How to Run a Simultaneous Giveaway on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
multinetwork giveaway on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

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Social media is at the center of every brand’s marketing strategy. And giveaways are a key tool to increase and engage followers online. So here’s the natural next step: a giveaway which unites users from across different social networks. Let’s look at how to get the most out of this new feature.


5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Running Instagram Contests
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The Instagram hustle is real. You want more followers, more comments, more likes, more everything – and you want it now. You’re in luck.


Quick ideas to give away tickets for your next event

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Planning a pop-up, festival, conference, concert, party, or exclusive branded event? Giving away tickets is a great way to get attention online and build anticipation before the big day. Here are 6 easy ideas to share tickets with your fans and followers online.


20 Reasons to Run Instagram Giveaways with Easypromos
Instagram giveaways with Easypromos

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Now, we don’t usually like to blow our own trumpet. But we know that brands love working with the Easypromos platform. It’s secure, transparent, professional, and full of extra features and benefits. So we’ve rounded up the top 20 reasons why you should use Easypromos for Instagram giveaways.


7 Undeniable Reasons To Run a Festive Holiday Giveaway

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The festive season is one of the most important moments in your marketing calendar. Here’s why you should run online promotions, contests, and giveaways to increase sales, demonstrate your values, and reward loyal customers.


Welcome Autumn with a Fall Giveaway for Every Occasion

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Autumn is here: the “season of mists and mellow fruitfulness”. It’s time to make your home cozy, enjoy warm food and drinks, and enjoy the last few days of good weather outdoors. We’ve collected promotions which celebrate every aspect of the fall.


Want to Write for Easypromos? Read Our Guest Post Style Guide

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We love to hear about creative campaigns, unique ideas, and successful promotions. And we’re always interested in the latest news on digital marketing, social media, and online promotions. Could you be an Easypromos contributor?


How to promote a film online and beat your box office goals

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Let’s talk about how to promote a film online. Whether you’re working with a blockbuster action movie or an arthouse indie project, running a local film festival or celebrating a nationwide release, you’ll need to turn social media to your advantage. Bring in viewers, reward fans, and build anticipation with online promotions, contests, and giveaways.


Structure Your Social Media Content with the 4-1-1 Rule

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These days, no marketing strategy is complete without social media content. But how do you plan and organize your posts? And are you including a healthy mix of shared posts, new posts, and sales promotions? Read the Easypromos essential guide to 4-1-1 social media content.


How to Build Brand Affinity, the Ultimate Marketing Objective
brand affinity

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There’s a lot of brand buzzwords flying around lately: brand awareness, brand loyalty, brand image, and more. In this post, we’ll focus on brand affinity, and why it’s more than just a passing trend. Learn how to build brand affinity and turn it to your advantage, with 5 real case studies.