How to create a branded Memory game?
How to create a branded Memory game

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Are you looking to increase your brand awareness and engagement from your social media followers? It is now possible to achieve with our new Memory app. This new branded mini-game will help you accomplish your marketing goals and help you boost your online reach.


Instagram Christmas campaign ideas for 2019
Instagram Christmas campaign ideas

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As Christmas approaches, thousands of marketers do hours of brainstorming to come up with the best and most catchy Instagram Christmas campaign ideas. It can be very tricky to think of something attractive, and at the same time something that will achieve your marketing objectives. In this blog post, we will show you the best and most successful examples of Instagram Christmas campaigns!


How to create a branded Wordsearch?
How to create a branded Wordsearch?

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If you want to challenge and entertain your online community with a traditional game known by everyone, then it is now possible…. With our new branded Wordsearch! You will boost your brand’s online presence, you will create engagement and if you do it well, you will get new leads!


How to create fashion giveaways on Instagram and Facebook?
Giveaways for you online clothes shop

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Nowadays, the dream of starting your own online fashion shop is much more realistic and easier to accomplish that before. However, being an experienced merchant is much more challenging. The fashion sector is one of the most competitive markets online, with millions of people making clothes purchases every day. How to drive them to your online store and convince to purchase from you? Try to organise fashion giveaways on your Instagram and Facebook profiles and see how your brand awareness starts to grow more and more…


Get more from coupon campaigns with email verification
Image of Benefits of email verification for coupon campaigns

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Coupons have always been popular with customers – and right now, they’re going through a period of innovation. Brands are breathing new life into old marketing strategy with dynamic campaigns, social sharing, and a seamless customer experience. Why? Because a well-designed coupon campaign is the perfect vehicle for data-driven marketing. Here’s how…


Top 5 Promotion Ideas to Market a Food and Beverage Business Online
How to market a food and beverage business

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So, you have the perfect vegan protein bar formula in place, funky packaging that appeals to discerning millennials, interest from noted food industry investors. This, surely, is a recipe for success in the otherwise cutthroat food and beverages market. Right? Sadly, no.


How to promote a cookbook on social media and reach more readers

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Whether you self-publish or sell your first cookbook to a publishing house, you’ll need to take the initiative to promote your work online. Here’s how to get started with a cookbook campaign on social media.


7 bike shop marketing ideas to succeed on social media
Bike shop marketing ideas for social media

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Cycling is a fast-growing business – and it’s modernizing, too. Bike marketing is no longer just about showcasing the latest model. It’s also a lifestyle. People – especially young adults – use bikes for day-to-day transport and their leisure time. They turn up to cycling events, expos and races. They buy cycling clothes and drink bike-themed beer.

It’s a lot. It’s also the perfect moment to try new bike shop marketing ideas.


3 effective promotion ideas for marketing jewelry online
Ideas for marketing jewelry online

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Jewelry marketers face a unique set of challenges. Consumers see jewelry as high-value, meaningful, and a lifetime investment – so it takes more effort to make a sale than in other markets. Let’s examine 3 solutions for specialist retailers and jewelry marketing.


How to run a St Patrick’s Day giveaway

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On 17th March, you’ll see social media dressed in green to celebrate St Patrick’s Day. The festival started out as Ireland’s national day, but has now spread across the globe as a celebration of Celtic culture. Here’s how you can get involved – with just 5 minutes of set up time.