Brand Exposure Photo Contests: How to Boost Awareness

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In the age of information overload, personalization has become an important aspect for all marketers looking to differentiate from the competition and stay top of mind with customers. Today we talk about creating promotional campaigns focused on exposing your brand to the target audience, and we look at the benefits of obtaining user-generated content.

Customization is a very broad concept with many possible interpretations, especially when it comes to marketing. Today, we take a look at how certain promotional actions can help businesses in increasing brand and product awareness. We’re about to show you that photo contests with branded frames and stickers can highly reinforce brand exposure and recognition and improve social media visibility.

But let’s start from the beginning. As you probably know by now, Easypromos offers a wide variety of different solutions, which help brands in achieving their marketing goals. Brand awareness solutions include giveaways, branded mini-games, and contests. And this is where our virtual photo booth application comes into play. 

The PhotoFun app allows you to launch branded photo contests where users upload their pictures and decorate them with a variety of different frames and stickers that organizers upload to the photo contest app. These stickers and frames can include your products, logos, and corporate colors to further enhance brand exposure.

As in all Easypromos contest applications, the decorated pictures are displayed in a public gallery, where online users vote for their favorite entries. User-generated content is vital for brands because it’s original, authentic, and above all, attractive to other users. Photo contest participants can also share their edited pictures on social media channels, which automatically turns them into new brand ambassadors and improves your social media visibility. 

Another important key to have in mind is prizes. If your aim is to attract as many participants as possible, you’ll need to incentivize participation, as users need good motivation to participate in contests that require some creativity. 

Now that we all know how the PhotoFun app works, it’s time to show you some creative examples of photo contests created with the exciting tool. 

Would you like to download a pre-configured PhotoFun template that you can fully customize with your corporate image? See our ready-made templates and launch your own promotion in minutes. 

Improve brand awareness with a customized photo contest app for Mother’s and Father’s Day

Mother’s and Father’s Day are important dates in any marketer’s calendar. Online users also seek original ways of celebrating these special occasions. As a brand, you can enhance branding and work on brand exposure by giving users access to a free photo personalization tool. In return, you will get to collect new contact details of all the users who use the application to create their own personalized Mother’s or Father’s Day wishes. Here’s an example of a personalized photo contest launched by Sterling Wood Church.

customized photo contest app, mothers day

Exactly the same promotion can be launched to celebrate Father’s Day. Just remember to upload branded stickers to the photo contest app to further reinforce brand awareness and visibility. 

fathers day brand exposure photo contest

Try the Mother’s Day PhotoFun DEMO to test the real user experience.

Promote tourist destinations with a personalized photo contest app

Visual content is probably the most converting content to promote tourist destinations and holiday packages. Potential customers like to see breathtaking pictures of the coast, luxury hotels, and spectacular landscapes. Imagine how much excitement you could generate by sharing a tool where users can personalize pictures of their favorite locations. 

Promote tourist destinations with a personalized photo contest app

Vive Andalusia wanted to promote the most popular destinations in Andalucia, Spain. They launched a multi-lingual brand exposure photo contest. Users shared their selfies and decorated them with frames of their favorite spots in Andalucia. 

If you’re looking to attract as many participants as possible, make sure you incentivize participation. A great prize for a tourism-themed promotion would be entry tickets to a museum, a dinner at a popular restaurant, or a weekend getaway to the promoted destination.

Another great example of a brand exposure photo contest comes from the Hostalric city council. The organizers actively look for ways to boost awareness and visibility of the Spanish village. As part of their recent Christmas campaign, they organized an online photo contest that was meant to promote Hostalric as a great tourist destination.

This example of a customized photo contest shows clearly how online users can help you promote your brand. Apart from collecting user-generated content, users tend to share their decorated photos with their followers and Facebook friends. By doing so, they expose your brand to a wider public, concurrently becoming your brand ambassadors.

Share positive messages with customized pictures

Photo contests organized with the PhotoFun photo contest app tend to engage a lot of online users, both participants and visitors. The entrants willingly share their personalized pictures on social media, in an attempt to obtain more votes, and therefore increase their chances of winning. Online users pay more attention to colorful pictures, decorated with branded stickers and frames. This is the reason why PhotoFun photo contests help in disseminating messages intended for a specific audience. 

Let’s take a look at the example from, an online service connecting brides and grooms with companies within the industry. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many couples had to postpone their weddings.’s mission was to connect with those couples and accompany them in the difficult times and decisions that they were facing. They created personalized frames and stickers with the brand’s logo and colors. Some of the stickers said “#StayAtHome” while others said “#IStayAtHome”, and “Groom” and “Bride”. 

The photo contest turned into a promotional action with a lot of visual impacts. Brand awareness and recognition were highly reinforced. Customer relationships also grew stronger as online users felt more connected to the organizing brand. 

Increase brand exposure and promote your product with photo contests with branded stickers

Embumar looked for a creative way to promote their frozen products. They organized a recipe contest, in which users submitted pictures of the dishes they prepared with Embumar’s products. The frames represented the main products used in each recipe, and users used colorful stickers to express their emotions. 

customized photo contests

This kind of promotion can be easily created by any brand. For example, take a look at our product promotion photo contest DEMO, in which online users participate by decorating their images with wine-themed stickers. By creating fun and joyful images and sharing them on social media they willingly promote your product to their contacts. Isn’t that a great way to enhance brand exposure? Therefore, if you’re looking to boost product awareness and visibility, opt for a customized online photo contest. Apart from providing participants with positive experiences, you will also get to gather quality content for your social media pages.

photo contest to promote products

This example is especially useful to brands looking to promote newly-released products. By showcasing real customers enjoying your product you automatically create authenticity around your brand, making it more trustworthy and desirable. How? By sharing user-generated content you show how other customers use and enjoy your product. Believe us when we say that there is no better way to promote your items.

Do you like the above examples? Don’t worry if you have some questions about brand customized photo contests. You can contact our Support Team, ready to assist and inspire! 

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