How 1 Influencer Ran a Successful Giveaway on 4 Different Networks

Randi Jensen
Randi Jensen
James Deakin has been running giveaways on Facebook and Instagram for a couple of years, always with great success. But this time he decided to run one big, simultaneous giveaway on the four big social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, all at the same time. Here’s how that went.

IMPORTANT! YouTube giveaways are no longer supported by Easypromos due to the changes in terms and conditions of YouTube. But you can still engage and reward your YouTube audience by creating Entry Form Giveaways or other promotions and placing the link in the video description.

The organizer

James Deakin is a multi-media automobile journalist from the Philippines, as well as TV host for CNN Philippines, writer, vlogger, public speaker, event host, and car reviewer.

When brands started to send him sample products to review, he decided to share them with his followers. That’s when he started running giveaways on his Facebook page. However, James soon got so many entries that he needed a platform to manage the giveaways: Easypromos.

The sponsor

Argomall is a Philippine online shop that sells smartphones, tablets, and related accessories. Their goal? Anyone in the Philippines will be able to easily upgrade their smartphone, anywhere, anytime.

The campaign

At first, James ran giveaways exclusively on either Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. But when he found out about the multi-network giveaway app, he decided to open up the contest to more followers.

James contacted Argomall to ask if they were willing to sponsor a prize for his first multi-network giveaway. They offered to give away a Samsung Note 9 among users who commented on James’ social media posts, on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or Twitter.

james deakins giveaway posts

James started with a post on Facebook. Then he mirrored the same post on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. He let the giveaway run for a week, and posted regular reminders to keep people interested.

The result

“The Multi-Network Giveaway app is very easy to use, no training whatsoever required,” explains James. “It’s just so intuitive, self-explanatory, so it’s very difficult to get lost or get it wrong.”

By the end of the giveaway, James had added 4 Facebook posts, 2 Instagram posts, 4 tweets and 1 YouTube video… with a total of 49,982 comments.

The next step was choosing a winner. James thought “why not make it completely transparent and do a live draw with the prize sponsor present?”

So he revealed the winner during a Facebook Live stream at Argomall, with Karel Holub, the founder of Argomall. The broadcast picked up several thousand viewers who commented and reacted in real time.

“The reaction from my followers was really good, nobody had any questions [about whether the prize draw was fair] and that’s exactly how I wanted it,” says James.


Overall, my experience with the Easypromos Multi-Network Giveaway has been great. I would highly recommend it because if you do this kind of thing, it’s a one-stop-shop, it makes it nice and easy. You don’t have to worry about how many people entered your competition, which was a problem I had hit several times before I joined the Easypromos platform… When Easypromos came along, I was very impressed. And then when they started adding these features [like Show Mode], it just made the platform a partner in what I do right now and I can’t imagine doing it without them.

James Deakin
– TV host and automotive vlogger –