Emmys Giveaway Ideas to Make Your Brand a Star

Corinna Keefe
Corinna Keefe
The 73rd Emmy awards are coming up on September 20th, and the nominations for 2021 have already been announced. More than 11 million viewers from the US alone will tune in to watch. So it's the perfect opportunity to activate your followers - with live competitions on social media, quizzes, and giveaways. With these Emmys promotions, everyone's a winner!

We all love the Emmys. TV stars and celebrities flock to the primetime television awards ceremony, while viewers at home are eager to watch the evening unfold. Whether or not your brand is directly related to television shows, this is a fantastic opportunity to increase engagement and connect with the online community.

You can ask your followers about their award predictions and favorite shows. Run giveaways for themed prizes and discounts. And encourage followers to create and share their own content to win an Emmys giveaway! In this post, you’ll find all the pointers you need for a glamorous Emmys giveaway.

    Too rushed to read? Download our instant templates for an Emmys prediction contest, Facebook or Instagram giveaways.

    Follow the Emmys with a social media giveaway

    Search interest in the Emmys increases a hundredfold during the award ceremony. And that interest is reflected in social media. People will be tweeting, streaming and commenting throughout the awards ceremony.

    So why not harness that engagement? Set up a quick Emmys giveaway on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Invite people to comment on one of your posts. Here are some ideas to get you started:

    • Ask people for their favorite award category
    • Collect opinions about the presenters
    • Ask people for their favorite nominee
    • Rate the entertainment performances

    Then all you have to do is select a random winner with the prize draw tool, and reward them with an attractive prize.

    Since the Emmys are awards for TV series, you could offer gifts like DVD box sets, memorabilia of the stars, or merch. If you want to emphasize your brand’s products, ask yourself if you have anything relevant to the theme. For example, a food and drink business could highlight their cinema-ready snacks. A furniture warehouse could boast about how their comfy sofas are perfect for movie marathons!

    Predict the Emmys award winners

    Another fun option is to make your Emmys giveaway competitive. Use the Predictions tool to ask your followers to predict the winners in each category of nominations. Then award a prize to whoever makes the first correct guess.

    emmys predictions: idea for a giveaways

    This kind of contest takes a bit more time, as users answer more than one question. However, it is a great opportunity to collect the participants’ contact details. Make sure you offer a generous prize for your Emmys promotion, as it’s the best way to attract more attention and participants to your contest. Remember – the prize is the most important incentive for people to take part!

    emmys contest: emmys predictions

    Challenge followers to an Emmys-themed quiz

    How well do you know your TV shows? With fan communities springing up on the internet, people love to learn about their favorite shows in obsessive detail – from The Crown to The Handmaid’s Tale, from Bridgerton to The Kominsky Method.

    So why not challenge your followers to prove their expertise? Set up a TV trivia quiz about Emmy-nominated shows. Then you can run an Emmys giveaway for all the participants… Or limit it to people who scored full marks.

    emmys promotion: trivia, quiz

    Looking for inspiration? Try this Game of Thrones quiz demo – then use the template to create your quiz in double-quick time.

    Run live events during the Emmys award ceremony

    All the Emmys giveaways we’ve recommended so far will work equally well before or during the awards ceremony. But what if you want to run a contest that’s specifically tied to Emmys night?

    An Instant Win Emmys giveaway is easy to run. And it creates a real buzz among your followers! Taking part is incredibly simple: users just register their data and then click through to find out if they’ve won in real-time.

    emmys giveaway ideas

    Set up a list of prizes that are released over a set period of time. This incentivizes followers to keep logging back in throughout the night. Use this contest mode to count down to the awards ceremony, or hand out prizes while the on-screen winners are being announced.

    We hope you’ve found these suggestions helpful. And we can’t wait to see the promotions you create! Set up your Easypromos account to get started.

    Do you have questions about Emmys giveaways? Our Support Team is ready to assist and inspire!