café Culture Challenge. How did they do it? Keep reading to find out!


Ideas for promotions for gyms and sporting organizations
Ideas for promotions for gyms

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We know that publicizing and promoting a gym or sporting organization is far from easy. There are myriad internal and external components that determine the definition and execution of your marketing campaigns: seasonal factors, changing trends, stiff competition in the sporting sector and so on. Below, we present some ideas and examples for creating promotions, contests and sweepstakes that will help you achieve your marketing objectives.