How Salomon used a Twitter sweepstakes to celebrate reaching 30,000 followers

Silvia Esteve
Silvia Esteve
This case study examines the fantastic action carried out by sports brand Salomon to celebrate reaching 30,000 followers on Twitter. Over the course of a single day @Salomon_Spain carried out a new sweepstakes from its Twitter account every two hours. The sweepstakes had a variety of objectives: to engage in branding; to provide support to partner brands and sponsored events and organizations; to loyalize and expand its community of followers. Behind this apparently simple action there was a studied, comprehensive strategy focused on a specific niche market – trail running.

The client


The sports brand Salomon was founded in 1947 in the French Alps. By 1972, that small store had become the world leader in ski bindings. Today, Salomon creates highly innovative products that enhance the performance of athletes. Their claim is: “Performance-oriented design is our past. Performance-oriented design is our future.”

The campaign

The campaign, which was given the name #Salomon30K, was launched in celebration of the company reaching 30,000 followers on Twitter. It lasted for three days:

  1. The day prior to the action. The objective was to generate excitement and arouse interest among followers of @Salomon_Spain.
  2. The day of the sweepstakes.
  3. The day after the action. Follow-up activities were utilized to get the most out of the campaign and loyalize new followers.

twitter sweepstakes post

The objectives of the campaign were principally:

  • To carry out branding and boost online visibility.
  • To reach a specific market niche: trail running.
  • To support brands and organizations that collaborate with Salomon (co-branding).
  • To strengthen the link between the brand and the events and teams it sponsors.
  • To loyalize its existing community of followers by interacting with users.
  • To expand its community of followers.
  • To provide greater visibility to some of its products.

The Solution

Salomon opted to carry out sweepstakes in Twitter based on retweets. Specifically, they carried out five sweepstakes during the course of a single day. By simply choosing the prizes carefully, Salomon fulfilled several of its objectives.

  1. Presenting a variety of products – from accessories to professional sports shoes – to their target audience.
  2. By offering the prize of a pair of t-shirts signed by teams under Salomon’s sponsorship, the company was able to strengthen the link between its brand and its sponsored teams and athletes such as Kilian Jornet.

salomon Prizes

During the period of the action, Salomon took advantage of the increase in users to their Twitter profile by including tweets with information relating to:

  1. Events of which it is the co-sponsor, including @UltraPirineu, thus incentivizing inscriptions and providing greater visibility.
  2. Cosponsoring brands and sponsored teams.
twitter post

The results

1. Brand exposure

  • 3.3 million potential views
  • 4.5 tweets/minute in 16 hours
  • 5.1K total retweets in a single day
  • @Salomon_Spain was TT in Madrid for several hours

2. Follower Engagement

844 mentions
1.9 k likes

3. New followers: 1,165

We can see from this example that by using simple yet well-planned dynamics, combined with specific objectives, it’s possible to obtain very good results. This video tutorial will show you in just three minutes how you can carry out a sweepstakes in Twitter.


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-Eduard Martinell-

Social Media Strategist