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Run a comment-based Instagram giveaway on one or several posts on your profile to increase followers, engagement, and brand visibility. Use the application to gather all comments and select finalists automatically. Pick winners randomly and transparently among those who have commented or based on the number of tagged friends. You can also carry out giveaways among comments from various accounts or promoted posts, as well as among those who comment on a video or Reel. 

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Instagram Giveaway

What kind of giveaways can you create with Instagram?

Giveaway on a post

Run a giveaway for users who comment on one or more posts on your feed, whether they are photos or videos. You can ask participants to mention other users or use hashtags in their comments.

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Giveaway on Reels

Organize a giveaway for Instagram users who leave a comment on one or more Reels posted on your profile. You can also ask users to use specific hashtags or mention other users in their comments.

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Instagram Giveaway Main Features

  • Import all comments from your Instagram posts

    Easypromos uses the official Instagram API to import all the comments from your Instagram giveaway posts, videos, and Reels. You can import comments that were left only on specific dates. Download a list of usernames and comments as an Excel file. *Not available for Instagram Stories.

  • Run giveaways on sponsored posts

    With Easypromos, you can run Instagram giveaways on sponsored posts published with Facebook Ads. You can also include up to 10 different posts in a single giveaway.

  • Pick a random winner on Instagram

    Easypromos allows you to run a completely random prize draw so that you can choose winners and alternates transparently. Test the prize draw before you announce the final winners for extra security.

  • Verified by Meta

    Easypromos uses Meta's official API to import all comments and reactions from posts automatically. Meta verifies Easypromos every year to ensure legal compliance. With Easypromos, your giveaways are secure.
  • Exclusion rules

    Apply automatic exclusion rules based on the number of mentions each user made. Also, manage the participants and finalists of the giveaway through other tools in the application: use of a hashtag, blacklist, or previous winners. Learn more about exclusion rules.

  • Certificate of Validity

    Easypromos generates a Certificate of Validity for each giveaway to confirm that the prize draw was done 100% automatically and randomly, without manual manipulation, preventing suspicion and complaints. Guaranteed reliability and transparency on your giveaway!

  • Manage winners and prizes

    Use the giveaway result management tools to announce the winners, substitute them for alternates, and contact the winners. Use the "Claim your prize" feature for easy prize delivery and to gather the winners' contact details.

  • Use the Show Mode to announce the winners with a video

    Announce the winners with a personalized animated video featuring your brand. Post the video in Story or reel format. Create templates for your videos and use them in your future giveaways. Time is of the essence!

  • Live chat support

    Running Instagram giveaways with Easypromos is straightforward, however, we know that you might have questions or unexpected scenarios that might need our help. You can contact us via our live chat where our experienced agents will quickly assist you. There's no bots - you'll talk to a real person from the very beginning.

  • Collaborate with other brands and influencers

    With Easypromos you can organize giveaways in collaboration with other brands or influencers. You can add comments from posts published on profiles that you don't manage, without the collaborators having to share their login details.

Instagram Giveaway Prices

For the second giveaway it’s necessary to have an active basic plan or superior

Basic PRO

Number of giveaways


Maximum number of comments


Certificate of Validity

Results published on the Winners Page

Automatic selection of substitute winners

Claim Your Prize system

Blacklist bad users

Exclude former winners

Comments on more than one post of the same profile

Run multiple giveaways on one post

Download participants and comments as an Excel/CSV file

Broadcast Mode - virtual video of the prize draw

Support for sponsored posts and dark posts

Giveaways with collaborators

Advanced giveaway statistics

VAT not included

Instagram Giveaway app Full Features

  • Test mode prior to the final prize draw
  • Create and host terms and conditions More info
  • Exclude or blacklist users
  • Filter comments by hashtags and date
  • Exclude previous winners
  • Exclude participants manually
  • Random selection of winners and alternates
  • Import all the comments from one or more Instagram posts published by your brand More info
  • Run multiple giveaways from the same post More info
  • Get a Certificate of Validity for your giveaway
  • Announce winners with a customized shareable web page
  • Show Mode video for winner announcements More info
  • Notify winners automatically
  • Verify winners and collect contact details with the Claim Your Prize feature More info
  • Manage disqualifications and alternate winners
  • Export a list of users and comments to an Excel file
  • Live chat support without bots

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Instagram Giveaway: Resources and help

  • Instagram Giveaway Handbook

    Download this ebook with useful information, tips and examples about Instagram giveaways.
  • Tutorial

    Learn how to pick a winner on Instagram - the easy way.
  • FAQ

    Everything you need to know before you run your first Instagram giveaway.

Instagram Giveaway FAQs