Promote your Giveaways and Contests on Whatsapp, Telegram, and Line

Carles Bonfill
Carles Bonfill
Whatsapp, Telegram and Line, the reference instant messaging apps, have become the preferred means of communication for millions of users worldwide. Whatsapp is one of the most popular, with over 600 million users. Its immediacy, ease of use and compatibility with the operating systems of all smartphones has made it one of the most popular apps for sharing, disseminating and exchanging information.

More than 65% of users who participate in Easypromos promotions do so via mobile devices. With the objective of providing these users with an even easier way of sharing the promotions with their friends, we have now introduced integration with Whatsapp, Telegram, and Line. Promotion organizers and users can now share contests and sweepstakes on their favorite channels.

In this blog post, we talk about promoting Whatsapp contests, as well as how and why you should share your promotions on these three popular networks.

How to share contests and giveaways on Whatsapp, Telegram and Line

Let’s start by pointing out that all Easypromos promotions published on a microsite can be shared on other social media channels. With this objective in mind, participants see the Share button at different participation stages. With just one click, users can send a message to friends or even whole groups of friends via Whatsapp or other messaging apps. The message will include the viral content prepared by the organizer, as well as a link to the promotion.

viral content easypromos promotions. example of how whatsapp contests can be shared online

Here are the steps of sharing a promotion on Whatsapp or other instant messaging apps:


Would you like to check out the promotion sharing option for yourself? Access our DEMO from your mobile phone!

Whatsapp giveaway: when to launch a promotion for Whatsapp, Telegram or Line users

Do you use Whatsapp for Business? Nowadays many brands prefer to provide customer service over Whatsapp rather than over the phone or through emails. Why? Because it’s easier to pass on certain information like screenshots or instructions and it saves time. Maybe it’s time to thank all the customers that contacted you through Whatsapp, Telegram or Line? All you have to do is share with them a direct link to your Whatsapp giveaway or contest!

But let’s not forget that promotion participants also tend to share promotions with their friends and family. Sometimes they just want to give them a chance to win and sometimes they’re trying to recruit more users in order to get higher chances of winning!

Features of the Whatsapp integration with Easypromos

All Easypromos promotions launched on a microsite are shareable on Whatsapp, Telegram or Line. You can share the promotion or encourage the entrants to do so. The Share button is accessible from a variety of different pages:

Whatsapp giveaway: Share it from the welcome page

The administrator can define a generic message that the user can share via social networks, sending a private message via Whatsapp, Telegram and Line or email:

share buttons for whatsapp and other channels

Participants can copy the promotion link and paste it directly into a Whatsapp, Telegram or Line chat.

Share the giveaway on Whatsapp, Telegram or Line from the Thank You page

The user can easily share the contest – or the participation, for example a picture – from the Thank You page.

thank you page share on whatsapp

See how many users you recruited through Whatsapp

Wondering how many people participated in your promotion through Whatsapp? Visit the statistics of your promotion to see how many users found out about your campaign on the instant messaging app.

statistics page from an easypromos promotion

Other ways to share your promotions

Apart from sharing your giveaways and contests on Whatsapp, Telegram and Line, you can also share them:

  • Via email
  • On social media
  • On your website, blog or e-commerce by embedding the promotion on your site

Who is the Whatsapp, Telegram and Line integration available for?

The integration with these messaging apps is available for all promotions created with the Premium and White Label versions of Easypromos, and it will also be available for Basic promotions.

Do you have questions about sharing your promotions on Whatsapp and other instant messaging apps? Chat with us!