4 Ways to Add Gamification to Your Photo Contests with PhotoFun

Corinna Keefe
Corinna Keefe
PhotoFun: it's right there in the name. We created our latest product to add some extra fun to your photo contests. But there's a lot more to it than emoji stickers and cute frames! Read on for 4 gamification ideas that will challenge, amuse, and entertain your followers.

There are hundreds of different reasons to run a photo contest: to collect user-generated content, capture leads, raise brand awareness, and many more. In this post, we’ll share some of our favorite ideas to get the most out of PhotoFun – and whatever your marketing objectives, we’re sure you’ll find some inspiration.

In every PhotoFun contest which you create, you can collect contact details and consent. Use our library of stickers and frames or upload your own, custom graphics and branding. To maximize sharing, you can choose between Post, Story, or Square photo formats. And for the final touch, you can publish the contest with your own domain name.

So why run PhotoFun contests? The branded frames and stickers that we’ve just mentioned are the most important aspect of PhotoFun contests. Participants share their pictures and then use the frames and stickers that you uploaded to the app to decorate their photos. Are you looking to promote a new release? Make sure that one of the stickers is the new product! Trying to promote your slogan? Add it to one of the frames! After submitting their entry, users get to download their decorated pictures and share them on social media. This automatically turns them into your brand ambassadors as they help you reach a wider audience and expose your corporate image to more online users.

Pick your favorite with a customized photo contest app

Here’s a fun way to survey your customers, or offer targeted rewards. Create custom frames and stickers to highlight a range of your products or promote bestsellers. Then let your followers pick their favorites to decorate their photos. You can even invite other users to vote for their favorite submissions so that you can reward the participant with the most votes.

PhotoFun ChocoFun gallery

When you close the contest, you can filter participants by the frames and stickers they chose. So in the example above, you could share different discounts with your followers, based on whether they chose white, dark, or hazelnut chocolate.

And here’s another example that could be used by a travel agency or a brand connected to traveling.

summer photofun

In the above example, users shared pictures of their favorite holiday memories as they were getting ready for the arrival of summer. With a series of frames and stickers, they showed their favorite summer activities. Apart from engaging with the organizing brand, some of the participants also published their creations on their social media channels, which helped disseminate the organizing brand further. And now… Why don’t you try this summer PhotoFun DEMO for yourself?

Share a memory with a virtual photo booth

Photo contests are always popular with customers. We see a very high rate of engagement, and not just from the photos themselves. People love to share their entries, vote and explain the story behind each image.

photofun memory contest

So you can tap into that powerful emotional connection. Invite people to share photos, and decorate them with frames and stickers that perfectly describe the moment. It’s yet another way to interact with the images – and increase engagement with your marketing campaign.

christmas photo contest with photofun

User-generated content is one of the most powerful types of content that brands can share on social media. This is why collecting UGC is so important if you want to stay connected with your audience and promote customer loyalty. Virtual photo booths are extremely popular with popular events like Christmas, Mother’s Day, or Father’s Day when the excitement takes over and people like to look back on their favorite memories.

In the following example, you can see how brands use the PhotoFun app to provide customers with the possibility of creating online cards, for example for Father’s Day.

Imagine adding your logo to this contest frame. The organizing brand would get extra exposure due to all the social media sharing.

Promote your brand, everywhere

This type of photo contest has been popular with big brands, hotels, and department stores for a long time. They used to set up a photo booth with their logo and invite customers to take pictures in the store. Then, when people shared their photos online, they would enter the photo contest for the chance to win a prize.

hotel photofun contest promotiion

With PhotoFun, it’s even easier. People can share any photo they want – they just have to decorate it with your custom frames, stickers, and logo. This is a fantastic way to get your name out there on social media, attract new followers and create a viral buzz. Try our PhotoFun DEMO for hotels.

Online photo contests with frames and stickers work fantastically for product promotion. There’s no better way to disseminate your product than with pictures of real customers enjoying your brand. Take a look at how easy it’d be to highlight a popular wine.

promote your product with photo booth online

Check out our pre-configured PhotoFun templates and download your favorite to launch your own gamified photo contest in minutes.

Customize a campaign photo contest

Maybe what you want is to give the participants of your photo contest a plus of fun. If so, enable the frames and stickers that best fit your campaign and you will get prettier photos. Above these lines, you can see the case of a pet contest for Christmas:

pet photo contest with frames and stickers

Participating is as easy as in a photo contest. By sharing the url of the contest (either by e-mail or social networks), the user clicks on the participate button and sees the entry form with the field of uploading an image. When choosing a photo, you have a very intuitive editor with the tabs of frames and stickers to personalize it.

photo contest with stickers and frames mother's day campaign

Frames and stickers increase the fun of the participants because they can modify the photos easily. If you plan to create a photo contest for Father’s Day campaign, Spring or Valentine’s Day, for example, take advantage of this feature. Give to your photo contest a different touch. In addition, in the White Label version you can further customize the application, uploading branded frames and stickers.

campaigns of Father's Day and Spring with photo contest with stickers and frames

Now it’s your turn. Start by creating an account here, or chat with us about your barn-stormingly original ideas. You don’t have to pay for your campaign until you send it live! So, let’s try this new app!