8 Must-Use Facebook Marketing Tips for eCommerce

Martin Ochwat
Martin Ochwat
The best marketing strategy isn't often focused on selling. It's about building trust. Selling is a by-product of knowing your audience and recommending products or services that address their needs. Discover 8 tips you can use on Facebook to build trust with your brand, specially if you are an eCommerce.

Imagine you meet someone at an event and pitch them your product. This is called social marketing. In this situation, personal recommendations build trust with your brand. Social media marketing strategies, especially focused on Facebook, offer more value beyond just trying to make a sale.

Many digital marketers develop Facebook marketing campaigns without specified goal. At the end of the day, your goal should be to grow your audience and generate more revenue. To help you achieve this, we will discuss eight effective Facebook marketing techniques for eCommerce businesses.

So let’s jump right in.

Attention spans are getting shorter. As a result, an effective Facebook marketing strategy is to run multi-product carousel ads. Using carousel ads, you can showcase several different products in a single ad unit. Users can scroll through and find an offer that best captures their attention.

Guess what?

With carousel ads, you can expect an increase in click-through-rates compared to static image ads. This can ultimately generate more sales. Online stores with large product catalogs can especially take advantage of multi-product ad campaigns. The product variety helps capture users’ attention.

carousel ad on facebook

Game-changing Video Ads

eCommerce brands are often looking to do more than just sell. They want to build their brand identity and a community of passionate fans. To achieve this, consider adding video ads to your marketing mix. Videos develop an emotional bond with customers more easily than images.

Online stores want to attract an audience based on their marketing goals. They don’t just want people to visit, browse, and leave their site. The goal is to capture users’ attention and ultimate lead to product sales.

Video ads should help carry your brand message. When visitors engage with videos, encourage them to learn more about your brand directly on social or on your website.

Content should be Creative & Entertaining

You likely have a diverse audience. For example, running a pet store you may have customers that are passionate about cats and others about dogs. Targeting only a small segment of your audience could alienate others, leading to lost revenue. eCommerce teams should work to develop content that is both creative and entertaining across a variety of audiences.

Social media is all about testing and learning. Consider setting aside some time for trying different content. For example, see how writing more humorous posts compares to motivational posts. Use those learning’s to engage and better connect with your audience.

Boost Engagement with High-quality Photos

You’re probably heard a picture is worth one thousand words. Photos are more effective at conveying information compared to text. eCommerce sites can share high-quality photos to attract customers. Take for example the success of Pinterest or Instagram. Social media influencers know how to generate a response by sharing engaging photos.

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The trick with quality product images is to create a sense of desire and urgency. Customers should be encouraged to buy now. Have you ever wondered how some photos trigger an action from the past? The same can apply to repeat customers where you can remind them of making a repeat purchase. eCommerce sites already showcase their products through a collection of high-quality photos. Why not take advantage of these assets on social media to drive more sales?

Share Relevant Information to Educate your Audience

The marketing teams know how essential it is to share valuable information. The trick is to share information about niche-related topics that are relevant to your audience. Consider writing a blog post or sharing trending news on Facebook. You can further expand your reach by promoting it with ads.

Facebook ads statistics

The idea behind promoting content with ads on Facebook is to raise brand awareness. Your marketing campaigns on Facebook need to be diverse, creative and focus on empowering your audience. This diversity entices people to follow your brand and share your content with others.

Using Facebook Marketing to Solve Customer Pain Points

Facebook marketing campaigns are different from other social media channels. The emphasis is more on developing a community. It takes more than ads to make customers buy into your brand philosophy. This becomes easier when we start thinking about a customer’s buyer journey.

Facebook ads target pain points which in turn offer a solution to customers’ problems. A successful ad campaign highlights the issue and presents the solution (product) as a breakthrough.

Build a Lasting Community

Leading brands like Warby Parker have a cult-like following. Their followers believe in the brand’s principles and philosophy. The advantage with Facebook marketing is you can sell products and build a community at the same time. Building a community has a social cause associated with it. What else could be more effective than word-of-mouth marketing? By building a community, you can increase reach, engagement, and the effectiveness of your campaigns.

strong community on Facebook

Reward Audiences through Promotions and Contests

Running contests, offering discounts, and rewarding loyal customers is one of the most effective marketing techniques. eCommerce sites looking to build hype often run contests. It’s a marketing strategy that also catches the attention of non-buyers and new audience members.

eCommerce stores consider it an effective marketing strategy to earn trust. Offering discounts alone won’t bring much change. You must also follow up with customers’ comments and questions, while offering exceptional customer service. A customer earned during sales promotion provides an opportunity to develop a further customer relationship.

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eCommerce sites should maintain impeccable standards on social media, especially on Facebook. You should recognize the massive potential the Facebook offers beyond just making a sale.

Every single piece of content shared on Facebook should have a goal in mind. Your marketing strategies can focus on bringing the best of both the brand and the customer.

With these tips in mind, you should be well on your way to build your brand and generate more long-term sales. If you have any more suggestions, feel free to share in the comments below!