How Online Games Drive Traffic | Success Case: Travel Club’s Digital Catalog

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Depending on the brand and industry, digital marketing strategies can be very distinct, yet, there is one objective that is particularly important for many brands; driving quality traffic, or redirecting it to a specific website, landing page, social media profile, or a digital catalog. But for Travel Club it wasn’t enough to simply generate traffic; its goal was to prompt users to navigate through all the sections of the catalog. Read on to find out how they achieved the goal.


How to Promote Design and Creativity with an Online Contest for Kids

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There have already been 12 editions of the jewelry contest for kids “Design a Piece of Jewelry for Your Mom,” organized by the Galician Federation of Jewelers, Silversmiths and Watchmakers, and the Official Jewelry College of Galicia. This year, organizers ran the first online edition of the contest. To ensure that this transition from an offline contest to an online one ran as smoothly as possible, they used Easypromos tools. Find out how to encourage children’s creativity while promoting your brand or sector through an online contest for kids.


What is Storydoing and How Paradores Incorporated it into their Strategy

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Storydoing appeared on every expert’s list of marketing trends for 2022. It is now well and truly consolidated as a vital part of marketing strategy for many businesses. If you’ve never heard this term before, let’s learn a bit more about it before we explore in detail how an inspiring Paradores campaign became a true success story.


How a Bookstore Increased Loyalty and Traffic with a Virtual Escape Room

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Find out how the Casa del Libro bookstore chain was able to build loyalty among its members and boost traffic to its website through a virtual escape room. This action attracted more than 3,350 participants who were contacted by email.


How to Reactivate the Online Community with an Instagram Giveaway | “El Boulevard” Success Case

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Sales season can be the perfect opportunity to boost your brand or business’ visibility on social media and to reactivate your online community. Take a look at this inspiring example of a sales season Instagram giveaway. As a result of this campaign, “El Boulevard” shopping mall got 163,569 impressions and 4,220 comments.


The CuteSolar Campaign Used a Multi-Game to Reach Younger Demographics

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CuteSolar is a promotional, information- and education-based program co-financed by the European Union that aims to educate its audience about the benefits of consuming vegetables and fruit grown in European solar greenhouses. In order to connect with younger demographics, the program organizers opted for a Multi-Game campaign in various languages. More than 7,000 participants from 15 different countries participated in the promotion. Learn more about the awareness-raising interactive campaign launched by CuteSolar.


Malasmadres and Cinfa Organize an Action to Support Women Facing Life Struggles

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«Ellas cuentan» which can be translated from Spanish as “They tell (their stories)” but also as “They matter”, is a charitable event to support and give voice to women facing different kinds of struggles in life such as disease or kids with special needs. In this case study, we will go over the first edition of this initiative and its success, which gathered over 240 stories and 60,000 votes. The contest gave voice to women and mothers that live maternity differently or have a life story that needs more visibility. That is, in fact, the objective of the project, and to promote the core values of the Malasmadres Club and Cinfa Laboratories.


Online Prize Wheels to Efficiently Give Away Prizes to Customers | Success Case

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It is common practice for many brands, shops, and malls to have product samples to give away. In other cases, businesses with extensive catalogs allocate products to include as gifts. If any of these is your case, we recommend you to use our Spin the Wheel app to optimize prize distribution among your clients. It’s a fun way for users to try their luck and win gifts or discounts. Learn more about this success case of two Saint Valentine’s Spin the Wheel campaigns.


Multi-Stage Prediction + Tournament Bracket for EURO2020. Confortauto’s Success Case

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In the summer of 2021, the long awaited Eurocup 2020 was finally celebrated and Confortauto wanted to make the best of it to interact with its clients and work on its branding strategy. Consequently, they asked TARSA agency to come up with an entertaining campaign that also fostered some competitiveness.


How to Organize a Drawing Contest to Promote Values | C&A Case Study

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Whenever a brand or business communicates with its target audience, it’s important that it also conveys its core values. Therefore, customers are more likely to remember communications from your brand more positively if those communications are infused with your brand’s ideals. In this C&A case study, we can see how the clothing brand successfully promoted its values of sustainability by organizing a children’s drawing contest. They used social media to promote the campaign and engage families.