Reach more followers with this Champions League sweepstakes kit

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At Easypromos, you could say we’re football fans. We’ve already covered how to boost your sporting events, run online football pools, and choose football-friendly prizes. We were there for the 2018 World Cup, including on Twitter and Instagram. (And if you love American football and this is confusing the hell out of you, click here for something a little more familiar.)

But today, we’re here for the Champions League. The ultimate, pan-European showdown that’s heading for a 2019 result which no one predicted.

And that’s where our Champions League sweepstake kit comes in. We’ve got all the resources you need – from a sophisticated app for Champions League winner predictions, to instant video content for social media.

A better sweepstakes generator for Champions League contests

We’re just going to come out and say this. As popular as they are, traditional sweepstakes have one big problem. By the time you get to the final, only two people are still having fun.

Why? Because everyone else’s teams got knocked out in the earlier rounds. There’s got to be a better way.

Front page of the Champions League sweepstake generator. The background shows a football stadium, filled with crowds and lights. The overlay text explains the rules of the contest and how to take part.

So here’s the solution: a predictions contest that everyone can join. Whether you’re sharing contests with your followers, or running a quick game in the office, there’s enough space for everyone to sign up and share their predictions.

It’s quick to create, and easy to take part. Your participants just have to answer a couple of questions…

3 mobile screenshots from the Champions League sweepstake generator. Users have to answer 3 questions: which team will win the final, and how many goals will each team score?

Click here to try the demo version – then create your own instant sweepstakes from the template. Contest design, graphics, and text included.

How a Champions League predictions contest can benefit your brand

So that’s sorted: our Champions League sweepstake kit is quick, easy, and fun to use. But what’s in it for you, apart from all that?

Predictions contests are a great way to collect hot sales leads and learn more about your audience. Because once people have shared their predictions, they have to fill in their contact details to confirm their entry in the prize draw:

Entry form from a Champions League predictions contest. Users are asked to confirm their entry by sharing their full name, email address, and country. They can choose to log in with Facebook or Instagram.

Once the contest is over, you can download all that info and add it to your CRM.

How to make your brand go viral

Here’s one last piece of advice. However good your contest design is, it won’t go viral unless you share, share, share. And encourage your followers to share. And upload content that makes complete strangers want to share. You get the idea.

So first of all, you can edit the contest with your own shareable content. Whenever people take part, they’ll have the chance to connect with your social media accounts and post on their own profiles.

Example of a user sharing the contest on Facebook. The app automatically generates an image and suggested share text for users.

You can fill in a suggested text for people to write, and add your own customized images.

Next: how do you announce the winners of the contest? Well, as we all know, video is the most popular content format on social media right now.

That’s why our Champions League sweepstake kit includes an instant, animated video with sound effects. It’s almost as exciting as the last three minutes in a Champions League final.

So there’s only one question left. What are you waiting for?

Corinna Keefe

Content marketer at Easypromos

Publication date: 2019-05-17