How to define your buyer persona using a survey
buyer persona

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In any Inbound Marketing strategy it’s vitally important to address the right person from your target audience. Otherwise, all your brand’s efforts and investments will fall on deaf ears and you’ll have wasted the opportunity to turn a lead into an ambassador with the power of your advertising actions. For this reason, we have something called a buyer persona: a generalized representation of your ideal customer. Having a good understanding of your buyer persona is the best way to reduce headaches for your sales and marketing teams. A well-prepared buyer persona can make the difference between the success or failure of a campaign.


Bring your blog to life and give your content marketing a boost
content marketing

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If you’re already involved in the world of content marketing then your brand probably has a blog where you talk about topics of interest to your buyer personas. It’s likely that you dedicate a significant part of your time and resources to keeping the blog up to date and focused on the needs of your target audience. Another important task is that of sharing the content and doing your best to attract the right visitors for your brand.


Promotional codes: attract, convert and loyalize
promotional codes

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Brands are locked in a constant struggle on social media to attract the attention of their target audience and boost sales. They also face the problem of competitors waiting in the wings to tempt their valued customers away. For this reason, irrespective of whether you have an online store, it’s important that you think about specific campaigns to help you increase sales and keep your customers interested. What better way to achieve this than using promotional codes?


Adapt the Entry Form to fit your campaign objectives and discover the treasure you have at your disposal
entry form

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When defining an Inbound Marketing strategy, one of the actions you should keep in mind – and attempt to define in as much detail as possible – is lead attraction. How you approach this task and the type of campaigns you launch as a result will determine the main sources of lead contact and capture.


Tools for Day-to-Day Survival in a Marketing Agency
Marketing Agency

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If we had to describe, in a single phrase, the day-to-day experience of working in a Digital Marketing Agency we could perhaps sum it up as: the pace is frenetic and lead times are short. There are invariably a lot of tasks that must be performed with immediacy, and clients expect swift responses. In this post, we give you some tips to help your agency succeed.


Make the most of your website and get leads for your Inbound strategy using Widgets

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One of the pillars of any Inbound Marketing strategy is to capture the attention of potential customers. This isn’t always easy because there’s lots of competition out there. A brand should always offer something interesting that users will find appealing and worth spending time on. It should be a relationship in which all parties benefit; otherwise, it won’t be sustainable over time. Let’s think about your Inbound Marketing strategy for a moment. What do you hope will happen when people visit your website or blog?


If your target audience is on Instagram, dynamize your community with a photo contest
Instagram photo contest

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Instagram is a social network with lots of active users who are just crazy about photos. Photo contests generate a high level of engagement with the Instagram community, so it won’t be hard to make your promotion a success. Just think about what your objective is and find an idea that appeals to your buyer persona. Design a contest that’s fun and that plays to the strengths of your brand or products. And make sure to pick a prize that’s appropriate to the amount of effort you’re asking your participants to make.


Reward those who participate in your channel with a YouTube sweepstakes
YouTube Sweepstakes

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After several years focused on developing and improving applications designed for Facebook and Twitter, Easypromos turned its attention to YouTube. Then, in November 2016 we unveiled a new application designed to manage contests and sweepstakes on YouTube. In this article, we will show you how to get the most out of this fantastic tool and boost interaction with your followers via your YouTube channel. You will also be able to support your Inbound Marketing strategy, generating new leads and working with existing ones.


Google Primer, New App with Bite-Size Marketing Lessons Advise to Run Contests on Social Media

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5 minutes a day is all you need to learn valuable business advice and catch up on Digital Marketing with the new app from Google. And pay attention! The new app Google Primer mentions competitions as a recommended action in your online marketing plan. Do you want to know how to organize a successful contest? Keep reading because this gets interesting.


Quizzes: Get New Leads While Your Followers Have Fun

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We’re going to look at a type of contest that often works well on social media: the trivia quiz. We’re going to explore this type of contest from a perspective of inbound marketing. Quizzes are great for testing the knowledge of your brand’s followers. To participate, users must answer one or more questions about a specific subject.