Photo Contest Ideas for Any Brand – Collect UGC Like a Pro

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Photo contest ideas might be hard to come up with. This is why we share with you the most popular and captivating ideas for running online photo competitions. Take a look to discover our favorite ideas and learn to collect UGC like a real pro!


How to Promote Beauty Products on Social Media

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Social media is where your customers are – this is why promoting your beauty products or cosmetic brand on social media is the right thing to do. In this blog post we take a look at how to use giveaways and online promotions to boost your brand’s and products’ visibility. Let’s take a look!


How to engage visiting tourists and turn them into leads

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If you are part of your town’s tourism board, a member of the city council, or responsible for the region’s economic development, you have come to the right place. In this article we will explain how to gather leads from tourism. We all know that driving visitors to a region is no easy feat, and gathering their contact information is even more difficult. This is why we recommend using interactive experiences to achieve your data collection objectives.


Collect your Web Visits’ Contact Details through Giveaways and Games
Promotion in your website

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Most of your web visits do not communicate with the brand and end up being anonymous individuals for which you only have very few details like their web browser or the country from which they access. However, there are tools available to nudge users into sharing their contact details with you, and promotions are an ideal option!


How to organize a yearly online contest
How to create a yearly online contest

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How many events have you attended in the last couple of years? Surely, you have your favorite. Have you noticed that many of them take place yearly? Have you ever wondered how to improve your company’s anniversary event or any other yearly event in your sphere? Which do you think are the most effective strategies to make a celebration successful? We have chosen a set of yearly events for you to analyze, implement into your marketing strategy, and hopefully find the answers to those questions. Let ‘s get started!


How to create a banner to feature a promotion on your website

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Did you just launch a promotion campaign and want to reach as many users as possible? Sometimes we oversee how important websites can be to draw traffic and users to our contests and giveaways.
Ultimately, the mere fact of including an appealing banner or directly embedding the promotion on your brand’s website, will have a positive impact on the campaign’s results. In this article we will go over on how to design a banner for your next contest or promotion. As well as some of its main characteristics. Keep on reading and don’t miss out!


How to Pick a Winner of an Instagram Giveaway with Multiple Posts

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So your Instagram giveaway is up and running, or maybe you’re about to finalize it and now find yourself asking the following question: how do I pick a winner of my Instagram giveaway with multiple posts or ads? Read on to learn more about the most reliable Instagram giveaway picker for multiple posts on the market.


Creative Fall Promotion Ideas: Generate Buzz and Engage Your Audience

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Don’t forget about autumn while you start thinking about your winter holidays campaign – fall is a fantastic time to reconnect with your audience while you transition from the buzz of the summer to the so-awaited holiday season. In this blog post, we share ideas for fall promotions: interactive games and contests that will help you engage your audience and stay top of mind with customers.


Modernize Your Magazine’s Puzzles and Crosswords with Easypromos Games

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Newspaper and magazine readers gladly grab new issues of their favorite publications, often heading straight for the popular entertainment section with crosswords, puzzles and games. Who hasn’t been challenged by these traditional pastimes at least a few times in their lives? Many readers might put the newspaper down as soon as they’re done with the games section – not actually diving any deeper into the content that your team put so much work into. So how can you foster customer relationships and make them stronger than ever before? At Easypromos, we put a lot of effort and attention into games; we know how they entertain and engage users, as well as how they improve customer trust and loyalty. In this blog post, we take a look at how you can incorporate the Easypromos games and challenges into your newspaper or magazine’s traditional games section.


5 Ideas for Facebook Giveaways, Contests, and Competitions

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Facebook continues to be the top social media network and brands actively working on capitalizing on their Facebook communities. In this blog post, we share five Facebook giveaway ideas that will help you boost your brand, sales and leads. Learn how to work towards your objectives with giveaways, games, contests and competitions. Read on!