How Do Instagram Giveaways Work? 

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Are you wondering if social media giveaways are as effective and practical as people say? Do you not fully understand how Instagram giveaways work? In this article, we break the whole process down, helping you understand how Instagram giveaways work and how they can help your brand grow.


Retweet Picker: 5 Examples of Successful Twitter Giveaways

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Are you looking for an effective way to grow your Twitter account? Do you want to reward your followers? Maybe it’s time to organize a retweet giveaway? In this article, we take a look at five examples of successful Twitter giveaways based on retweets and the most reliable retweet picker on the market.


How to Pick a Winner from Instagram Followers

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Organizing giveaways for your Instagram followers is one of the best ways to make sure your community stays engaged and content. But what’s the best way to choose a winner from among the users that follow you? Read on to find out!


Small Business Branding: Ideas, Tips, and Examples to Boost Your Brand

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Branding is a vital part of any brand’s identity and it helps customers to generate positive emotions around your brand. And what about branding for small businesses? In this article, we show how to use social media to give visibility to your corporate image.


Instagram Giveaway App with Advanced Features for Brands and Agencies

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Why is it a good idea for your brand or agency to use a professionally designed tool to run Instagram giveaways? In this article, we outline the benefits of managing your giveaway with Easypromos and look at how advanced features can help you communicate with prizewinners.


How to Announce a Giveaway for Maximum Visibility

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Learn how to announce a giveaway on social media for maximum visibility and reach. Discover tips and useful tools.


Six Steps to Create a Successful Spin the Wheel promotion

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When it comes to games of chance, few have become as ubiquitous and popular as the all-time classic Spin the Wheel. From decades-lasting TV game shows to traveling fun fairs, this game of chance is as recognizable as it is simple to play. Give a spin, cross your fingers, and find out right there and then if you have won a prize.


Ideas to Celebrate Father’s Day in the Workplace
Celebrate Father's Day at the workplace

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Given the amount of time that we spend at the workplace, the importance of a good working environment is paramount. If your objective as a manager or HR professional is to improve communication, performance, motivation, and engagement among your team, team-building activities are always a good idea. In this article, we will go over some ideas to celebrate Father’s Day in the workplace.


How to Promote your Brand with Promo Codes on Social Media

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Wondering how to use social media to increase sales? Take a look at how brands use promo codes to boost profitability and stay top of mind with customers.


Customized Online Prize Wheel | Tips and Examples
Customized Online Prize Wheel

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Online Prize Wheels are popular promotion dynamics among users. They are a fun, engaging, easy-to-use, and exciting way of offering customers prizes or rewards. From the marketing perspective, they can be a powerful tool to achieve certain objectives. With Easypromos, you can create your own Prize Wheel and customize it with your brand image or products, easy!