Terms & Conditions Generator for Giveaways & Online Contests

Marian Jubany
Marian Jubany
Sharing terms and conditions with your giveaways and contests is a good practice that every brand - no matter the size - should follow. But what aspects should be covered in your giveaway's terms and conditions? And what's the best way to host and share them online? Here's how to use the Easypromos terms and conditions generator to make sure your online contests comply with all regulations and laws.

Reasons to share Terms and Conditions for your online contest, promotion or giveaway

Terms and conditions are a vital part of any online promotion. This is where the contest organizer can specify all entry requirements, rules, as well as restrictions of their promotion and prize details. Sweepstakes that come with T&Cs generate more trust and credibility, which leads to increased customer loyalty, but they also protect you – the organizer. In case your promotion is won by a user that didn’t comply with the entry requirements, i.e., your terms and conditions, you can disqualify them and proceed to choose another winner. Therefore, the lack of terms and conditions might bring you extra problems and headaches. Luckily for you, all active Easypromos accounts include a terms and conditions generator. And if you still don’t have an active account, you can always download our terms and conditions templates for free!

How to access the Terms and Conditions generator

The Terms and Conditions generator tool is included in all active Easypromos accounts. The first step is to create an Easypromos account, it’s free and no billing information is required until you activate your first promotion. To access the Terms and Conditions generator, go to the control panel and click on Settings. In the “Utilities” menu, click on the “Terms and Conditions” button to access the editor. Then, simply copy paste and edit your terms and conditions or download the template by clicking in the download link.

Terms and Conditions generator

Once you have created your Easypromos account, it’s important to keep the following in mind:

  • The Terms and Conditions templates are free resource within the generator and are available for download to anyone with an Easypromos account.
  • To access the Terms and Conditions editor to draft and host Terms and Conditions in a dedicated URL is a resource available to active Easypromos accounts.

Giveaway and contest template

The Easypromos Terms & Conditions tool is very simple and easy to use. Once you create your T&Cs, the tool automatically creates a shareable microsite.

terms and conditions generator

Our Terms and Conditions tool comes with a T&C template that will help you get started. But you’re free to edit the text as much as necessary, change the order of points, etc. You can even add details, like bold or italic text, to make the terms and conditions easier to read.

Here’s what the terms and conditions editor looks like:

Terms and Conditions generator

You can add a direct link to your giveaway terms and conditions to your Link in Bio, the giveaway post, newsletter, website, etc:

instagram giveaway with terms and conditions

Users just click the link to view the terms and conditions in full. In case of Instagram giveaways where users can’t click on the link in a post, we strongly recommend sharing your T&Cs in the link in bio.

Terms and Conditions generator

Top tips for using the giveaway terms and conditions generator

  • Essential information. Explain the start and end dates of the promotion, participation requirements, how the winner is selected, and which prizes are on offer.
  • Save your template to re-use. Once you’ve edited the model terms and conditions with your brand details, be sure to save the template. You can use it again for your next online promotion or giveaway.

Ready to get started with your giveaway terms and conditions? Head to our terms and conditions generator and start working on your T&Cs. You only need an active Easypromos account.

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