Promotion Ideas for your basketball club
Promotion ideas for your basketball club

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Basketball is one of the most popular and most practiced sports. Events such as the NBA and ACB league, or simply basketball World Cup turn the world’s eyes to elite clubs and teams.
And these big events can be a great opportunity to promote your own basketball club, team or small league! So let’s look at some of the propositions that we’ve put together, so you can get some fresh ideas!


How to Gain Followers and Build Online Presence with a Giveaway

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It doesn’t take much to create a successful and engaging promotion on Instagram. Instagram is a social network that allows you to see great results with simple techniques – if you apply them correctly. One billion active users each month makes it a springboard to relaunch your brand and promote it. Here’s an example of The Valencia Marathon that successfully gained new Instagram followers, concurrently growing the engagement and dynamizing the social account.


Christmas Instagram Campaign Ideas for 2020
Instagram Christmas campaign ideas

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As Christmas approaches, thousands of marketers do hours of brainstorming to come up with the best and most catchy Christmas Instagram campaign ideas. It can be very tricky to think of something attractive, and at the same time something that will help you achieve your marketing objectives. In this blog post, we will show you the best and most successful examples of Christmas Instagram giveaways!


How to create fashion giveaways on Instagram and Facebook?
Giveaways for you online clothes shop

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Nowadays, the dream of starting your own online fashion shop is much more realistic and easier to accomplish that before. However, being an experienced merchant is much more challenging. The fashion sector is one of the most competitive markets online, with millions of people making clothes purchases every day. How to drive them to your online store and convince to purchase from you? Try to organise fashion giveaways on your Instagram and Facebook profiles and see how your brand awareness starts to grow more and more…


Como sortear brindes e fazer concursos no Instagram
concursos no Instagram

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Cansado de escolher à mão um vencedor para seus sorteios no Instagram? Passando perrengue com o volume de comentários? Precisa de uma forma de escolher um sorteado no Instagram aleatoriamente e provar que o resultado foi justo? Use o aplicativo de sorteios Easypromos para Instagram e colete comentários, selecione vencedores e evite bots ou contas feitas só para promoções.


How Tombow USA Boosted Engagement with Instagram Christmas Giveaway

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Tombow USA have grown their Instagram profile to hundreds of thousands of followers – in just four years. Here’s how they got their best engagement figures yet, with 12 days of Christmas giveaways on social media.


Before you post another Instagram Story, read these design tips
Design tips for Instagram Stories

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You know that Stories should be a regular part of your Instagram strategy. But you’re not producing the kind of cute, converting content that you see from other brands. Sound familiar? Follow these tips to create stylish Stories. You don’t need to be a designer or use complicated desktop programs!


How to promote an Instagram giveaway with Stories
How to promote a giveaway with Instagram Stories

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How many people use Instagram Stories every day? The latest figures say 400 million. Here’s how to reach that audience and promote an Instagram giveaway with Stories.


How to share a contest on Instagram and get more participants
How to share a contest on Instagram

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Why do promotions fail? It happens more often than you might think. Someone designs a clever contest, adds gorgeous graphics, sets it to “active” and… nothing happens. What’s the problem? Not enough publicity. Let’s discuss how to share a contest on Instagram and give it space to succeed.


Which type of Instagram hashtag contest is right for you?
Instagram hashtag contests

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Until now, Instagram allowed developers to collect user-generated content with just a hashtag. But on 11th December 2018, that’s set to change. (Click here to learn why.) Easypromos has already created new apps, so you can run your Instagram hashtag contest without missing a beat. Read on to hear about all the options on offer.