Tips for Giving Away Discount Coupons on WhatsApp
Discount Codes on WhatsApp

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The number of purchases made via smartphones grows year by year and companies are giving increasing importance to communicating directly with customers via their mobile phones. The instant messaging app WhatsApp has become an essential part of this trend. Its approximately 1,200 million users have made it into one of the most important communication channels in marketing strategies. Via this app, businesses can provide rapid customer service, distribute surveys and disseminate sweepstakes. Why not give away discount coupons via WhatsApp too? Here are some tips for doing this via WhatsApp Business, the business version of the app.


What Are the Best Prizes for Online Football Pools?
online football pools

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Traditional betting pools have been superseded in recent years by online betting. This has caused some companies to include internet-based betting pools in their marketing plans. Publishing these types of challenges on social media can boost a brand’s prestige and generate engagement. Coupons and discount codes are among the most successful prizes for online football pools, helping to increase conversion rates. Do you think this type of action might be good for your business? Then read on!


How to Create An Online Soccer Pool
online soccer pool

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The Russia World Cup is almost upon us. Businesses know the importance of being present at events of global impact. When important tournaments like this approach, big brands boost their spending on online marketing to make the most of the public’s enthusiasm for the occasion. But it’s not only big brands with bulky wallets that can take advantage of World Cups, Olympic Games and other great sporting events. If you want to take this opportunity to boost your 2018 marketing strategy but don’t yet know how to go about it, then read on. Below, we look at how you can convert soccer fans into fans of your brand by way of an online soccer pool. Ready for kick off?


How to Boost Online Sales With e-Commerce Discount Coupons
Boost Online Sales With e-Commerce Discount Coupons

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Distribution of discount coupons or promotional codes has become one of the key strategies in e-commerce. This marketing technique encourages impulse buying and increases conversion rates by offering price reductions and prize giveaways. Boosting online sales with discount coupons is simple and it can increase your company’s income significantly. The small losses of profit from each individual sale will be significantly compensated by the total number of sales generated.


Use a Poll Maker to Increase Engagement on your Social Media Profiles

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A poll is a great way to gain access to your followers. You can engage with them, learn about their opinions and also receive feedback. Here is how to use a poll maker to increase engagement on your social media profiles!


Discount Coupons. Prepare Your Campaign Step-by-Step.

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Studies confirm that approximately 70% of consumers approve of brands running online promotions with discount codes (for both physical and eCommerce stores) as prizes.


7 Ideas for Social Media Promotions

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Even though you know that you should be using a promotion strategy to energize your social media channels, it can be tricky to turn this strategy into specific campaigns. This is why we want to give you a helping hand by providing a series of proposals to serve as inspiration. We’re sure you’ll find the perfect way to adapt them to your goals, products, and target audience, and put them into practice. 🙂


Quick Tips to Ensure That Your Promotion Graphics Work Effectively

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There are some aspects of your promotion that you must take great care of to ensure the promotion’s success. Graphic design is one of those areas. In this post we give you some quick tips for ensuring that the graphic design of your social media promotions is as effective as possible.


Find Out How to Carry Out B2B Promotions on Social Media

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B2B (Business-to-Business) refers to commercial transactions between companies rather than between companies and individual consumers. Is your company involved in B2B? Have you considered running promotional actions through your social media networks?


Tips and Resources for Creating the Image of Your Promotion
Tips and Resources for Creating the Image of Your Promotion

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One of the most essential things that a company must do is carefully cultivate its image. It is by means of a healthy brand image that a company will differentiate itself from its competitors. It is the first impression that social media users will get of a brand. For companies that aren’t big enough to employ their own graphic designer, creating visual content for sweepstakes or promotions can be a laborious process. However, it’s also an essential one and should not be neglected. Below, we give you tips and resources for creating your own promotion image.