Integrate Promotions with Zapier – the New Way of Sending Leads to CRM Systems

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We’re happy to announce the newest integration in our promotions, the only integration you’ll need from now on: Zapier! With Zapier, you can connect your Easypromos promotions with 1000+ Apps. We have created 16 prepared integrations, for example Salesforce, Zoho CRM or Hubspot. But you can create many others yourself, without the need of any programming skills. So now you can automate much of the manual work and concentrate on optimizing your campaigns. Here we explain much more about the integration of all integrations.


How to Generate Visits to Your Social Networks to Increase Your Followers

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One of the primary objectives when launching a Digital Marketing campaign is to increase the number of followers, likes and fans of the organizing brand’s social media profiles. Online contests, sweepstakes and promotions are all effective actions for doing this. However, in seeking to achieve this goal it’s important to keep to the guidelines of the various social networks.

The most effective method of obtaining new followers via a promotion while keeping to the guidelines of the social network is to direct users to your page or profile and let them decide whether or not to become a follower. Number of visits to your social media profiles is one of the most important parameters to measure when you launch a Digital Marketing campaign. In this post we explain how to generate and measure visits to your Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter profiles in strict compliance with the guidelines of each of the social networks.


Introduction to the New Prize Management System

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In this post we introduce the new system for managing prizes and winners on the Easypromos platform. This system has been developed over the course of eight months, and, from 31 January 2018, it will apply to all new promotions created with the platform. The new system simplifies and improves on the way winners are selected, while also increasing the mechanisms and options for distributing prizes among promotion participants. Keep reading to learn more about the new features, the benefits of the new system, and what you need to know before January 31.


What is the Best Hashtag Contest You Can Imagine?

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The best hashtag contest… Does such thing exist? Sweepstakes on social media are becoming more and more popular. Typically people enter the contest by posting a photo or video with a hashtag. To promote your page, a contest can be a great idea but how do you know which is the best hashtag contest?


3 Tips to Make Your Own Poll on Instagram

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Instagram has evolved rapidly over the last year and now it’s easier than ever to engage your followers. One way to do this is to make your own comments poll. Follow our guide for some handy tips on how to make your Instagram shine!


How to Create a Customized Menu in your Promotion
customized menu

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A promotion’s navigation menu, like the menu of a website or blog, serves as a point of reference for users to access the different sectors of the promotion in a direct and structured way. Ideally, users should be able to access all sections of the promotion through this menu. With the Premium design template, you can customize the main menu to make it more functional and tailored to your campaign. In this article, we explain how to achieve this quickly and effectively.


3 Ways to Gamify Your Facebook Page

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A brand’s Facebook page requires constant generation of interesting content to foster engagement and communicate effectively with followers and customers.


How to Restrict Promotion Entry to Participants Above the Legal Age

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Do you want to launch an online promotion and restrict entry to people aged 18 or above? If your online contest or sweepstakes requires age restrictions due to the nature of the product (particularly if it contains adult or alcohol-related content), the new age restriction feature will be very useful. Below, we explain how this feature works and what it allows you to customize in your promotion.


New Prices for Long-Running Promotions

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97% of promotions run on social media last less than 2 months. This is the conclusion of a study that we performed in November 2015 where we analyzed more than 100,000 promotions divided between sweepstakes, contests, quizzes, surveys and other types of promotions. The remaining 3% are the long-running promotions with a duration of more than 2 months. In this post we will announce the new prices for long-term promotions that will be valid from August 1, 2017.