How to promote the launch of your new website: the Kelme case study

Sílvia Martí
Sílvia Martí
Today, the website of your brand or company is where users will be able to access information about your business, so every little detail must be taken care of. It’s not enough to just have a website; you also have to keep in mind factors such as how to optimize it for search engines and how to ensure it is compatible with smart phones, as well as making sure it has a coherent structure and site map, etc. Once the website has been created, the next step is to work on the dynamic parts of the website – those parts which are updated frequently: content such as the blog, news, media quotes about the brand. In this case study we look at how the launch of Kelme’s new website was planned, paying special attention to one of the actions it carried out on social networks as part of this strategy.

The agency


Estimado Jose Alfredo, Creative Marketing is a publicity and marketing agency based in Valencia, Spain, created by a managing core of senior professionals with extensive experience who form the main bedrock of the agency.

Creative marketing: more than a concept, the definition of their work and a way of understanding new trends in the sector and helping clients keep one step ahead of future developments. In essence, it’s a way of working, a way of putting the experience and know-how of its professional team towards achieving the aims of its clients. Innovation and creativity take an important role in providing a working formula, generating diversity and adding value.

The client

logo kelme

Kelme is a company dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of footwear, textiles and accessories for the sporting and fashion sectors – with particular attention paid to team sports such as soccer and futsal. It was founded in 1977, and its long business trajectory includes many successes and important events, such as official technical sponsorship of the Spanish Olympic Team at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, or the sponsorship of Real Madrid F.C. between 1994 and 1998, as well as sponsorship of the Kelme cycling team – one of the greatest teams in the history of Spanish cycling.

The main offices of Kelme are in Elche (Alicante, Spain), where the company has modern installations and a specialized warehouse and logistics center which distributes their products all around the world. Kelme and its symbol, the claw, is a brand with a wide presence in the international market. Kelme’s dedication to professional and amateur sport, its expansion into the fashion world thanks to its innovative designs, and the long professional trajectory of the company give the company significant added value. The brand is not only an important reference, but one with huge global potential.

The Campaign

The campaign was about trying to promote the launch of the new Kelme website.

landing page promotion Kelme

The Challenge

The main objective was to promote to Kelme’s followers the company’s new “playing field” – its new website. By way of the action that we are going to outline below, users would be able to learn about the content of the site and see the products offered by the brand.

promotion's registration form

The solution

The agency used the Premium version. It took advantage of the tool enabling it to personalize the registration form by adding a final question asking their followers to say which of the products displayed on the website they would most like to win.

This action was combined with a “Instant win” dynamic so that participants could find out immediately on entering whether they had won or not. Ten prizes were randomly awarded, with only a single participation per user allowed each day of the promotion.

Here are some of the benefits obtained from the campaign / promotional action:

  • By way of this simple question they obtained an extensive segmented database of participating users, since as well as facilitating data such as sex, age or city of residence, users also provided information about their tastes and preferences, choosing a specific product or range of products: futsal, running, tennis, padel tennis, etc. A segmented database is fundamental for effective email marketing campaigns in the future.
  • Traffic to the new website was generated, especially via the social networks.
  • It encouraged users, not only to browse the website,but also to pay careful attention to the different products offered by the brand, since users then had to select one of the products as a possible prize.
  • Feedback from users increased significantly, as did the brand connection.
  • The number of fans increased, since the action was attractive. Those same users helped viralize the promotion by sharing the content and attracting new users.
  • A playful aspect to the promotion was provided by the use of the “Winning moment” tool to select winners.
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It’s always very simple to work with the Easypromos tool, and if you have any doubts, their team will help you right away.

-Sergio Gabaldón-
Online Supervisor for Estimado Jose Alfredo