Brighten your Easter Campaign with Interactive Easter Egg Hunt Online

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Easter is just around a corner and if you still haven’t thought about your Eastern campaign it’s certainly time to do it now. If you’re looking for inspiring ideas for interactive campaigns and games, then you’re in the right place. Put traditional Paschal egg hunt aside and discover how to hold it… fully online!


5 Product Promotion Examples for Your Social Media Marketing

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Product promotion is a key aspect of any marketing plan. Nowadays, social media is one of the most important and powerful channels for product promotion. Audiences gather on social media and this is why your product promotion should also be carried out your social media networks. In order to make profit you must first ensure that your audience is well informed about goods and services that you offer. And this is what we will focus on today. Read on to discover product promotion examples for your social media marketing.


Increase brand engagement with our new Match It game
Match It game

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If you’re on a lookout for effective ways to stimulate your customer engagement you’re in the right place. Today we will show you how you can generate fun and entertainment for your target audience by offering them a brand new app by Easypromos. Match It is a new branded mini-game where users consecutively look to match two different cards that are not identical but connected in some way. Match It is an ideal tool to create rivalry within your online community, as the game must be completed before time runs out. Keep on reading to discover how you can use the game to entertain and educate your audience, and most importantly how to use it for your marketing purposes.


Spice Up Your Content Marketing Plan with Branded Games
content marketing plan with mobile games

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Bored of sharing the same old pdfs, infographics and product shots? Add some variety to your content marketing plan – with quick mobile games! Here’s how add gamification to your content marketing plan.


User Login Options in Easypromos Games
user login options

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Discover the user login options in Easypromos Games. Learn when to put the registration form before and after the game, and when to fully disable it. Discover advantages and characteristics of each option.


5 Ways to Use Video Content From Your Followers

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User-generated content seems like a gift to marketers: it’s free, saves time, and adds some original creativity to your social media posts. But, even if customers are posting about your brand online, it can be hard to know how to repurpose that content. Here are 5 ideas to use video content from your followers in your social media strategy.


Ideas for Mother’s Day Social Media Giveaways
Mother's day giveaway

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Although Mother’s Day is celebrated on many different dates, it is one of the most important and currently commercialized events. Whether you’re celebrating on fourth Sunday of lent in the UK, on second Sunday in May in the US and Canada, or May 26 in Poland, it is important that your business highlights and celebrates Mother’s Day.


Reasons to Use Promotions in Your Go-to-Market Strategy
Go-to-market strategy promotions

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A go-to-market strategy is a must-have when launching a new product or introducing it to a new market. Well executed digital promotions can make your launch much more successful, and today we will show you different reasons to implement promotions into your GTM strategy.


How to Build Customer Loyalty with Games and Rewards
Customer loyalty branded games

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Customer loyalty campaigns have changed. You can no longer get away with simple discounts, points for purchases, or loyalty cards. If you want to build real relationships with your customers, you need to appeal to their emotions as well as their wallets.


Brand Engagement: Different Types and Ways to Increase it
Brand engagement

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Brand engagement is one of the most crucial and desired marketing objectives in marketing plans of small and big companies. But can identify it in your marketing actions? There are different types of brand engagement and we talk about them in this article. Continue reading to find out how to enhance your brand engagement!