Data Collection Solutions

What’s your main marketing objective? Lead generation? Customer loyalty? Converting social media followers into customers?

If your marketing strategy depends on building relationships with consumers, then promotions can help you collect vital data. Games, contests and giveaways are all powerful tools which help you get attention, capture data, and offer incentives in return.


	get contact details

Get contact details and consent to communications

Customer data is a high-value commodity. But customers value privacy too, as we’ve seen with the introduction of new privacy laws such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). These laws insist on direct, informed consent to data collection and communications. Your lead capture forms must give clear information about how you use the data you collect. This new model for data collection results in high quality leads and more effective marketing campaigns.

	communicate directly followers

Communicate directly with your followers

Social networks enable brands to create, communicate and interact with their own unique communities. But your social media audience doesn’t belong to you. Your ability to communicate relies on the rules of each social network. You can’t even guarantee that all your followers see all your posts. That’s why data collection with contests and promotions is so important: so you can set up direct methods of communication with your followers through email, SMS and other technologies.

	know your followers

Get to know your audience

Data collection campaigns are about more than just contact details. You can also learn more about your followers’ preferences and interests. Use this information to segment your audience for targeted lead nurturing campaigns. Personalized messaging and targeted campaigns are more effective than conventional ads. Use the same data capture tools to get opinions on your products and spot consumer trends.

	reward loyal customers

Reward loyal customers and target audiences

When you collect data from your followers and start to segment your audience, you can design specific, personalized promotions. This is key to improving conversion rates and building brand affinity. Use direct communication to convert leads, reward loyal customers, and create brand advocates.

	integrate promos with crm

Integrate data collection campaigns with your CRM

Sync leads from your promotions with your CRM system, email list or database. An effective lead generation campaign should make integration, segmentation and qualification easy. Automate your lead generation and conversion campaigns, save time, and increase ROI.

Our recommended apps for collecting data from leads

  • Giveaway apps

    Giveaways help you get people’s attention with an incentive: the chance to win a free prize. Give away products from your brand, or choose a prize which appeals to your core audience. Collect data from qualified leads who are more likely to convert.

  • Game Apps

    Games are designed for success on social media. Showcase your products with interactive content, such as a puzzle or memory game. Ask users to share their data to get access to the scoreboard and final prize draw. You’ll generate more leads and improve product recall.

  • Quiz Apps

    Quizzes help you learn more about leads, as well as collecting contact details. Users answer a series of questions which qualify leads and enable you to target them with personalized or segmented messaging. Users must share their details in order to see quiz results and enter the prize draw.

  • Contest Apps

    Contests help collect data at the top of the marketing funnel. In many industries, brands sell their products through distributors or retailers, and don’t have data on their eventual customers. Use contests to get to know your customers and build brand affinity. Photo contests, video contests and comment contests attract quality leads with an existing interest in your brand.

Data capture resources for your marketing team

Frequently asked questions

  • How can I obtain new leads as part of my user recruitment strategy?

    There are many ways to collect user data and incorporate them in a brand's marketing strategy. In Easypromos, we're specialists in generating promotions that allow collecting the data of users that are interested in the brand in exchange for incentives: get a coupon, enter a prize draw, try your luck for an direct prize, etc. Examples and case studies give us the chance to show that promotions, contests, sweepstakes, and games are a good way to get new leads, transparently and in compliance with the GDPR. 

  • There are many types of promotions that are useful for capturing users. It depends on the target audience which ones work best, so you need to analyze and learn what incentivizes them. Normally, any promotion that offers an incentive is a good option: prize draws, coupons, games, or quizzes. They should have a registration form that the brand can customize with the fields to ask the information they want to collect, be easy to share on any social network and online and offline channel, and be compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

  • By using the Easypromos contests, giveaways, quizzes, and games, you can collect the data of the users you're interested in. Make the most of the integrations with external tools that Easypromos offers to send the leads directly to your CRM system or email marketing management system. You can also export the data to a CSV file at any time and upload them to your database.