Promotion Example from a Travel Agency: Scenes app

Corinna Keefe
Corinna Keefe
TravelUp travel agency and LATAM Airlines teamed up to promote flights with a fun mobile game. This is the story of their most successful promotion… ever. Watch the video to learn more!

The brands

travelup logo

TravelUp is an online travel agency that sells flights, accommodation and adventures all over the world. The brand was established in 2004, and in 2018, it was featured in the Sunday Times Virgin Atlantic Fast Track 100 league table, as one of the fastest-growing businesses in the UK.

latam airlines logo

LATAM Airlines is the largest airline in Latin America. They often sell flights through TravelUp, and earlier this year, they decided to team up with the travel agency to promote their range of flights to Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The promotion launched by the travel agency

TravelUp wanted to promote and LATAM Airlines’ most popular destination – Sao Paulo. To do so, they organized an online contest looking to engage and entertain their target audience. In order to attract more participants to the travel agency’s promotion, they decided to give away 2 return flights to Sao Paulo. The aim of the contest was to advertize flights to Brazil, collect lead information, and register contact details from participants.

But – as well as the grand prize itself – they wanted to give people a reason to take part. They wanted a promotion that everyone would enjoy. They wanted something different.

Landing page of the TravelUp Scenes contest, titled "Tu Pizza". Users design a pizza and collect votes to win flights to Sao Paulo.

So they created #TuPizza, an interactive mobile game made with the Scenes app.

“Everyone in Sao Paulo eats pizza all the time, millions every week,” explains Cleo Greaves, Senior Content and SEO Executive at TravelUp. “And (…) a lot of people don’t know that, so we’re going to create a game where people can create their own pizza like they do in Sao Paulo”.

The brands opted for the Scenes app, as they were looking to generate more user interaction and engagement.

Hundreds of people joined the game and shared their creative designs, themed around Brazil, holidays, or simply using as many toppings as they could squeeze onto the pizza.

Examples of entries from the TravelUp Scenes contest, including pizzas designed to look like the Brazilian flag, a tropical island, or the famous statue of Christ the Redeemer.

Try the Scenes app for yourself with our free online demo!

Travel agency promotion example: the result

Through email and social media, TravelUp invited people to sign up and design their perfect pizza. The campaign was promoted on all social media channels through a variety of different content, including posts, ads and Stories. Additionally, TravelUp added banners promoting the contest to all their email marketing campaigns.

travel agency promotion example: email marketing

Almost 1000 people joined the contest to share their designs and contact information with TravelUp and LATAM Airlines. “A third of [participants] were email opt-ins,” notes Emily, Senior Social Media Executive at TravelUp. The promotion generated lots of user interaction: likes, comments, mentions and shares went through the roof, as participants looked to invite their friends to join the contest, too. Overall, the promotion gathered more than 17,000 page views, which was also thanks to the voting system that the travel agency activated.

The travel agency didn’t want to be the judge; the brand turned to their social media followers to choose their favorite pizza design. It was a great way to attract more visibility and generate more engagement for TravelUp and LATAM Airlines.


Whenever we think of new campaigns and we’re trying to get creative, the first place we will go to look to see if they do it is Easypromos… It does absolutely everything for us.

-Cleo Greaves-

Senior Content & SEO Executive at TravelUp