The Easter Photo Contest from Malta: The Figolla Cake Competition

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As one of a series of competitions throughout the year, the Figolla competition has become an annual event marked in the calendar of the organizing Lamb Brand. The agency Prickly Pear Works has created the competition with the Easypromos photo contest app for the last three years and this year they used the Premium design template to give the competition a more modern look. Keep reading to learn more about the Maltese Easter competition.


The Video Contest #scienceflash Helped Reach Scientists and Increase Awareness

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The European Molecular Biology Laboratory wanted to increase brand awareness of the EMBL Events Programme and also learn what scientists within their field in any country are working on. With the video contest #scienceflash they achieved just that. Read more about it here.


Successful Video Competition Helps Connect Canadian Companies And Sales Talent

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Discover with this success case how the Easypromos platform helps enable a thriving high-profile talent contest meet rigorous demands and provide smooth reliable outcomes. Also see how this national talent competition continues to break new records year to year with increases in registration and sponsors. This energetic and successful competition incorporates thousands of video presentations uploaded directly via countless mobile devices across Canada. Video presentations along with registration information are captured in the campaign database giving administrators control of the publicly displayed gallery profiles vs private and confidential data. Friends and family can vote for their favorite entries and with a powerful integration all data is passed via the Easypromos API to a 3rd party CRM where a complex judging panel examines participants as well as auto-populates a Career Hub interface where students and employers meet.


How to Loyalize your Blog Readers with a Social Media Quiz and Sweepstakes
loyalize your blog readers

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Devising specific actions to loyalize your blog readers is an important task. When carried out effectively, such actions can provide helpful feedback from individuals who are genuinely interested in your brand or product. Because we know that preparing promotional actions can be a challenge, we’ve written this case study of a successful promotion carried out by Mocay Caffè called the Café Culture Challenge. How did they do it? Keep reading to find out!


How to Create Awareness with a Fun Hashtag Contest to Promote a Product

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With a range of new products aimed at the home cocktail market instead of trade customers, Funkin Cocktails needed a campaign to introduce the new Funkin Cocktails Mixers in a shaker in a fun and entertaining way that made people engage with the brand. The #Shakerface hashtag contest was the result.


5 Real-Life Examples of Facebook Sweepstakes

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The sweepstakes among users who Like or comment on a post on a Facebook page is a promotional action that’s more and more popular because it’s easy to use and quick to implement but more so because of its effect: the level of interaction from the users on a sweepstakes post is higher than the average of other posts published on the same page.


Case Study of an Annual Photo Contest: Miss Diving Specials

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The photo contest Miss Diving Specials has become an annual recurring marketing action for the website Diving Specials that help them obtain user generated content and email addresses for their email marketing.


STAR Combined Educational Quiz and Instant Win Prizes All in One With Terrific Success!

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With this campaign we’ll show you how Borges USA – STAR Fine Foods gets creative with calendar-based, themed events to drive timely interest, education and engagement with over 80 prizes and 17,000 participants in a promotion that combines a Quiz with Instant Win opportunities. Plus, we will expose some of the amazing features of the Easypromos platform highly sought after by brands like STAR.


Chicco UK Celebrates Mother’s Day with a Sweepstakes from Multiple Facebook Posts

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The baby products brand, Chicco, wanted to celebrate Mother’s Day, which in the UK fell on Sunday 26th March 2017. With the help of their PR and Social Media agency, HROC, they planned a Facebook Timeline Sweepstake that included four different pre-scheduled competition posts to ask for entries. To enter, mothers were asked to comment on one of the four posts with their one golden piece of advice to new mums. Chicco then used the Easypromos app to gather all entries from all four posts in one sweepstake in order to select five winners. The response to the competition was very positive, with the first post receiving more than 300 comments and the Chicco Facebook page receiving over 900 more likes during the week the sweepstake was running.


How to get the contact information of thousands of potential customers in only a few days

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Along with the Spanish company Boolino, we’ll here explain how to obtain the contact info of thousands of potential customers in only a few days. The application used to achieve it: recruiters combined with the email platform. The results are without a doubt very surprising because with this action that was carried out in December 2016, the company obtained 20,827 participants in only 9 days. After seeing the success of the campaign, the company repeated with a second similar campaign where 11,800 users participated. But the campaigns are not just a few lucky isolated actions, they are part of a long-term strategy based on what in marketing terms is known as “Member get Member” whose main idea is to reward the existing customers and motivate them to bring new potential customers. It’s a very effective resource and more if you add the social networks’ immediacy and possibilities to make viral. “Who better to bring you new customers than your existing customers?”