Premium Design Template for Digital Promotions and Online Contests

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Today we launch the new Premium Template for more creative promotions and contests than ever before. We listened to your feedback – and the new template is based on responsive, mobile first design. Let’s take a look at the features and benefits of the Premium design template, and how to start using it.

Main features of the Premium Template

The Premium template is based on 7 principles:

  • Responsive, mobile-first design
  • More control for designers
  • Clear calls to action
  • Easy customization
  • More options for developers
  • Future-proofing
  • Reliability

From 1st October 2018, all promotions designed with Easypromos use the Premium template.

Responsive, mobile first design

We recently published a statistical study about how people use promotions and mobile devices. By 2017, the number of users who participate in contests via mobile was 70% – an increase of 40% in just 3 years. Even more people use their mobile phone to vote for entries, at a rate of 85%.

That’s why the main feature of the Premium Template is responsive design to fit all devices. When you set up a promotion with the Premium template, your design will adapt to fit any screen. It is also compatible with the Facebook Tab layout, just like the Basic template used to be.

More control for designers

In the old Basic template, the promotion screen was limited to 810 pixels wide. However, with the Premium template, the entire screen is used. This makes the design more spacious, and it looks better on a mobile screen.

This change also makes the background image more prominent. So we’ve added more editing options so that you can optimize the display:

  • Control opacity of the background image and make it more or less visible
  • Control of the width and height of the container which displays text and buttons in front of the background image
  • Control the position of elements in the container, such as text and buttons
  • Control the structure of the container, choosing between 1 or 2 columns

Clear calls to action

Most users join promotions on their mobile phone. Here are the most common ways to discover promotions:

  • links in social newsfeeds, such as the Facebook app
  • sharing on Facebook or Whatsapp
  • email newsletters
  • ads
  • brand websites

Wherever you share your promotion, you must include 3 essential pieces of information: the prize, the closing date of the contest, and the rules for participation. And if you share this information in your social posts, emails and ads, then you can keep the actual promotion design much cleaner and simpler.

In the Premium Template, the information on each page has been simplified, and call to action buttons stand out more. You can even choose to disable the introductory page of the promotion, and take users directly to the entry form.

Easy customization

We designed the Premium template in line with our philosophy: finding the balance between flexibility and accessibility.

That’s why we’ve added even more design options, without any need for HTML or CSS coding skills. You can change colors, fonts, button styles, images, and even add videos to your promotion apps. You can view your design changes in real time with the promotion Editor.

More options for developers

If you representa a big brands and agency, then you may have access to more resources. The Premium template is ready for developers to use, with total customization and programmability.

The new template has been programmed entirely in Flex, so that the page layout is easier to manipulate. Styles and CSS classes have been structured so that front-end programmers can overwrite the default template styles. And just like the old Basic template, you can upload your own HTML or JavaScript code for advanced customization.

In the process of creating the Premium Template, our clients’ feedback about the design has always been kept in mind. That’s why the design, the structure of the styles and the tools that we offer are sufficiently flexible so that a front-end programmer can program almost 100% of most of the designs to fit the design that their designers have developed.


The Premium template still contains all the features of the Basic template. We’ve added new capabilities – we haven’t taken anything away.

Many Easypromos users are already designing their promotions with the Premium template. It will be the standard template for years to come, and we’ll keep updating and adding new features as we go.


The success of a promotion depends on many factors: a good prize, smart publicity, and an intriguing design. But all of that depends on an app that works.

That’s why we dedicated 9 months to developing and launching the Premium template. Every element has been meticulously tested for every web browser, mobile device, and social network.

Some of our clients have already accessed the Premium template during its soft launch. Today, we can share the template with all our clients, secure in the knowledge that it is 100% reliable.

Get started with the Premium template

Ready to go? Watch this video demo for an introduction to using the Premium template. For a written technical tutorial, click here.

Randi Jensen

International Business Developer in Easypromos

Publication date: 2017-04-05