How to use Easypromos to capture leads

gather contact data

Gather contact data with user consent 

The Easypromos registration forms allow you to gather user data while complying with privacy and data security regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe or the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). Create forms that collect the user's express consent with checkboxes, terms and conditions, and other features for explicit validation of data sharing.


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convert followers into leads

Convert social media followers into direct contacts 

Games and prize distribution promotions are great strategies to capture the online community's attention and turn them into proprietary contacts. This way, you can communicate directly with them via email or SMS.

get to know your audience

Get to know your audience in depth

Data-gathering campaigns allow you to learn about the preferences and interests of your followers. Combine the registration form with personality-type quizzes or surveys to gather more information about the contact. You'll be able to create segments and user groups, enabling you to generate personalized marketing campaigns and lead nurturing campaigns.

loyalize your audience

Build loyalty among your brand’s audience

Users who participate in promotions with brand-related prizes make up high-quality leads, willing to have more direct communication. For instance, capture the contact information of customers at your physical stores to communicate more directly with them. Offer personalized promotions to this audience to build loyalty and increase repeat purchases.

lead gather integrations

Integrate data collection campaigns with your CRM

Easypromos has integrations with the most commonly used CRMs and other marketing tools. Use campaigns to nurture your databases and easily transfer the leads gathered to your CRM.


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