Tiled Gallery Layout to Present Photos in Contest Gallery

Carles Bonfill
Carles Bonfill
One of the most important aspects of a photo contest are the images sent by participants and published in the photo gallery. This photo gallery becomes the entry point, where users can access the contest to see and vote for their friends' photos. The gallery enables users to comfortably see the entries and then, with one simple click, vote for the photo they like the best.

In order to offer our clients more customization options for their contest galleries, we’ve introduced a new gallery template. The tiled layout is available in all Premium and White Label promotions. It displays submitted entries in rows, making them fit into the available space.

Below you can see an example of a photo contest gallery with a tiled template:

On clicking one of the photos the application opens a photo viewer. The user can:

  • see the enlarged image
  • read information about the participant
  • vote for the photo
  • share their favorite entries
  • navigate between different entries submissions

photo contest entry in gallery

Let’s take a look at all characteristics of Easypromos contest apps with tiled galleries.

In order to optimize the available space in photo contest galleries, we introduced the tiled gallery format. It presents the photographs in rows, fitting them into the available space as if they were bricks in a wall. This makes the gallery change its appearance depending on the number of photos uploaded by participants; each new photo affects the distribution of the rest of the photos in the gallery.

The application automatically resizes the pictures uploaded by users, ensuring their correct visualization within the photo gallery. This resizing process keeps the original proportions of all the entries. Under no circumstances will the application cut the images to fit them into the gallery; instead, it’s the gallery that adapts to the photos.

By organizing and distributing photos in rows, the tiled gallery permits organizers to present more photos in the same available space. This means that users can see the whole gallery at a glance.

photo contest gallery

High-quality photo viewer

With the aim of giving each photo maximum importance, the tiled gallery enables each photo to be seen individually and enlarged. In this way users can zoom in on the photo they like to see it in more detail. They will also have access to the buttons they need to see information about the participant or to vote on and share the photo.

tiled photo gallery individual entry

The photo viewer enables the user to quickly and easily navigate between the different photos in the gallery. The viewer is also compatible with the computer keyboard so the user can use the left and right keys to view the different images.

The administrator can define the maximum height of the photos shown in the gallery. This value will have a direct effect on the number of images included in each row. The fact that the dimensions of the images can be controlled allows the administrator to customize the design of the gallery and show photos of a greater or smaller size.

The tiled gallery is 100% responsive, meaning that the photo contest gallery will adapt to any type of device and screen resolution, always offering an optimum visualization of the photos within the gallery. This includes smartphones.

mobile view tiled photo gallery, tiled gallery

Features available from the photo itself

When hovering the cursor over the photo or clicking on it, all the information related to the photo will appear. This includes the profile name and photo of the participant and a description of the photo. The following actions are also available:

  • Vote

voting for an entry in photo contest

  • Share the photo with friends via Facebook or Twitter, or by using the entry link

photo contest social media sharing

Combine with a classic view

When the tiled gallery layout is enabled, this will be the one that is used by default to show the contest photos. Upon accessing the photo gallery, users will have the chance to change the view of the gallery and decide in which format they’d like to see the photos: either using the classic template to see the photos positioned vertically, or using the tiled format.

Some ideas for your branded Photo Contests

The tiled gallery layout is an ideal format for the photo gallery in a  Twitter or Instagram contest, where users take part by sending their photos from their account on one of these platforms. All the photos that users tag with the contest’s hashtag are published automatically in the gallery and can then be accessed, viewed, and voted for by users.

If you have a space with a screen or projector, you can enable the gallery in Full-Screen mode to project real-time images sent by all participants on a screen or monitor. The gallery allows you to combine photos and texts, and is prepared to project on high-resolution monitors, so it becomes the ideal complement to energize events, celebrations, conferences, booth fairs, etc.

If you are thinking about organizing a Pick your Favorite contest, the tiled template will permit you to design the final composition of the photo gallery in advance. By controlling the maximum height of the images you’ll know how many photos will be presented in each row, as well as their final size. This will enable you to play with the composition of the gallery.

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