Ideas For An Effective Discount Coupon Giveaway on Instagram
discount coupons on Instagram

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Instagram is the fastest growing social network. It now has more users than Twitter and is catching up to Facebook. The power that Instagram gives images and videos makes this application an extremely useful tool for visual marketing. It is now an important advertising platform for businesses. So, it’s of no surprise at all to us that marketers are increasingly devising exclusive sweepstakes and contests for Instagram, as well as discount coupon giveaways. Giving away promotional codes and vouchers to users can be of great benefit to your business. For this reason, we thought it would be a good idea to give you some tips for carrying out this strategy successfully. Read on!


How to Adapt to the New Instagram Algorithm
Instagram algorithm

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In March 2016 Instagram announced a change in its algorithm from chronological to algorithmic. This change had not really been noticeable until quite recently. Since the new algorithm was launched in the second quarter of 2016, it is estimated that a profile’s content is only reaching an average of 10% of its followers. In this article we’re going to look closer at what this change means for brands and how sweepstakes can help deal with this new algorithm. We’ll also give you some extra tips for adapting to the algorithm.


How to Run Instagram Giveaways Including Sponsored Posts

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Instagram now has more than 2 million active advertisers each month and this figure will most likely continue growing along with the popularity of the social media platform. It’s easy to create an ad on Instagram with options such as promoting a post which is done from the app itself in just a few steps. But even so, the platform that actually manages these ads is Facebook and this can lead to some difficulty when running giveaways on Instagram. If you are using sponsored posts to disseminate your Instagram sweepstakes, this article will be very useful as it explains what you need to keep in mind to run them successfully.


5 Instagram Marketing Actions that All Brands Need to Know

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Companies should have clear Marketing and communication goals, and they should also think about which channels are most suitable for achieving these goals. It’s worth keeping in mind that 80% of Instagram users follow the Instagram feed of at least one company, and that the platform now has 800 million monthly active users all over the world. All brands should consider whether to incorporate presence on Instagram into their business strategy.


12 FAQs About Instagram Sweepstakes

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Are you thinking about running an Instagram sweepstakes to increase your following and gain brand recall value? Check out this list of the twelve most frequently asked questions about Instagram sweepstakes! Once this article has addressed all your questions, you’ll be ready to launch your own Instagram sweepstakes and reap the many benefits. You’ll be able to ask participants to become followers of your brand, filter finalists by the number of friends they’ve mentioned, and run a sweepstakes among users who comment on a post or among those who’ve used a specific hashtag. Instagram sweepstakes are an ideal tool for growing your online community and viralizing your brand.


Instagram Contest Ideas to Grow your Followers

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You have had an Instagram account for quite some time. Yet, your following is still only double-digit. The time has come to grow your profile. How to do that? Here are some Instagram contest ideas!


How to Do a Giveaway on Instagram

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Giveaways on Instagram is becoming something we see every day, but what do you need to make it efficient for your brand? Clear goals, timing, a good prize and a reliable Instagram giveaway app. Keep reading to learn more.


Instagram Bio Ideas and How to Organize a Contest

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Instagram bio ideas seem to just grow everywhere but in your head. It seems that everybody has a killer Instagram page these days. Not only are the photos an insight into our daily lives but we can keep our followers updated with stories by the minute. How do we keep our followers interested and gain new ones in the process?


Definitive Guide to Give Visibility to a Comments-based Instagram Sweepstakes

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These days, having an active Instagram profile is vital if you want to achieve visibility for your brand and products. And what better way to achieve this goal than to run regular sweepstakes among users who comment on your Instagram posts? Doing so will help you ensure that your publications achieve the desired reach – and at a very low cost. Read on to discover the good practices to follow when promoting your sweepstakes posts.


What’s new in Instagram photo and video contests
whats new instagram contests

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Running photo and video contests with hashtags in Instagram has become one of the most effective ways for brands to obtain user-generated content (UGC). Participation is very straightforward because most users are accustomed to sharing their snapshots and videos on this social network. If you already use hashtag contests as part of your strategy for increasing brand awareness and boosting loyalty among your community of followers you might be interested in two new features we’ve recently incorporated into this app. Both features are designed to help you organize more original contests for your community.