Creative contest ideas for International Music Day promotions
Creative contest ideas for International Music Day

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Music: the only language that everyone on our planet can speak. No wonder that we celebrate it twice a year! First, there’s World Music Day on June 21st, followed by UNESCO International Music Day on October 1st. In this blogpost, we’re sharing creative contest ideas to get involved with World Music Day or International Music Day. Let your followers be heard!


5 fun ideas for a Halloween giveaway on Instagram
Halloween giveaways on Instagram

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There are 73,274,504 posts tagged #Halloween on Instagram. Or at least, there were when I started writing this paragraph. Now there are 73,274,546. 73,274,890 and counting… Not to mention the 28,213 #HalloweenContest posts and 23,124 #HalloweenGiveaway posts.


How to Translate Promotions for Multilingual Content Marketing
How to translate promotions for multilingual content marketing

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The team at Tomedes translation agency reached out to us and asked if they could try out our translation features. We challenged them to put Easypromos’ tools for multilingual content marketing through their paces! Here’s an account of their experience from Ofer Tirosh, founder and CEO at Tomedes.


How to generate leads on Facebook and own your audience
How to generate leads on Facebook

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Facebook is currently the best major social network for reach, engagement, and return on investment for marketers. But there’s one problem – you don’t own the leads you generate on Facebook. We suggest 6 simple ways to combine Facebook reach with successful lead capturing.


3 contest ideas to celebrate the Rugby World Cup 2019
3 contest ideas to celebrate the Rugby World Cup

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The Rugby World Cup 2019 starts in Japan on September 20th, and it’s expected to be the biggest ever. So how can you and your customers get involved? Try these 3 fun, interactive marketing campaigns to get started.


How to give away multiple prizes in an online contest
How to give away multiple prizes

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How do you get people excited about your giveaways? Often, the trick is to introduce an element of chance – and the more random the contest, the better. If you can create more chances to win, you’ll increase participation too. That’s why giving away random, multiple prizes is so popular.


How to set up your first Facebook Ads campaign to support your promotion

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So you’ve taken the first steps into using promotions. Congratulations, you’re officially using one of the most compelling, and therefore cost effective, marketing strategies around. With any luck, you can already see engagement steadily growing.


Broadcast Mode: announce giveaway winners with an instant video show
Announce giveaway winners with Broadcast Mode

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However many giveaways we see at Easypromos, we never lose the thrill of the prize draw. The final moment when you know that it’s all down to chance, and in just a few seconds, there will be a winner. And we want you to share that excitement with all your followers – so we created Broadcast Mode.


Easypromos is now ISO 27001 and ISO 27018 certified
Image of the Easypromos and Aenor logos, with a "certified" stamp

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The Easypromos Information Security Management System is now certified to the ISO/IEC 27001:2014 standard, as well as the ISO/IEC 27018 standard for protecting personal data in the cloud. The certification was carried out by an external auditor, AENOR.


How to organize giveaways with collaborators, co-sponsors and brands
Giveaways with collaborators

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Social media giveaways are on the rise – especially with co-branding, sponsorship and influencer marketing in the mix. Here’s your guide to collaborative giveaways, using the new tool to invite and connect with collaborators.