Tiled Gallery for Photo, Video and Writing-based Contests

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Are you planning on organizing a writing or story contest to encourage your fans to show off their literary side? Would you like to organize a micro-story contest in Twitter? Would you like to find out who of your fans is the most talented writer? Or would you like your participants to be able to upload photos and videos as well? In this post we introduce the newly designed tiled gallery template, which now allows different types of entries – photos, texts and videos – to be displayed together in the same gallery.

Demo #LoveTravel

We’ve prepared a DEMO to show you how text, photo and video entries are displayed in tiled gallery of this contest carried out via Twitter and Instagram. Using the #LoveTravel hashtag allows you to import all the photos, videos and tweets that are tagged with it. You’ll also be able to see the contest gallery embedded as a Widget in a webpage, and if you have a space with a screen or projector, you’ll be able to project real-time images sent by all participants on a screen or monitor by using the Gallery in Full Screen mode.


SEE DEMO Full Screen mode


Demo #TravelTips

Presenting the gallery of a text-only contest in which the #TravelTips hashtag has been used to import participants’ travel tips into the gallery. You can see the gallery of tips embedded in a webpage as a Widget.



1. Multi-format gallery

In all contests created with Easypromos, whether they be photo, video or text-based – or a combination of the three – the administrator has the chance to present all the participations as a mosaic. This format displays all the entries in rows, like bricks in a wall. This means that photos, videos and texts are displayed in a single gallery which is updated whenever a new entry is uploaded by a user.

2. Complete gallery customization

Define the maximum height of the rows. This will have a direct effect on the final appearance of the gallery. Being able to adjust the dimensions of the rows enables you to customize the design, and the look and feel, of the gallery and display the entries in different sizes. Discover how to organize and resize users’ entries in the tiled gallery.

In the case of text-based participations, the gallery will present the text inside a text box. Both the background color of this box and the text font can be customized, as you can see in the image below:

Quote text

3. All the available features of the tiled gallery.

The tiled gallery allows users to see each entry, whether photo, video or text based, through the viewer. All the usual tools of social viralization are also available, including leaving comments, voting or sharing via Facebook and Twitter.

4. Import the contest gallery to your website

With the aim of achieving greater visibility for the contest gallery, you can embed it as a Widget in your webpage, blog or microsite. You can also customize the size of the gallery to adapt it to the space available on your website. Here we explain how to display the contest gallery on your website with Easypromos Widget Media.

Some tips and ideas

The gallery becomes the entry point for all users who access the contest in order to see participants’ entries. This makes the tiled template the ideal format for giving all the images and stories entered by users pride of place. Below we offer some tips and ideas for getting the most out of your contest and tiled gallery:

  • Photo and/or video contest with Twitter and Instagram. Organize an action with Twitter and Instagram and activate the tiled gallery in order to display the images. All images tagged with the #hashtag of the contest will be automatically published in the gallery. All users will be able to access the gallery in order to see and vote for the entries.
  • Full Screen gallery: Project real-time images sent by all participants on a screen or monitor. The gallery allows you to combine photos and texts, and it is prepared to project on high-resolution monitors, so it becomes the ideal complement to energize events, celebrations, conferences, booth faire, etc. Discover for yourself how images are displayed in the Full Screen Gallery.
  • Micro-story contest via Twitter. Challenge your users to write a story in 140 characters or less. Enable the Twitter module so that users can take part directly from their Twitter account. You simply create a specific #hashtag for the occasion and all the micro stories will automatically be published in the contest gallery. You can also use Widget Media to embed and display participants’ micro stories on your website or blog, as in this example.
  • Customize text boxes with the corporate colors of your brand. If you have organized a text-based contest, customize the background color of the text boxes with the colors of your brand or promotion.

Begin setting up your contest now. Get started here.

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Publication date: 2014-07-15