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Announce giveaway winners with a video

Wrap up your giveaway with a bang! Generate a fully customized video of the moment that winners and alternates are selected. Edit the video to show your logo, corporate colors or to give visibility to giveaway sponsors or collaborators. 

Share it on social media as a post or Story to get more reach, and boost engagement with your community. Broadcast the video at live events to build excitement as the prizes are handed out.


Main features

  • Generate an MP4 video to announce giveaway winners

    The platform automatically generates a video when you pick your giveaway winners. The vertical and horizontal video formats are optimized for sharing on social networks, WhatsApp, email, and other digital media.

  • Customize the video with your corporate image

    Fully customize the video with your brand colors, logos, favorite fonts and background images. All text in the video can be edited. Additionally, there is a dedicated space for giving visibility to giveaway sponsors, partners or collaborators.

  • Share the video with unique URL

    As well as the video, the system generates a unique URL and thrilling sound effects to announce your giveaway results. Share the link so your followers can watch in any browser.

  • Available for all applications

    Show Mode is available for all your Easypromos promotions (except the Event Giveaway app), whenever you want to choose a random winner. Show unlimited winners in your video. The video is available in all Easypromos plans, however, to download and edit the video you'll need a Basic PRO plan or above.

Resources and help

  • Vertical Show Mode video

    Giveaway with one winner and three alternates. Additionally, you can see the space for sharing logos of all sponsors.

  • Horizontal Show Mode Video

    Horizontal giveaway video with one winner, three alternates and giveaway sponsors.

  • Show Mode with Several Winners

    See how Show Mode presents several winners in a horizontal video.