How to Increase Facebook Interactions – 7 Proven Tips

Amidst heated talks about Facebook’s declining organic reach lately, we thought it would be wise to give you a refresher on how to boost your Facebook interactions – increase Facebook likes, comments, saves, and shares.

Sweeping changes to the Facebook algorithm – whereby it will spotlight posts that spark meaningful interactions and conversations -, have certainly caused headaches among marketers. The reason behind it? Facebook is simply asking brands to redesign their strategies on how they can generate engagement or interaction. Therefore, if engagement baits and spammy tactics worked brilliantly for your brand in the past, the brand may not fly as much today. 

Don’t panic, because here is where we come in. We share seven nearly effortless tips on how you can increase interactions on Facebook. 

Run a Facebook Giveaway

Facebook giveaways are one of the easiest ways of increasing interactions, generating leads, and ultimately growing your social following on the platform. Be creative in how you run a giveaway – of course depending on your goals. For example, if you seek more engagement, organize a comment giveaway and ask your audience to leave a comment in order to participate in your promotion. The best part is that you drive traffic without ever having to pay for any expensive ads. Use our Facebook raffle app to run a transparent giveaway, boost follower engagement, and increase brand awareness. 

Generate Fan-Centered Content

If you run a Facebook page for your online jewelry shop, do you think it’s necessary to exclusively post content related to jewelry? The obvious answer should be no! Yet most brands still make this simple mistake. 

Here is something to chew on: Your Facebook posts are not exclusively about you but also about your fans. If your fans feel that your content is becoming stale and repetitive, guess what… They will tune out! 

Instead, focus on consumer-centric posts that resonate with your fans’ values, and at the same time, showcases your personality. Don’t be afraid to post memes and humorous content to draw a few laughs from your fans. After all, social media is just that – a social platform! 

Ask Questions

If you want to boost interactions on Facebook posts, ask engaging questions and wait for unexpected reactions. In most instances, when you pose a question, your fans almost instantaneously, start formulating the answers in their minds. They will be prompted to check the comment section and provide either an opposing or similar viewpoint. 

Take an example of this specific question: What made you start your own business? Let’s hear it!

While this question singles out people with their own business, it is also engaging to persons who want to open a business but can’t for some reason. Their answer might be in the comment section.

At times, your key to boosting Facebook interactions may not be outside the platform, but rather inside. If you have a post that took Facebook by storm-generated tons of likes, comments, and shares, do not treat it as an anomaly. Rather, examine it in-depth to understand what emotions it evoked, then sit back and take the much-needed steps of recreating the same magic. 

You can break the Facebook post down by looking at your Facebook analytics and understand why it received the most reach. You might be surprised. 

Go Live and be Authentic

No one would have predicted that live video broadcasts would be as popular as they have been recently. In fact, Facebook prioritizes them more. Why? Primarily because their engagement rates have doubled when compared to native videos. 99Firms mention that live broadcasts get 10x more comments than regular videos and 6x more interactions. 

With live broadcasts, your fans feel like they are part of your brand’s community because they can interact with you firsthand and with other users at the same time. Furthermore, a Facebook Live broadcast is usually pushed up in your fans’ Newsfeeds. 

Run a Facebook Contest

Running a Facebook contest is another easy-to-execute strategy that will increase interactions and help you gain that sweet, sweet organic reach. Contests are fun promotions that energize and engage your audience, including your zombie followers, for a prize. After all, who does not like free stuff! 

To make contests work effectively to your advantage, however, you have to do them right. Our Facebook Photo Contest application is a tool that will help you organize your competition. It is easy to set up, run, and finalize, thereby saving you hours on executing your contest. 

Prioritize Replies and Comments

Improving your engagement rate is not a one-size-fits-all affair. You don’t just publish a post and hope for the most number of shares, likes, and comments. Take some time to return the favor to fans who have commented on your post. They want to feel appreciated when they interact with your brand.

In fact, people tend to expect a social response within four hours after an inquiry before opting for another brand. Timely responses, therefore, are certainly a game-changer! 

Undeniably, what will make your brand stand out is employing a refined Facebook interactions strategy. Top brands are constantly doing it and raking in success, so why should you not! Luckily for you, you can immediately start implementing these tips effortlessly and watch as your interactions begin to skyrocket to your advantage.