How to Promote your Twitter Giveaway and Attract More Participants

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Twitter is one of the most used social media channels – with the number of tweets sent every minute cutting through the noise might be a tricky task for brands looking to promote their Twitter giveaways. However, there are certain steps that will help your sweepstakes stand out. In this blog post, we talk about promoting your Twitter giveaways and driving more participants to your promotions. Let’s take a look!


How to Create Giveaways on Instagram: 10 Things to Keep in Mind

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Instagram giveaways have been growing in popularity for a number of years, and today they form part of users’ daily Instagram experience. Users expect their favorite brands to run giveaways among their fans. In fact, almost all brands use giveaways to gain more followers, increase visibility, and maintain engagement with their community. Let’s look at 10 important things to keep in mind when running giveaways on Instagram.


How to Organize a Branded Tournament Bracket for Your Online Audience

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Online tournaments have been gaining traction, just like all digital contests and competitions. Many brands are already using such online campaigns to boost brand engagement. Sports tournaments, cultural events, competitions between books or TV series and character duels among others – how can you organize them online and reap the benefits for your brand? Today we take a look at the Easypromos Tournament Bracket app – the new and automated tool to create online tournaments where online users get to vote for predicted winners or their favorite candidates. Take a look!


The Benefits of Hosting a Giveaway with HubSpot Integration

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It’s widely known that contests and promotions are powerful allies when it comes to reaching your target audience and converting them into leads. That’s why it’s a great practice to include promotions in your marketing strategy: they boost engagement with your contacts and generate more leads for your business.
 In this article you’ll learn about the benefits of hosting a giveaway with HubSpot integration and find out how to make the most of your new contacts generated by an Easypromos giveaway. Ready? Let’s go!


How to Promote Your Online Campaign to Achieve Your Marketing Goals

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The fundamental reason for running online promotions is to give the best possible exposure to your product and brand, and the ultimate goal is often to attract as many participants as possible – so that you walk away with new leads, increased sales, and a better position in the market. Are you about to launch an online contest, game, or giveaway? Take a look at the following tips and tricks of promoting your digital promotions.


How to Manage Users in a Digital Promotion with the User Manage Tool

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The world of marketing is constantly evolving – new designs, technology, and format are continually being developed and improved. At Easypromos we also regularly apply changes and developments to our platform – and today we’d like to present the new User Manager tool, designed to facilitate user management in games and Multi-Stage promotions. The winner selection process will now be even easier – and you can filter users based on their score, participation date, or prizes. Ready to find out more?


What is Twitch and How are Brands Using it

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In January 2021, almost 2 billion hours of video were watched on Twitch. Here’s everything you need to know about the live streaming platform and social network – including how brands are using Twitch for marketing.


5 Tips for Increasing e-Commerce Sales

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Having an e-commerce website has never been as crucial as it is right now – with millions of people becoming frequent online shoppers over the last year. We have also seen a great number of brick-and-mortar stores taking on the new brick-and-click approach, while others digitalized their customer relationships by becoming active on social media channels to continue offering their products and services. This is how online businesses have now more competitors than ever before, while online shoppers have better possibilities of finding good price deals. If you own an online store that you want to promote, you should take a look at the following tips and advice and implement them into your business strategy.


How to Celebrate Women’s Day with your Co-Workers
how to celebrate women's day with your co-workers

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For everyone’s safety, the traditional International Women’s Day marches won’t be happening this year. But that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be celebrated. And it doesn’t mean that your company can’t make the most of the day. It’s a great occasion to get workmates to interact with one another, now that everyone is sitting at their home office. We give you some ideas on how to celebrate International Women’s Day with your coworkers.


6 Problems You Can Run into When Shipping Prizes to Contest Winners

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Running contests and giveaways for your followers can be fun all around — people love having the chance to get something free, and it can be rewarding to set up a giveaway that encourages a lot of interaction and engagement. Once the winner is chosen, though, that’s when you can run into some speed bumps with shipping out the prize. Let’s go through potential trouble areas so you can avoid them from the outset.