How to Increase Facebook Engagement with Gamification

Wondering how to boost engagement on Facebook? We share different ideas for incorporating gamification on Facebook. Find out more!

Facebook allows brands to create online communities where staying in touch with your followers and fans is much closer, simpler, and more interactive. However, it is not enough to start an editorial calendar and publish daily. Nothing could be further from reality! Using Facebook gamification is a good way to promote interaction and, therefore, engagement – but only if you know your audience really well.

There are many examples of successful gamification in social networks, and the more entertaining our digital initiatives are, the easier it will be to get our followers interested in us and feel the need to participate, either because they perceive value in our content or because the dynamics and the prize are attractive enough to encourage interaction.

If you wonder how to sell on Facebook or how to increase Facebook engagement, don’t leave out a good gamification strategy. Playful dynamics have proven to be successful when it comes to offering unique experiences and increasing community engagement with brands. Contests, giveaways, and games should be go-to strategies! Are you ready to put a funnier spin on your fan page? Take note of this 5 simple, but very powerful ideas.

Live broadcasts

If you are looking for ideas for Facebook that allow you to increase interactions, this is one of them. It is a simple and inexpensive option, whether if you do it on your own or using an external app such as Easypromos. It provides better control on leads, metrics, and winner selection. In addition, it is a way to ensure that you are complying with all the regulations and social network specifications.

A good way to exploit gamification is through Facebook Live. Think of a food brand that wants to promote a particular product; an option to increase interaction and engagement with the community would be to hold a nutrition workshop. Make a giveaway and raffle a prize among the attendees who answer questions related to the content shared during the workshop.

Harness the power of GIFs

They are increasingly used by brands to create content with a casual and spontaneous touch. If you dare to add a playful element, it will be easier to get Facebook interactions. Launch a giveaway among all the people that can capture a certain image or the exact moment where your product appears.

Increase video views

This must be the biggest challenge for brands with a Facebook presence! A good way to improve view metrics and get the user to see the content to the end is to make it part of the story. Challenge the user to decipher a riddle, find a specific item, or discover a phrase. If we add a prize or a discount to the dynamics, the gamification action will have a greater impact.

Online surveys and questionnaires to increase Facebook engagement

They are effective, easy to launch and have a high capacity for virality. One of their greatest advantages is that they allow us to collect data and help us to better understand the interests and motivations of our audience.

Here is a simple example: imagine that you are developing a new product and want to build it considering the recommendations of your potential customers. Firstly, you could launch surveys and ask users to recommend, for example, what functionalities your products should have, what color they should be, or what should be the star ingredient of your restaurant’s new menu.

How can you reward participation and achieve greater Facebook engagement? Offering a discount to purchase the product once it is launched or inviting your brand’s fans to an exclusive event where they can see firsthand the product before everyone else.

Games and prizes

Roulette with prizes, interactive puzzles, word search, personality quizzes… Gamification through games helps to get enough exposure to get into customer’s minds and generate curiosity about our brand. These ideas for Facebook are not just good alternatives to entertain and reward your followers, but also a way to collect contact information.

Once you have chosen the gamification action that suits you best, don’t forget about the communication actions. For this, you have several options such as:

  • Use new formats like Facebook stories to share your giveaway or game.
  • Invest in social ads so that more people find out about your initiative.
  • Send a newsletter to your database.
  • Post the action as a pin on your wall.
  • Take advantage of cross-communication on other social networks where you are present.
  • Work on a hashtag strategy. Users who like to participate in contests and giveaways are constantly looking for tags related to these topics.

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