Facebook Page Reach Down: Why and How to Solve It

Easypromos team
Easypromos team
Has your Facebook page been experiencing lower reach than before? There are some reasons behind - as well, as there are ways to fix it. Read on to find out more.

Facebook page reach down” is now a common problem shared by the millions of advertisers and small businesses on Facebook. Pretty much every Page that depends on its Facebook fans for organic reach and traffic has started to experience this sharp decline. To some extent, we all saw this coming, because Facebook has been open about it – they have consistently reiterated that organic reach will plummet and will potentially be replaced by the need for buying ads. For advertisers and marketers on a tight budget that heavily rely on the great organic following they have built up for years, this could prove to be catastrophic. Luckily for you, here shared are different ways on how to beat the Facebook algorithm including how to get likes on Facebook, uploading more videos, and running Facebook Giveaways amongst others. These hacks will help you bypass the system and resurrect your organic reach. But first, let’s first examine some of the benchmarks.

Why has your organic reach on Facebook declined?

There are two major reasons:

  1. First, Facebook organic reach decline can be attributed to the surplus of published ad content that Facebook currently handles. This has created an intense competition for the visibility of your Page in your fans’ News Feed Space. 
  2. Second, Facebook’s algorithm is ever-changing and evolving in ways that make it feel like a mystery. Mark Zuckerberg made it clear in 2018, that Facebook would be prioritizing posts which spark meaningful interactions and conversations among users – a move aimed at returning Facebook back to being a social networking site as opposed to a branding, marketing, and advertising tool. Businesses were left sweating and wondering how to beat the Facebook algorithm

So, what can you do about Facebook reach going down?

Learn how to increase your Facebook likes

There are multiple ways on how to get likes on Facebook. These include, but are not limited to, creating a quality image for your page, sharing the page with close relatives and friends, and promoting your page on other channels.

Run a Facebook giveaway

Another way of addressing the Facebook page reach down is by running Facebook Giveaways. A giveaway facilitates increases Page Likes, follower engagement, brand awareness, and the ability to convert users into potential leads. Achieve this by enticing users who like, react, or comment on your posts and lead ads with a prize. Furthermore, a single Facebook giveaway may yield the same returns as multiple pieces of content, not to forget that it would save you time.

Quality targeted content over quantity

If your goal on Facebook has been to post untargeted content as frequently as possible and hope for the best (more reach), then Facebook’s algorithm no longer favors you. An easy and worthy Facebook post reach trick would be switching to publishing more targeted and selective content that attracts as much interaction as possible. 

A single post, whether sponsored or not, can target specific audiences (either by age, gender, social class, etc.), in turn improving the overall interaction with the post because it may meet the interests of an audience that finds it relevant and appealing. In short, only share your best ever content rather than creating hundreds of posts annually.

Make and post more video content

When scrolling down your news feed recently, you’ve probably noticed that a huge portion of the page is dominated by video-based content. Why you may ask? Because videos in multiple social media sites, including Facebook, drive a higher user engagement, thereby appealing to Facebook’s sweeping algorithm changes of pushing back against branded content and promoting social connectedness. 

In fact, a 2017 study by Quintly revealed that native videos on Facebook have 186% more engagement rate, 530% more comments, and 4775 higher share rate when stacked up against the YouTube video format. Additionally, Facebook users spend 3X more time watching both live and static video content when compared to non-video. 

Live videos can be amplified by learning how to add a thumbnail in Facebook live. This will help you attract more viewers, increase interactions, and revive your Facebook page reach down. 

Remind your fans on how they can engage with your content 

A simple ‘Like’ click on your page does not necessarily guarantee that all the Page’s posts will be visible to a fan right away. Remind your fans that on your Facebook Page, they can update their notification settings so that your posts appear first on their News Feed. 

Likewise, remind them that the Pages Feed, – located at the left sidebar of their News Feed – can be used to access content from their Liked Pages. 

Undeniably, Facebook page reach down is certainly rendering all the fans and Page likes you have accrued over the years useless. With these measures, however, you can circumvent the system to beat Facebook’s algorithm and resurrect your organic reach back from the dead. While it may take some work, it will definitely save you time and a few bucks on ad expenditure.