Easypromos Referral Program: How to Join our Affiliates Program

Carles Bonfill
Carles Bonfill
Have you ever recommended Easypromos as a contest application to someone? Do you run workshops or training sessions about digital promotions and Easypromos? If you know Easypromos, follow us and you contribute to our renown, why not take profit from your suggestion links? You can do so by registering in the Easypromos Referral Program. By joining this program you will have a dashboard to manage your recommendations and to know which are your referred users and your earnings.

In this article we explain how the Easypromos Referral Program works. You will find important information to enter our Referral Program in the following sections:

  • General characteristics
  • How does it work?
  • Who is this Program aimed at?
  • Accessing

Program Features

1. Commission policy. Get 10% of all your referred users’ payments during the first year.

2. Centralized dashboard:

  • Know the status of your commissions
  • View your pending collections
  • Know the status of your referred users

3. Tracking your referred users. You will receive real-time notifications about your referred users’ activity.

4. Material to recruit. Get resources to create content for your website which will help you spread your recommendations.

How does it work?

Get referred users. When accessing the Referral Program dashboard, you will get a unique referral link which you must share and link to the Easypromos site or any content published on our blog.

People accessing Easypromos through this link will become your referred users when they make one of two actions:

  • Create an Easypromos account
  • Create their first promotion

Commission. You will get 10% of all the purchases made for your referred users during their first year. It can be 3 types of payments:

  • Purchase a Basic, Premium or White Label individual promotion
  • Payment of monthly or annual subscription of any version
  • Purchase promotional packages of any version

Also, if you achive more than 10 referred users, we will update your Referred Program conditions: We will increase your commission percentage and we will extend the period of your referred commissions.

Notifications. As a member you will receive an email from Easypromos in the following cases:

  • When you enlist a new member
  • When one of your referred users activate a free trial
  • Each time a referred user makes a payment

You can see in detail all the Easypromos Referral Program Policy here.

Who is this Program aimed at?

All kind of users interested in becoming an Easypromos referring member, being  a customer or not, can access the Referral Program. For example:

  • Clients. If you are a paying user of our platform you can access the Easypromos Referral Program directly.
  • Bloggers. If you write about online marketing and you are interested in talking about online promotions and Facebook contests, you can benefit from our program.
  • Lecturers. Do you talk about Easypromos as a social media tool in your courses and workshops? Take advantage of these recommendations.
  • Webmasters. Are you the owner or responsible of a contests-based website or a marketing tools site? If you are interested in recommending Easypromos on your website, you can use our Referral Program.
  • Organizers of online events. If you organize webinars, online conferences or workshops you can also access our Referral Program.
  • Marketing profesionals and students. If you work in social media strategy, online marketing and advertising or digital business strategy, you can join our Referral Program.
  • Partners. Are you interested in working with Easypromos? Our Referral Program can be a meeting point. Contact us.

How do I access the Referral Program?

1. If you are already a paying customer of Easypromos, access your control panel and click on “Referral Program” drop-down list of “Account configuration”. If you don’t have an Easypromos account yet, you can create it by clicking here.

Easypromos affiliate program

Note: If you’re not a paying customer you can also join the Referral Program, but you must contact Easypromos and point it out.

2. The first time you access your Referral Program dashboard you must accept the terms and conditions of the Easypromos Referral Program. You can check them in this link.

3. This is the Referral Program Dashboard, where you can get your referral link: Share it when you recommend Easypromos and in this way, all new Easypromos users who access the application using your link will be counted as your referral. In addition, you will be able to check:

  • Your earnings as a referring member
  • The activity of your referred users: How many members do you have, if they have done their first free promotion and if they have become paying users.
  • Members’ names and date where they used your referral link to access Easypromos.
Easypromos referral Program

Do you want more information or join the Easypromos Referral Program? Contact us.