How to Integrate Online Sweepstakes and Contests With Microsoft Dynamics
contests with Microsoft Dynamics

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Online sweepstakes and contests are an excellent way of obtaining leads. These leads can then be loyalized and encouraged to make purchases. Today, there are a variety of tools that can help you make the most of your leads. One of these tools is Microsoft Dynamics, a CRM that could be your biggest ally when it comes to managing and making the most of your leads. If you don’t know how to combine Microsoft Dynamics with Easypromos, don’t worry. We’ll walk you through it.


Sweepstakes, The Perfect Promotional Boost For Your Offline Event
boost an online event

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Are you organizing an event? Are you looking for ideas to increase participation? An online contest is the perfect way of giving greater visibility to your event and attracting potential attendees. In this post we are going to explain why using contest tools in your events can be a great idea.


How to Make your Promotions GDPR Proof

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The GDPR is coming! Many companies and marketers have nightmares about the new General Data Protection Regulation from the European Union that will be applied from May 25, 2018. But really, it’s not that scary. The key is that it has to be clear to the users what their data will be used for. It is no longer valid to hide it in long legal texts that nobody reads nor understands, and neither is it valid to do the negative opt-out checkbox.


Shoot up your Traffic with a Social Media Contest

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Perhaps your social media profiles are lacking followers. You might want to engage your followers more. Maybe you want to gain new followers. If so, here are some tips to boost your network with a social media contest.


How to Use Your Own App to Build Loyalty. A Winning Strategy?
app to build loyalty

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In recent years it’s become all the rage for companies to create mobile apps for their brands and even for individual products. But is it always good for business? Does your brand need an app to build loyalty?


Discount Coupons. Prepare Your Campaign Step-by-Step.

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Studies confirm that approximately 70% of consumers approve of brands running online promotions with discount codes (for both physical and eCommerce stores) as prizes.


The Best Promotions for Appealing to Millennials

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Today we want to take a look at a group of consumers that is relevant to many brands. Millennials –young people between the ages of 20 and 35– make up 25% of the world population according to Forbes Magazine.
This statistic makes it clear that Millennials form a target audience that is well worth targeting and carrying out online promotions for. Wouldn’t you agree?


Bring your Online Store to Life with Sweepstakes and Contests
online store

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When you have an online store you are continually seeking ways of attracting new users and leads who can then be encouraged to advance through the sales funnel. This is where sweepstakes and contests can come in very handy indeed.


Which KPIs Should You Use to Measure the Results of Your Promotions?

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Promotions offer brands infinite ways to foster a fluid relationship with their communities. Promotions can be used to attract and energize new followers by promoting activities of interest which encourage users to approach a brand’s products. Promotions can also be used to loyalize active followers who are already customers of your brand. On our blog, we often talk about how important it is to have a social media dynamization strategy and about how the key to success is to establish clear and specific objectives: the KPIs.


The advantages of promotions using online contests

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Advantages of promotions should be something you to ask yourself about in any of these cases. If you have a business, if you are thinking of starting one… Or simply want to let the world know about you, it’s essential to promote your brand online.