7 innovative ideas for marketing malls on Instagram
7 innovative ideas for marketing malls on Instagram

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Malls have struggled to adapt to the modern world of online, mobile-first retail. But as marketing strategies swing back in favor of real customer experiences, things are looking up for commercial and shopping centres. This guide is for mall marketers who embrace the realities of retail in 2019 – and aren’t afraid to experiment.


Combine email marketing and giveaways to send your reach skyrocketing
Combine email marketing and giveaways to increase reach

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There have been arguments upon arguments about whether email marketing is better than social media marketing, and which one has has the biggest reach. This is not another article aiming to settle the question. Email marketing’s reign is an undeniable fact.


How to test your promotions before launching – and why it’s so important
How to test your promotions before launch

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You’ve spent hours setting up your promotion, checking the settings, working with your graphic designer, editing the perfect copy, and you’re finally ready to launch – just in time! But there’s one more task on your to-do list: Test the promotion before you launch.


3 effective promotion ideas for marketing jewelry online
Ideas for marketing jewelry online

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Jewelry marketers face a unique set of challenges. Consumers see jewelry as high-value, meaningful, and a lifetime investment – so it takes more effort to make a sale than in other markets. Let’s examine 3 solutions for specialist retailers and jewelry marketing.


How to collect user-generated content for retail marketing in store

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User-generated content is a powerful tool in the hands of any business. Not only does it allow your marketing team to be a bit lazy and give the controls to your users for a short while, but it also boosts engagement and promotes your brand in a very creative way.


3 unexpected ways to get great leads on social media
3 unexpected ways to get leads

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Email is the traditional source for lead generation – the King of the castle, if you will. But social media has become the new voice – and Queen – of online marketing for B2B and B2C. Social media provides a platform for reaching out to existing and potential leads, without having to cold call.


SMS marketing: your secret weapon to convert and remarket
SMS marketing to convert and remarket

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3.7 billion people own a mobile phone, and almost 50% of internet traffic comes from mobile. Modern inbound marketing is all about meeting the customer where they are – so here’s how to make contact through SMS marketing.


How experiential retail and live promotions can increase sales in-store
Experiential retail to increase sales in store

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Online shopping is quick and easy – but 80% of customers say that physical stores are still essential. They’re looking for interaction, assistance and entertainment from your brand. So let’s take a look at how in-store experiential retail could transform your sales.


How to promote your giveaway with email marketing

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Social media has become an essential part of marketing – but it’s not the whole story. Email is still the most powerful tool to generate leads, follow up, and build a relationship with your customers. Here’s how.


How to host a social media giveaway for bloggers and influencers
host a social media giveaway influencers bloggers vloggers

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If you’re a blogger, vlogger, or influencer, then you know how important engagement is. But did you know that one of the most powerful ways to increase engagement is to host a social media giveaway? Here’s how to get more followers, comments, and email sign-ups than ever before.