Easypromos welcomes AI to save time when creating quizzes and games

Sílvia Martí
Sílvia Martí
Easypromos has implemented an AI tool to help you create Timed Quizzes and Word Shuffle games. Both dynamics are fun and engaging but require extra effort for the organizer regarding time and creativity. The Artificial Intelligence assistant will generate the questions for you, which you can confirm and modify as needed. Discover how this tool works and how to make the most of it.

Why we have implemented AI to the Easypromos games

Many customers have expressed enthusiasm about our Time Quiz and asked if Easypromos could provide predefined question sets that they could use. There was a real need for a tool to help create questions and answers for quizzes or games, saving time without sacrificing creativity. And that’s where Artificial Intelligence fits perfectly!

To this end, our product development team has integrated an AI assistant to the question creation process to assist with tasks that require a significant amount of time and concentration. Furthermore, it encourages us to try out new dynamics and formats, as it’s like having a personal assistant.

The first Easypromos implementation of Artificial Intelligence is the AI tool to generate content for the following games. Try it now and find out how you can offer gamified promotions to your audience effortlessly. Offer them fun, and they will respond with engagement!


Use AI to create questions and answers for the timed quiz

Most audiences enjoy knowledge challenges: Trivia and quizzes that put them to the test. But for the organizer, it poses an additional effort: we must invest time in deciding on a topic, researching it, being original, and carefully crafting questions to avoid confusion. Additionally, false but plausible answers need to be generated. And in the end, you may wonder if it’s worth it.

It is indeed, as trivia and quizzes are a format of question-and-answer contests highly appreciated by audiences. They are interactive, fun, and many come with associated prizes. The 2023 IAB Social Media Report indicated that contests are one of the most relevant content types for the audience. Hence, we encourage you to organize interactive formats that allow you to entertain and connect with your audience.

How does the AI assistant for the Time Quiz work? Easy! When you start creating the questionnaire within the editor, you have the option to generate questions and answers using Artificial Intelligence. Choose this option, and it will guide you through easily and quickly. You only need to specify a topic, how many questions you need, and how many answers for each question.

Timed Quiz AI question generator

Prior to including the questions into the game, you can review them and exclude any you are not sure of. Once added to the questionnaire, you can edit all the questions and answers to further tailor them to what you had in mind.

AI question generator

If the questions generated by the AI assistant are too generic, try restricting the topic further. E.g:

  • TV series of the 80’s
  • TV series of the 80’s for children
  • TV series of the 80’s for children known worldwide

Try it now! Create your Easypromos account for free and you will be able to create a Timed Quiz draft to try out the AI assistant.


Use AI to create words and their clues for Word Shuffle

Another fun dynamic that generates a lot of engagement is “Word Shuffle,” a game that challenges participants to arrange letters to discover a hidden word. You only need to specify the topic, language, and how many words you want for your game to the AI assistant. Easypromos will then generate the words as well as the clue text to assist the participant.

Word Shuffle example with clue

You can further narrow down the topic with the description you provide to the assistant. For example, we asked the AI assistant to provide “Neologisms of the 20th Century” to get suggestions of words that originated in the 20th century. Here are its word suggestions for the game and their hints:

AI word generator: Neologisms of the 20th century

If we want a more specific theme because our idea was a Word Shuffle game about the tech world, we should specify a more concrete topic like “Technological Neologisms of the 20th Century.”

AI word generator Tech neologisms of the 20th century


How much time did we save using the Easypromos AI tool? Probably more than two hours. We would have spent considerable time surfing the internet, looking for inspiration to generate questions and coming up with plausible answers that could create doubt and elevate the game’s difficulty level. With AI, we significantly reduced this effort and can dedicate our time to communication strategy, campaign setup, and more.

If you’re still unsure how to use Easypromos’ interactive games, We recommend the following ebook. It’s becoming increasingly easier to launch interactive promotions that connect with your audience, and the application of AI is a step further.