Brand Awareness Solutions

Increasing brand awareness is a key objective in many marketing strategies. In a world saturated with ads, the first step in converting customers is getting your brand in front of people. That’s why branding strategies on social media have become so important - including social media giveaways, contests and promotions.

Promotional campaigns on social media are fundamental for every brand: your solution to the challenge of brand awareness.

	brand recognition

Increase brand recognition among your target audience

Every campaign which spreads your messaging, logo and branding will help to increase brand awareness. That awareness translates into people recognizing and recalling your brand, products and services when it’s time to make a purchase.

	customer conversion rates

Improve customer conversion rates

Consumers prefer brands which they recognize and trust, so strong brand awareness is key to conversion rates. Entertaining, engaging content is an easy way to keep your brand top of mind.

	increase social media reach

Increase your reach on social media

Brand awareness and social reach have a symbiotic relationship. When your content gets shared, brand visibility increases. And when more people are aware of your brand, more people will share and interact with your social media content.

	increase social media followers

More followers on social networks

Increased brand awareness is directly linked to increased followers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and other social networks. Brand recognition will help you reach your community targets.

	customer retention

Support customer retention

Brand awareness campaigns work for customers as well as leads. Improving brand recall will encourage repeat customers, and even reduce cart abandonment rates.

Our recommended apps to increase brand awareness

  • Giveaway apps

    Giveaways for users who interact with you on social media can build your brand fast. Social media giveaways are a quick and easy way to position your brand with key audiences.

  • Game Apps

    Our other apps include classic mini-games such as jigsaw puzzles, memory games, wordsearches and matching pairs. Every game can be customized with your branding, so that players learn to recognize your logo and products. Ideal to increase engagement and brand recall.

  • Contest Apps

    Online contests enable you to collect and create branded content, while raising brand awareness with new audiences. Users have to share the contest on social media and by direct message in order to earn votes - with viral results for your brand.

Resources for your brand awareness campaign

Frequently asked questions

  • How to boost brand visibility on social media?

    Different types of actions can achieve visibility. If a piece of content goes viral, it gives the brand much more exposure and visibility than normally. Giveaways and contests are a type of content that can get attention and interaction from many users and this gives the brand increased reach and visibility.

  • Yes, you should be able to customize any promotion on your social media with your brand image. First of all, so that the users know who promotes or organizes the action. Secondly, because one of the main objectives of promotions, is to achieve brand visibility. In comment-based social media giveaways, it's important that your logo appears on the post image. In promotions that are shared on social media but hosted in a microsite, it's much easier to customize all the elements. From texts, the logo on each page, to the corporate colors, etc. All the Easypromos game apps, for example, allow introducing many elements to make them aligned with the brand image.

  • It's a complex marketing action that is planned before its execution and which allows meeting one main objective: that the users that are impacted know about the brand and will be able to recognize it in the future. To do so, the corporate image elements are very important. In all actions of the campaign, it's important to present the brand logo and other corporate elements, to give a consistent brand image according to the values of the brand. The actions of this campaign can vary a lot: from constest and giveaways, to unidirectional ads, interactive actions, etc.

  • Obtaining brand recognition is a long-term objective. It's normally a result of working on the brand image in all the communications sent out by the brand, from social media posts, ads, posters, sponsor actions, packaging, etc. On the online channels, it's very important to always use the corporate image elements such as colors and logos. Dynamics which increase the viral reach of the brand content, such as contests, giveaways, and games, allow increasing the brand recognition in less time and with greater success.

  • Games and promotions present two strong points that help increase brand visibility: first of all, they normally attract a lot of participation because they generate engagement, especially if there are prizes involved; secondly, they can be customized with the brand image which allow transmitting the brand image easily.