How to Promote Running During the Pandemic

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The COVID-19 pandemic caused the world of sports to stop and then transform. In the case of running, many races were canceled or postponed, forcing race organizers like La Bolsa del Corredor and its running club to come up with innovative and virtual solutions in order to continue motivating their communities. La Bolsa del Corredor organized Rainbow Virtual Series, a multi-race campaign with online registration and results, with the help of Easypromos. In this case study, we go through all the applications used for the campaign and how the organizers promoted their virtual events. The outcome speaks for itself: the organizers are already working on the 2021 edition of the virtual race.


Local Tourism and Businesses Promoted with a Digital Advent Calendar

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Leavenworth is a popular tourist destination in Washington, United States, especially during the Christmas period. With the outbreak of COVID-19, the Bavarian-style town was unable to welcome thousands of visitors. To promote tourism and local businesses, The Leavenworth Chamber of Commerce organized a digital Advent Calendar to reconnect with their audience and give them something to look forward to. Find out more about this successful digital Advent Calendar and how it converted thousands of users into leads.


How a Hotel Group Boosted Engagement with a Gamified Advent Calendar

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For the 2020 Christmas campaign, the Devonshire Hotels and Restaurants Group decided to spread some light in the dark with a festive ‘Elf on the Shelf’ gamified Advent Calendar. During December, users participated in the promotion by finding the mischievous elves hidden in pictures of Devonshire’s different locations. Here we take a look at the Advent Calendar campaign and its final outcome.


How a Footwear Brand Generated 130.000 Leads with a Branded Game

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The footwear brand Flexi looked for a way to convert anonymous website visitors into leads. The Easypromos mini-games combined with attractive prizes turned out to be the perfect solution for the Flexi e-commerce. Learn more about the marketing campaign that converted 130.000 visitors into leads.


Airport Parking Business Stays in Touch with Clients Through Gamification

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Andrew’s Airport Parking is an Australian off-airport parking business. During the outbreak of COVID-19 the brand looked for a way to connect with their customers and online community members. Andrew’s Airport Parking launched a branded Memory game which turned out to be a great success. Since then, the parking business regularly launches gamified promotions for their customers. Find out more!


How Event Organizers Launched Online Awards for Community Members

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Organizing an online voting contest is quite a challenging task, especially when there are different categories and candidates. Is it possible to manage such a contest and make sure the participants don’t follow bad practices to obtain more votes? Today we take a look at how OpenExpo Europe ran a very successful Open Awards online. Read on!


Aqua Park Attracts Customers with a Successful Coupon Campaign

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Seasonal businesses have the unenviable task of staying top of mind with their target audience. The peak season is when the majority of seasonal brands make the most of their yearly profits and when their main focus is on attracting as many customers as possible. The recent campaign launched by Annagora Aquapark is a great example of seasonal marketing. Read on to find out how the Hungarian water park grew their mailing list and attracted customers with an impressive summer coupon campaign.


How a Canadian Sneaker Start-up Uses Giveaways to Grow the Brand

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Social media giveaways help brands grow their audience, increase engagement and reinforce brand awareness. However, many people still believe that social media contests can be organized only by big brands with thousands and thousands of followers. Today we show how Vessi – a Canadian sneaker start-up – turned to social media giveaways to grow the brand. Find out more!


Yoga Instructor goes Digital to Grow Business and International Community

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When Jennison saw her yoga business “Yoga with Jennison” threatened by the COVID-19 restrictions, she was forced to make changes to her business. She saw hope in digital channels and decided to move all classes online, using YouTube, Instagram, Zoom. It’s given her the change to connect with friends and family back in California, as well as staying in touch with her yoga students in Valencia, Spain.


How a Professional Cyclist Toms Skujins Uses Social Media Promotions to Connect with his Audience

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In recent years, social media channels have become the norm and a popular and effective way for athletes to connect with their fans. Nowadays, the majority of world-class sportsmen and sportswomen use social media to reinforce their personal branding and stay on top of their fan engagement. Through strong, consistent professional branding, social media helps athletes stand out, remain relevant, and support the value in the minds of both current and potential fans. Discover how Toms Skujins, a Latvian professional road racing cyclist uses social media promotions to connect with his fans, promote sponsors, and give back to his online community.