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Kamila Palka

She forms part of the Easypromos marketing team and holds a combined honors degree in Digital Media and Marketing, currently studying for a Masters Degree in Digital Marketing. Her tasks include everything that is content-related in English, including social media communications, new blog posts, product demos, and success cases. If she’s not working on a new content piece for Easypromos you will find her working out, skydiving, or starting a new series with her rescued cat.

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Step-by-step Guide to Writing Terms and Conditions for Social Media Giveaways

Publication date: 24/09/2021

Are you about to launch a digital promotion or social media giveaway? Make sure you don’t forget one of the most important and easiest-to-miss aspects – the terms and conditions of your campaign. Each online promotion should come with its own T&Cs – to specify entry requirements and other important details. It’s also an excellent way to share all information with the participants and protect yourself in case of complaints from entrants. In this blog post, we take you through all the steps that should be covered in the terms and conditions document created for giveaways and promotions organized on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Sancor Seguros Celebrated the Copa América with a Social Media Quiz

Publication date: 16/09/2021

Sancor Seguros is a proud sponsor of the Argentinian soccer team. To make the most out of the Copa América, the brand launched a social media quiz that achieved excellent results. And the icing on the cake was that Argentina won the tournament! If you’d like to learn how a Timed Quiz can give your brand’s social media channels a boost while attracting potential clients and enabling you to capture their contact details, read more about this success story below.

Online Coupon Directory Software: How to Create a Deals Website

Publication date: 15/09/2021

Do you remember the coupon booklets we all held so dearly years ago? The thrill we all felt whenever we put our hands on a sheet full of discount coupons to our favorite shops and restaurants was sometimes equivalent to the excitement of opening new presents and toys as kids. However, all aspects of our lives have changed with the development of technology – including coupon booklets. And although we moved away from the printed vouchers, they’re still very much alive, in a digital form.

How to Pick a Winner of an Instagram Giveaway with Multiple Posts

Publication date: 09/09/2021

So your Instagram giveaway is up and running, or maybe you’re about to finalize it and now find yourself asking the following question: how do I pick a winner of my Instagram giveaway with multiple posts or ads? Read on to learn more about the most reliable Instagram giveaway picker for multiple posts on the market.

Multiple Online Games to Celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Alcampo

Publication date: 07/09/2021

Brands and businesses like to celebrate their anniversaries in style. However, due to the global pandemic, mass gatherings and big events in venues have become problematic, requiring alternative forms of celebration. Alcampo hit on a fantastic way of dealing with this new reality and celebrating their 40th anniversary: organizing multiple online games to build loyalty and boost engagement amongst its customers.

Creative Fall Promotion Ideas: Generate Buzz and Engage Your Audience

Publication date: 30/08/2021

Don’t forget about autumn while you start thinking about your winter holidays campaign – fall is a fantastic time to reconnect with your audience while you transition from the buzz of the summer to the so-awaited holiday season. In this blog post, we share ideas for fall promotions: interactive games and contests that will help you engage your audience and stay top of mind with customers.

Foster Customer Loyalty with the New Validate Receipts App

Publication date: 26/08/2021

Would you like to run client-exclusive promotions that boost customer loyalty and trust? Learn how to organize giveaways for your paying customers that upload pictures of their receipts or invoices from your store or e-commerce.

Modernize Your Magazine’s Puzzles and Crosswords with Easypromos Games

Publication date: 18/08/2021

Newspaper and magazine readers gladly grab new issues of their favorite publications, often heading straight for the popular entertainment section with crosswords, puzzles and games. Who hasn’t been challenged by these traditional pastimes at least a few times in their lives? Many readers might put the newspaper down as soon as they’re done with the games section – not actually diving any deeper into the content that your team put so much work into. So how can you foster customer relationships and make them stronger than ever before? At Easypromos, we put a lot of effort and attention into games; we know how they entertain and engage users, as well as how they improve customer trust and loyalty. In this blog post, we take a look at how you can incorporate the Easypromos games and challenges into your newspaper or magazine’s traditional games section.

5 Ideas for Facebook Giveaways, Contests, and Competitions

Publication date: 12/08/2021

Facebook continues to be the top social media network and brands actively working on capitalizing on their Facebook communities. In this blog post, we share five Facebook giveaway ideas that will help you boost your brand, sales and leads. Learn how to work towards your objectives with giveaways, games, contests and competitions. Read on!

New Website Promotion: How Giveaways & Prizes Can Promote Your Site

Publication date: 05/08/2021

Have you just launched – or are planning to launch – a new website or e-commerce site? Make it go viral so that you can capitalize on traffic. Learn how to use online promotions, giveaways, and prizes to promote your newly launched site.