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Randi Jensen

She joined Easypromos in January 2017 as International Business Developer. Her main focus is on improving communication and customer care for our English speaking clients through live chat and email. She holds degrees in Journalism and Online Communication & Marketing and has more than 10 years of experience in online marketing. She spends her spare time with her boys and practicing yoga, and she sips herbal tea from her Easypromos mug during the workday.

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Facebook Competition Rules 2022 | All you Need to Know

Publication date: 12/05/2022

The rules about competitions, giveaways, and promotions on Facebook haven’t changed much in the last few years. It’s still the most strict social media platform when it comes to competitions. So what can you and what can’t you do if you want to engage your users on this social network? Read on to learn more about the Facebook competition rules for 2022.

Event Lead Generation with a Timed Quiz: a Success Case of La Trobe University

Publication date: 09/07/2021

When La Trobe University could once again attend career expos after the COVID-19 pandemic, they wanted a new way of creating engagement to support their lead generation. Together with their new stand, they created a ‘Test your clever’ quiz that event attendees could play on their phones. Learn here how to use a Timed Quiz for your event lead generation.

Ideas for EURO 2020 Promotions to Connect with your Followers

Publication date: 11/06/2021

After a year where almost all international sports competitions were canceled, this year the EURO 2020 will take place and football fans all over the world are awaiting it anxiously. Make the most of this tournament to generate branded content and promotions related to the European football championship. This can help you increase engagement with your followers, collect leads and improve your brand reputation. Here we give you 9 ideas to organize an online campaign for EURO 2020, which is now EURO 2021.

How to Engage your Followers with Giveaways for International Day of Yoga

Publication date: 04/06/2021

The International Yoga Day falls on June 21. It’s a fantastic opportunity for yoga teachers, studios and accessories companies to connect with the yogi communities online. Discover how to celebrate Yoga Day with your online audience – with fun giveaways and raffles.

How to Create an Employee Engagement Quiz: Champions League Predictions

Publication date: 11/05/2021

The online broker DEGIRO has been the main sponsor of Borussia Mönchengladbach since July 2020. When the team made it to Champions League, the company was looking for a way to promote the Champions League matches to also address the sponsorship internally. They did so with a Multi-Round Predictions game; its ultimate goal was to create employee engagement. The employees could make their bets the days before the matches and earn points for each correct prediction for the chance to win team merchandise prizes. Here you can read more about it.

How to Increase App Downloads with Promotions and Games

Publication date: 26/04/2021

Does your company or brand have a mobile app and one of your tasks is to increase app downloads? The number of apps in the app stores grows by the day and, of course, getting users to download and use the app is one of the main goals for most of them.

Women’s Day: How to Celebrate with Employees in the Office and Online

Publication date: 08/02/2021

For everyone’s safety, the traditional International Women’s Day marches won’t be happening this year. But that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be celebrated. And it doesn’t mean that your company can’t make the most of the day. It’s a great occasion to get workmates to interact with one another, now that everyone is sitting at their home office. We give you some ideas on how to celebrate International Women’s Day with your coworkers.

How a Hotel Group Boosted Engagement with a Gamified Advent Calendar

Publication date: 01/02/2021

For the 2020 Christmas campaign, the Devonshire Hotels and Restaurants Group decided to spread some light in the dark with a festive ‘Elf on the Shelf’ gamified Advent Calendar. During December, users participated in the promotion by finding the mischievous elves hidden in pictures of Devonshire’s different locations. Here we take a look at the Advent Calendar campaign and its final outcome.

How to Make Online Events Engaging with Gamification, Prizes and Promotions

Publication date: 11/12/2020

A very traditional and offline way of generating interest, engagement, and business has been forced to go digital; business events. It doesn’t matter if it’s small round table discussions, company year-end parties, large industry B2B trade shows, or B2C exhibitions. The world has turned to virtual events and digital gatherings for what used to be offline events.

Yoga Instructor goes Digital to Grow Business and International Community

Publication date: 21/05/2020

When Jennison saw her yoga business “Yoga with Jennison” threatened by the COVID-19 restrictions, she was forced to make changes to her business. She saw hope in digital channels and decided to move all classes online, using YouTube, Instagram, Zoom. It’s given her the change to connect with friends and family back in California, as well as staying in touch with her yoga students in Valencia, Spain.