How to Integrate Contests and Promotions with HubSpot

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It’s no secret that online contests are an important part of lead generation. But are you making the most of online promotions – or are you leaving valuable sales leads on the table? The trick is to get those leads linked up to your CRM so you can keep the buyer’s journey moving. Here’s how to integrate your promotions with HubSpot, easily and efficiently.


Easy and Effective Marketing Ideas for Small Business Saturday 2020
Marketing ideas for Small Business Saturday

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If you run a small business, local store or ecommerce, then Small Business Saturday is for you! Here’s everything you need to know about the holiday – plus 6 simple marketing ideas to promote your business on #smallbizsat.


How to Create a Branded Minesweeper Game

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Struggling to capture your audience’s attention? What about a classic mini-game that will get shared online, help you collect data, and keep people coming back for more? Here’s how to build your own Minesweeper game to boost brand engagement and harness your followers’ nostalgia.


How to Build Quizzes for Social Media

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Surveys and quizzes can help you entertain followers, educate customers and collect data from your target market. Here’s how to create and share quizzes on social networks – with just a few minutes’ work.


How to Target Story Ads for Instagram Giveaways

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Today, 33% of the most viewed Instagram Stories belong to brands. Stand out and make the most of your Instagram giveaways’ potential with these tips.


Why Branding and Marketing Are Important For Small Business?

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Branding and marketing are often aligned together, discussed in unison, and pillared as one in a business strategy. However, there is a vast difference between branding and marketing, as well as the actions for success for each. Angelina Gil, SEO Marketing Specialist at Branding Marketing Agency – reputed small business marketing agency, shares her expertise on the topic, with examples and useful tips.


Exclusive Promotions for Paying Customers with Code Validation

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We often talk about running contests, giveaways, and other interactive promotions for existing clients – especially regular paying customers – as it’s an effective way of reinforcing customer loyalty and turning clients into brand ambassadors. Promotions in which customers validate codes found on product packagings or receipts tend to be the most successful, as brands ensure that the promotion is accessed only by real customers. In this article, we show you different examples of code validation promotions, and we explain how to easily distribute prizes without the need for programming. Read on to see real examples and useful tips.


How to Create Integrated Marketing Campaigns with Easypromos

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Marketing campaigns are all about making your company seen and bolstering your brand and product awareness. However, launching a promotion is just not enough. In order to make your campaign successful, you must communicate it in an attempt to reach as many users as possible. Today we take you through integrated marketing campaigns and tips on launching them with Easypromos. Read on!


How to Reward Customers for Choosing your Brand

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Customer rewards are nothing new. It is a common practice that companies use to thank customers for choosing their product through incentives, smaller or bigger. It is also a powerful customer loyalty strategy. For sure you can remember collecting bar codes from cereal boxes or chocolate bar wrappers and sending them by post for a chance to win a piece of merchandise or a trendy gadget. This strategy is still very much alive today, however, it has been adapted to modern technology. Customer loyalty techniques have been digitalized. They’re now more immediate, simple, and accessible. In this blog post, we take you through successful examples of how a variety of different brands rewarded their customers for choosing their brand. Read on and find something for yourself!


Interactive Approach to B2B Marketing: Online Promotions and Contests

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B2B marketing is the practice of selling products or services to other businesses rather than directly to individual customers. Unlike the B2C that had already immersed itself in the online world years ago, 57.1% of B2B companies still don’t sell online. However, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has reduced interpersonal contact and forced many brands to change their marketing approach, and therefore move online. Marketing and sales professionals are now adapting to more modern tools and become acquainted with digital channels and online promotions. If that’s your case, today we want to help you understand how to promote B2B companies and organizations with online promotions and contests. Read on!