Reach More Followers with a Champions League Promotion

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At Easypromos, you could say we’re football fans. And did you know that in 2018, 380 million people turned to watch the Champions League final? Today we talk about reconnecting with your online community and engaging your audience with a Champions League promotion! Make your brand go viral with a Champions League betting pool or simply launch a branded mini-game! Read on.

Millions of people love football, some of them less and some of them more. There are also people that don’t normally follow football but they love to watch the World Cup or Champions League. With the finals coming up, now is a great chance to reconnect with those community members and strengthen already existing customer relationships. Let’s take a look at how to organize Champions League promotions to boost engagement of your social media accounts.

Predictions Contest – organize a Champions League betting pool for your audience

As we just mentioned, football gathers millions of people in front of TVs. A big number of constantly connected online, tweeting about goals, fouls, and constantly checking scores and points earned by their favorite teams.

Imagine if you could turn at least a bit of that activity into brand engagement. Here’s an example of a Champions League promotion that ANY company or organization can launch:

A Predictions contest is a promotion that everyone can join. Share a betting pool on social media to convert followers into leads, or embed it on your website to do the same with visitors. You can also share the promotion with your newsletter subscribers to simply reconnect with your audience and entertain them.

It’s quick to create and easy to take part in. Your participants just have to answer a couple of questions…

champions league promotion: betting pool

Wondering how to attract more participants? Make sure you incentivize participation! People are always keener to enter promotions and share their contact details if they can something in return!

Try the DEMO version – then create your own instant betting pool from the template. Contest design, graphics, and text included.

Boost engagement and entertain your audience with a Match It game

Did you know that branded mini-games are fantastic marketing tools? And 2020 Champions League is the perfect opportunity to launch an interactive promotion for your social media followers.

So apart from a betting pool, what would be an engaging Champions League Promotion? We put our bets on a Match It game.

champions league promotion: match it game

So what objectives can you achieve with such a game? Apart from increased engagement you also get to grow your mailing list, as all participants that want to enter a final prize draw must provide their contact details. The game can be fully customized with your corporate image and logo so that you get to reinforce brand recall and awareness. Also, by providing high-quality content you get to entertain your audience who will automatically become more attached to your brand. Isn’t that a win-win?

The Champions League Match It game is very easy to set up and launch. Simply ask your social media followers to match the players with the corresponding teams, as quickly as possible!

champions league promotion: match it game

As you can see, the game is mobile responsive, therefore you can easily share it across social media channels and with your newsletter subscribers!

Would you like to give it a go? Try our Champions League Match It DEMO and discover how it can help you achieve your marketing objectives. And if you like it you can use our ready-made promotion template to launch your own game in no time!

Do you still have some questions or doubts? Don’t worry! You can contact our Support Team, always ready to inspire and assist!

Corinna Keefe

Content marketer at Easypromos

Publication date: 2019-05-17