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Easypromos offers a robust, self-service platform to create branded games for mobile and social media. Build games to support your digital marketing strategy, improve brand awareness, attract new users and increase community engagement.


Discover our 8 interactive game apps: The best way to get your audience's attention

  • Match it

    Increase brand or product recognition, project brand values and collect data with a branded game where players make connections between different pairs of images. Adjust the difficulty settings.

  • PhotoFun

    Collect user-generated content and dynamize your photo contest with personalized and fun stickers and frames. Allow users to download images as e-cards and share the images on social media.

  • Scenes

    Collect UGC by inviting your followers to decorate images and create their own scenes with personalized stickers. Display their creations in a public gallery and let them share the pictures on social media.

Main features of our game apps

  • Ready-made, responsive templates

    You don’t need programming skills to build a game. Use our range of tools and templates to design a branded mini-game. Games are designed to function on all mobile devices. Get set up in just 10 minutes!

  • Total customization

    Upload your own images to customize every element of the game: cards, background, instructions, prizes, banners, coupons, emails and more. Create a 100% branded experience for your followers.

  • Control game difficulty

    Adjust settings to control the game’s difficulty level, including time allowed, number of moves allowed, number of cards in play, and even how the cards are positioned. Encourage high levels of participation by designing a game that’s challenging, but not impossible.

  • Data registration form

    Customize the registration form to collect the information you need. Convert players into sales leads and record their data in your CRM systems. Includes tools for GDPR compliance.

  • Scoreboards and ranking

    Skill-based games include a ranking system, where players are scored on the time and number of moves they need to complete a challenge. Publish a live scoreboard to make the game even more competitive

  • Anti-fraud controls

    Our suite of anti-fraud tools will detect and reject and false participants. Controls include limiting how many times a user can participate, filtering entries by region or age, and protection against code injection.

  • Rewards and incentives

    Choose winners manually, by random prize draw, by prize wheel or instant win. Increase conversion rates with rewards for participants. Includes tools to contact winners, present prizes, and manage multiple winners and prizes.

  • Integrated email platform

    Send emails to all participants, or a segment of your audience, without leaving Easypromos. Every game app includes tools to design, set up and send emails automatically. Contact participants to announce their scores, award prizes, encourage sharing, and more.

  • Manage users and statistics

    The platform measures every interaction by game participants. Review statistics and reports including page views, participant sources, conversion rates, dwell time, shares, and more.

  • Viral reach

    Games designed for sharing. Players can share the game on any social network and invite their friends to join. Offer incentives to players who share. Customize viral content.

  • Integrations

    Sync your game participants and data with your email lists, CRM, and other databases. Easypromos offers direct integrations with third party apps, APIs and webhooks.

  • Widgets and web hosting

    Publish your game as a stand-alone webpage and share the link on any digital channel. Customize the domain name for extra branding. You can also embed games on your website or blog, display them as pop-up windows, and even add them to your Facebook Page.

  • Information security

    Easypromos is certified to ISO 27001 and 27081 standards, to guarantee the data security of your contests and offer a trustworthy, reliable, robust, and efficient service.

Main benefits of promotional games

  • Adding gamification to your promotions helps to increase reach, retention, and engagement with your online audience.
  • Increase brand recognition and product recognition with your target audience by creating a fully branded game experience.
  • Capture contact details with consent to follow up with leads. Fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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