Practice lead engagement using voting contests

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When a brand wants to interact with an audience and dynamize its online community, implementing a social media contest or promotion is generally an effective method of doing so. Brand followers are usually enthusiastic about such initiatives. You have a lot of options, but if what you’re seeking is to generate engagement with your public, then we suggest you give voting contests a try: you won’t be disappointed.

If you really want to get your target audience involved and participating in your actions, there’s no better method than telling them you need their opinion and asking them to help you decide the name of a new product, image, brand slogan, etc.

Voting contests are perfect for such situations. While participants vote for their favorite option, you will obtain valuable information about your objective audience, such as their tastes and preferences. The bonds between brand and followers will also be strengthened.

To encourage participation, it’s a good idea to offer a prize and promote the sweepstakes among all those who took part and voted.

What are the advantages of voting contests?

In our experience, the strengths of these types of contests are as follows:

  1. High level of participation. The primary advantage of voting contests is their huge popularity. People are extremely motivated by curiosity, and users love seeing how the votes develop: they like finding out how their favorite option is doing in the rankings, and enjoy the suspense of waiting to see the winning result. Exciting people’s curiosity is very powerful method for attracting their attention.
  2. High level of expectation. By keeping users’ attention for longer – both during the contest and once it’s ended – the brand’s fame and reputation is enhanced.
  3. Simplicity is always highly valued. The dynamic of such contests is very simple, and this will help increase participation. Users don’t have to generate any of their own content. All they have to do is fill in a simple form (remember that the effort you ask participants to make should be consistent with the quality of the prize you’re offering) and then they will be automatically entered into a sweepstakes to find the winner/s.
  4. High level of virality. Once users have voted, they’ll be able to share their choice via social media, thus motivating their friends and followers to participate too. It’s like a game: pure entertainment.
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It’s as simple as that! While your community is having fun, you increase your interactions with the target audience, generate qualified traffic to your website or online store, increase your number of followers and capture new leads. All this to expand your database and increase the number of people you will be able to target with future advertising campaigns.

The information you’ve obtained throughout this process will also be useful for working with your different leads and maturing them into customers.

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Publication date: 2017-04-28