Top 5 Promotion Ideas to Market a Food and Beverage Business Online
How to market a food and beverage business

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So, you have the perfect vegan protein bar formula in place, funky packaging that appeals to discerning millennials, interest from noted food industry investors. This, surely, is a recipe for success in the otherwise cutthroat food and beverages market. Right? Sadly, no.


How to promote a cookbook on social media and reach more readers

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Whether you self-publish or sell your first cookbook to a publishing house, you’ll need to take the initiative to promote your work online. Here’s how to get started with a cookbook campaign on social media.


7 bike shop marketing ideas to succeed on social media
Bike shop marketing ideas for social media

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Cycling is a fast-growing business – and it’s modernizing, too. Bike marketing is no longer just about showcasing the latest model. It’s also a lifestyle. People – especially young adults – use bikes for day-to-day transport and their leisure time. They turn up to cycling events, expos and races. They buy cycling clothes and drink bike-themed beer.

It’s a lot. It’s also the perfect moment to try new bike shop marketing ideas.


3 effective promotion ideas for marketing jewelry online
Ideas for marketing jewelry online

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Jewelry marketers face a unique set of challenges. Consumers see jewelry as high-value, meaningful, and a lifetime investment – so it takes more effort to make a sale than in other markets. Let’s examine 3 solutions for specialist retailers and jewelry marketing.


How to run a St Patrick’s Day giveaway

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On 17th March, you’ll see social media dressed in green to celebrate St Patrick’s Day. The festival started out as Ireland’s national day, but has now spread across the globe as a celebration of Celtic culture. Here’s how you can get involved – with just 5 minutes of set up time.


Innovative marketing ideas for wine and wine tourism

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The wine industry might be 8000 years old, but it’s never too old to innovate. Now many wine producers are diversifying, with tasting sessions, gastronomy, and luxury tourism. In this article, we’ll examine how to promote wine and wine tourism, and appeal to a sophisticated audience – without breaking the bank.


5 contest ideas to brighten up your winter marketing campaigns

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There are plenty of reasons to include contests and online promotions in your winter marketing. Perhaps your brand has specialist winter products, such as winter sports gear, warm clothes, or healthcare. Perhaps you’re looking for a neutral theme to celebrate the holiday season. Or maybe, you just want to share some warmth with your customers in the dark, cold days of winter!


Winter Sports Marketing Ideas to Get More Ski Season Customers
snow sports winter sports

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Winter sports are becoming more and more popular. More people are skiing, snowboarding, skating and playing ice hockey than ever before. But with almost 500 ski resorts in the United States alone, it’s important to make your brand stand out. Read on for easy, effective marketing ideas for the winter sports industry.


Quick ideas to give away tickets for your next event

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Planning a pop-up, summer festival, conference, concert, party, or exclusive branded event? Giving away tickets is a great way to get attention online and build anticipation before the big day. Here are 6 easy ideas to share tickets with your fans and followers online.


Welcome Autumn with These Seasonal Fall Giveaway Ideas

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Autumn is here: the “season of mists and mellow fruitfulness”. Cozy blankets, afternoon walks through crunchy leaves, and everything pumpkin-spiced is back on the menu. We’ve collected promotions which celebrate every aspect of the fall.