What are the interactive games by Easypromos like?

Game apps catalogue

More than 20 games in our catalogue

Our portfolio of apps includes templates for skill-based games such as puzzles or memory games, knowledge-based games such as trivia or crossword puzzles, as well as games of chance such as prize wheels, or digital scratch cards.


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Customizable design

100% customizable design

All games can be customised with brand colors, styles, logos and images. All of the game's graphical elements can be configured to match your brand image.  

Visual editor

Visual game editor

Games are configured through an intuitive editor. To create a game, no programming knowledge is needed. Any graphic designer or marketing professional can create and customise a complete game.

Scores and ranking

Scores and rankings

You can enable a public ranking to encourage user competitiveness. Users will earn more points depending on their speed and accuracy, and you can distribute prizes based on the classification of the ranking, to reward the best players.

Playability and flexibility

Gameplay and flexibility

Easypromos is characterized by its flexibility and ease of configuration. Our experience in designing and implementing games ensures that a maximum number of options are available to you to tailor the dynamic to your specific needs.

Anti-fraud system

Anti-fraud system in the games

Some users engage in unethical practices to win games and prizes. The platform includes a comprehensive system for automatic detection and prevention of fraud, along with a proactive security team analysing game patterns.


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Reports and stats

Statistics and reports

Branded digital games are part of a digital marketing campaign, which is why Easypromos includes the Statistics and Reporting module, allowing the administrator to measure the effectiveness and results of the campaign.

Mobile optimized

Optimized for mobile experience

A vast majority of users play from their mobile devices. The game design has been optimised to ensure an excellent experience from mobile devices, regardless of the phone model.

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