4 Tricks to help Improve your Facebook Page Promotion

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Promoting your Facebook page can be tricky. To stand out from the crowd is even harder. However, if you follow our easy guide to improve your Facebook page promotion, you will soon be inundated with likes and followers.


Tips to Run your Facebook Photo Contest Successfully

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So, you have decided to organize a Facebook photo contest. Maybe you want to gain more followers, increase traffic and increase visibility. But how do you manage this type of contest? We have some ideas.


Instagram Contest Ideas to Grow your Followers

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You have had an Instagram account for quite some time. Yet, your following is still only double-digit. The time has come to grow your profile. How to do that? Here are some Instagram contest ideas!


Engage your Audience with a Facebook Photo Contest on Valentine’s Day

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Now that Christmas is over, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. What better way to engage your audience than with a Facebook photo contest on Valentine’s Day?


How to Create a Valentine’s Giveaway on Social Media

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In February a very special date is upon us, a day that all brands should use to promote their products and incentivize sales: Valentine’s Day. Organize a Valentine’s Giveaway on your social media channels, your web or blog and disseminate it through all the channels you have in reach, online and offline. You will see more engagement from your community and increased brand awareness which affect sales positively. Do you need ideas? Here we give you some real examples to help you.


How Does the Fight Against Engagement Bait Affect Facebook Pages?
Engagement Bait

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Brands administer their Facebook pages carefully, well aware of the social network’s potential for gathering audiences and giving them valuable information about businesses. However, the bad practices of some Pages have compelled Facebook to launch a crusade against Click Bait. Last December, the company announced that it would penalize posts and Pages that were found by its algorithm to use Engagement Bait.


Create a Quiz on Facebook to Get to Know Your Followers

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If you have many fans on Facebook, it can be hard to reach every one of them. To create engagement, why not create a quiz? Let us talk you through the process.


Get the Most out of Your YouTube Channel with a Comments-based Sweepstakes
YouTube channel

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As a social media platform, YouTube generates a particularly high level of interaction thanks to the comments section beneath the videos. It would be a mistake not to take advantage of the opportunities provided by this social network for loyalizing users. For this reason, it’s a good idea to carry out a comments-based sweepstakes on YouTube.


5 Facebook Giveaway Ideas: Comment with a Photo or a Video

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One of the actions that brands can use on their Facebook page is to propose small games to entertain and interact with their community. Try to gamify your brand by combining game + sweepstakes in a single post! How? Ask participants to comment on your posts with a screenshot, a photo or a video to enter your Facebook giveaway. Now you can import the comments with the photos and videos, and you can easily exclude those that don’t fulfill this requirement and run the sweepstakes among those that do. Here we will show you 5 creative examples of Facebook Sweepstakes where the users were asked to comment with a photo or a video to participate in the prize draw.


Facebook Fights Against Engagement Bait. Will it Affect Contests?

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Facebook has announced that it will demote posts that use ‘engagement bait’ techniques such as content that urge users to like, tag, comment or share and that use clever but not very authentic headlines. Will this affect Like and comments-based Facebook Sweepstakes? We will explain here.