Gamification on LinkedIn: Ideas for Compies to Engage Employees

Easypromos team
Easypromos team
Gamification on LinkedIn encourages employee involvement and improves communication processes. Make the most of it with these 3 ideas!

Gamification on LinkedIn and other social media platforms has proven to be a great tool to generate engagement, rivalry, and engagement among employees. Organizations also use gamified solutions to motivates and challenge their workers.

Games also prevent salespeople from seeing goals as an imposition, as gamification aims to create healthy competition and provide employees with tools and knowledge with which they will be able to successfully close sales.

This is how gamification and social networks not only help companies to improve brand recognition and engagement with the client but also with the team. Game-based techniques are very effective when it comes to delivering challenges and experiences. 

Therefore, gamification is not only used to sell and find clients on LinkedIn but it can also be applied in different areas of the organization. For instance, through gamification on LinkedIn we can work on Employee Branding) or improve the company’s training processes. 

If your goal is to enhance the skills of your commercial team and you need gamification ideas that are cheap and easy to execute, take a look at the following examples.

Gamification on LinkedIn: branded mini-games

Easypromos allows you to easily create games that have the power of boosting engagement on LinkedIn. You can create a promotion and host it on a microsite that your employees or audience would have to visit in order to participate in the promotion. You can also enable the social login through their LinkedIn profile; this option would help you ensure that all the users participating in your promotion are also LinkedIn users.

Promote your campaign by creating publications that explain the dynamics and the URL through different channels: newsletter, a notice board or internal tv channels for employees, corporate social media profiles, etc.

Are you looking for ideas for engaging games? The most effective are those that encourage interactions with users. Word searches, memory games, trivia, and knowledge quizzes work very well in work settings. In addition, you can customize online games with the corporate identity of your brand and with the theme that best suits your objective. 

If your promotion aims at a sales team, the quiz may be related to a 100% commercial theme. If you go for a Word Search, you could incorporate terms popular in the realm of sales. 

Improve your engagement on LinkedIn with giveaways 

If apart from entertaining your employees, you also want to reward them you should opt for a giveaway. Use the same online game that you created to run a random giveaway for all employees registered in the game.

Keep in mind that, like other social networks such as TikTok, LinkedIn does not allow external applications to access its data; therefore, it’s not possible to organize a draw in the comments. Therefore, a great option is to share a link to a promotion organized on a microsite – and use internal channels to promote it.

Internal competitions

Nobody can resist a contest, especially if the prize is good. Of course, we are not talking about accustoming employees to always have a reward, but incorporating them into commercial dynamics in a strategic way does nothing more than favor the spirit of competition of each one of the workers. 

In addition, it is a good way to give your employees visibility and make them known internally. One idea is to organize a video contest where your own employees are the ones who create the content. Plan the theme, lay the foundations for the contest, and disseminate it through internal communication channels.

You will be able to show all the videos in a public gallery and activate the vote among all the workers of the company. In parallel, you can launch a mini-campaign on LinkedIn where every day you share videos of the participants encouraging the rest to vote in the contest. 

If one of your goals is to get clients on LinkedIn, empathize with your employees, increase motivation and plant new skills in your employees, give a go to these ideas and start working on a gamification strategy. At Easypromos we have giveaway applications, contests, games, questionnaires, and coupons with which you can introduce innovative dynamics that improve productivity and encourage creativity among your workers.  

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