Voting Contest

Drive participation and interaction with your brand through a Voting Contest. Invite your audience to participate by uploading their own photos, videos, or texts and set up a public online voting process. Alternatively, you can provide the participating entries and ask the public to choose the winners. And there's no need to worry about the possibility of someone cheating; our comprehensive anti-fraud system ensures fair and reliable voting for your contest. With Easypromos, engaging your community has never been so easy and secure!

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Voting Contest

What kind of contests can you create on Voting Contest?

Photo contest

Launch Photo Contests to connect with your audience, gather UGC and turn them into brand ambassadors.

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Video Contest

Launch an online video contest to gather user-generated content (UGC) and display it in a public gallery.

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Writing Contest

Launch an online writing contest and let your audience share their stories, phrases, or ideas.

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Voting Contest Main Features

  • Combine photos, videos or PDF’s in a single entry

    Multiple photos, videos, and documents can be uploaded in a single entry. The APP has a specific screen to drag & drop content, a thumbnail display and a progress bar to provide an optimal user experience.

  • Pre-moderation

    To give you complete control over what is displayed, Easypromos offers the pre-moderation option. If you chose to, entries will only become visible after the organizer validates them. Additionally, you can get notifications on your mobile device whenever a new entry is submitted, enabling you to review and approve the content instantly, no matter where you are.

  • Several galleries and categories in a single contest

    Organize finalists into different galleries based on categories or themes. Voters register only once and can vote in as many galleries as you decide. Create additional galleries for different voting stages. You have control over how the candidates are displayed: the order, how many per row, and the information visible for each one.

  • Single registration for users

    Users must identify and register to participate and vote in the contest. The registration form is fully customizable, and we offer integrations with social networks, SSO systems, and other digital marketing tools.

  • Define the voting frequency and dates

    You have full control over how and when users can vote. Set the voting start and end dates, as well as the voting frequency for participants: the number of votes per hour, per day, per week, or simply specify the total number of votes allowed.

  • Anti-fraud control system

    Easypromos features an advanced fraud control system designed to ensure clean and fair voting. The system uses several security checks to monitor the flow and voting patterns. It monitors both the use of bots and automated scripts as well as users attempting to participate with temporary or duplicate emails. The anti-fraud system ensures that each vote comes from legitimate users and that contests take place in an environment of complete transparency and fairness.

  • Reminders for new voting stages

    Use the email platform to schedule automatic emails to let participants know about new voting stages to keep participants informed while encouraging active and recurring participation in your contest.

  • 100% customizable design

    Customize the Voting Contest to your liking: colors, images, background, and fonts. Fully customizable with your brand’s corporate image.

  • Contest microsite or embed it to your website or app

    The Voting Contest can be published as a microsite with a branded URL or linked to a new domain. You also have the option to embed it on your website as a widget or integrate it into a mobile application.

Voting Contest Prices

  • <strong>Premium</strong> Plan
    Premium Plan


    • Limited to 10,000 participants per promotion.
    • Easypromos branding visible.
    • Fully customizable microsite design.
    • Full customization of the registration form to include any field.
    • Automated email platform.
    • Participating entries gallery.
    • Integration with other platforms.
    • Access to advanced statistics.
    • Video hosting included.
  • White Label Plan
    White Label Plan

    Premium version, plus:

    • Limited to 50,000 participants per promotion. Contact us for more than 50,000.
    • No visible Easypromos branding.
    • No reference to Easypromos when sharing.
    • Multiple languages within one promotion app.
    • Use your own domain.
    • Developers: Use your own CSS styles, HTML, and Javascript code.
    • Developers: Access to the API and Webhooks for real-time exporting of entries.
    • Recommended for big brands and agencies.
    • Priority support.

Combine it with...

  • Distribute coupon codes
    Distribute coupons among participants and voters to reward them for their participation.
  • Entry Form Giveaway
    End the contest with a random prize draw to select the winner - or winners!
  • Instant Win
    Give away instant prizes randomly when users complete the participation process.

Main Features of our Online Voting Tool

Resources and help about Voting Contest

  • Tutorial

    Create your Voting Contest with this step-by-step guide.
  • How to create a "Best of the Best" Voting Contest

    Learn more about "Best of the Best" contests and how to generate revenue with them.

Voting Contests' FAQ