Easypromos is now ISO 27001 and ISO 27018 certified
Image of the Easypromos and Aenor logos, with a "certified" stamp

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The Easypromos Information Security Management System is now certified to the ISO/IEC 27001:2014 standard, as well as the ISO/IEC 27018 standard for protecting personal data in the cloud. The certification was carried out by an external auditor, AENOR.


How to organize giveaways with collaborators, co-sponsors and brands
Giveaways with collaborators

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Social media giveaways are on the rise – especially with co-branding, sponsorship and influencer marketing in the mix. Here’s your guide to collaborative giveaways, using the new tool to invite and connect with collaborators.


Survey: How Brands Use Social Media Giveaways Today

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Facebook is the most popular social network which brands use to run giveaways online. According to a survey of 378 marketers and Easypromos users, 92.6% run social media giveaways on the social network. Instagram is the next most popular, used by 67.5% of respondents. Scroll down to read more results and conclusions to help direct and improve your social media marketing.


8 Trends in Online Contests and Promotions that we’ll see in 2019

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We finished 2018 with some great news: brands are taking big steps forward in data security for contest participants, following the new data protection laws in the EU. And we’re seeing better quality contests and giveaways as a result. Check out our infographic for more 2019 trends in online contests, and scroll down for a detailed analysis.


How to share prizes with a lucky Instagram roulette

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Brands are always looking for new, fun, and original ways to liven up their social media. And according to a study by Epsilon Technologies, the most successful way to do that is with giveaways. Prize draws have won more than 1.6 million interactions online (31% of the total), by far the most successful type of content for individual profiles on Instagram.


5 tips to create impressive images for Instagram giveaways
How to create images for Instagram giveaways

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Instagram has become a juggernaut of digital marketing. But in an increasingly crowded market, how do you stand out? How do you get followers to engage? The answer is exciting, dynamic visuals. Here are 5 expert tips to create attention-grabbing images for Instagram giveaways.


Want to Write for Easypromos? Read Our Guest Post Style Guide

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We love to hear about creative campaigns, unique ideas, and successful promotions. And we’re always interested in the latest news on digital marketing, social media, and online promotions. Could you be an Easypromos contributor?


Create a Facebook Ads Campaign for your Promotion Directly from Easypromos

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Let’s focus on a specific moment: You have been configuring and customizing the contest for 3 days and finally the client has given you the green light to go ahead. You activate the contest and now it’s time to attract participants. Where do you even begin? Okay, you can send out a newsletter to all existing contacts and post about it on all your client’s social network profiles. But you already know it… You Facebook post won’t achieve much reach. You know that the users will love the contest but Facebook’s algorithm is a hard one to fight with organic posts only. You need to pay for advertising.


3 Quick Ways to Set up a World Cup Betting Pool on your Social Media

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The 2018 Russia World Cup is just around the corner, and surely you have already planned some marketing action related to the biggest sports event of the year. But if you haven’t, don’t worry. We will explain how you can create a World Cup betting pool on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram in just 2 minutes. Yes, you’ve read correctly: in just 2 minutes.


3 Ways of Running Father’s Day Instagram Contests

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With Father’s Day around the corner, you might want to consider running a contest on Instagram for the occasion. This will not only promote your page, but also gather your followers around a special event and create engagement and visibility. Easypromos gives you some Father’s Day contest ideas for your Instagram page.