Promotions Using Validate Receipts App with OCR System | Benefits and Objectives

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You have most likely recently seen a number of promotions at shops in which brands require customers to upload a purchase receipt as part of their customer rewards promotions. This should come as no surprise as these kinds of promotions allow brands to achieve multiple marketing objectives that would otherwise be very difficult to get.

An upward trend in the demand for this solution started to become evident during 2020. What’s more, in the last couple of years there has been a clear evolution towards using digital receipts instead of the classic paper receipt.

Easypromos offers a pioneering application that utilizes OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology applied to digital promotions such as interactive and gamified marketing campaigns. OCR technology allows recognizing images without human intervention and validates the tickets uploaded by customers. Thus, making sure that they comply with the participation requirements that the organizers have set for their promotional campaign, both in paper and digital receipts.

Using this app, brands can create promotional campaigns that are directly linked to the purchase by configuring it in a way that it will allow achieving several marketing objectives. 

The configuration of the promotion can include any of the following four variables in the purchase receipt:

  • Amount of the purchase e.g., a minimum of €20.
  • Date of the purchase, e.g., within the last month.
  • Text on the receipt, e.g., the name of a specific product or shop. 
  • Unique identifying codes in the ticket.

Example of Promotion with Validate Receipts App

Which objectives can brands achieve using receipt validation promotions?

Increasing Sales

It is the most common objective for brands carrying out this kind of promotion. Commonly used in shopping malls to draw foot traffic to their location. It is also commonly used to boost sales both in online and brick-and-mortar stores within a specific period of time using the receipt’s date as a participation requirement. That is to say, only purchases made within a pre-established period are eligible to participate.

Boost sales for a specific product or product line

These kinds of actions are a very effective way of capturing new clients. When a potential customer needs to buy a specific product and the time comes to decide which one to purchase, they will typically opt for the brand that offers some sort of incentive or promotion.

Building customer loyalty

Offering special rewards to active customers will build loyalty and trust. It is always a good idea to offer discounts, rewards, product samples, and coupons to clients. Rewarding clients promotes repeat purchases and may make ambassadors out of customers.

If the promotion implies uploading more than one receipt within a period of time, it is fundamental to consider the product’s consumption frequency. These kinds of promotions are advisable for daily or weekly consumption products as the premise “the more tickets you upload, the more chances to win” can be applied.

Validate Receipts App Demo

Increasing the average purchase amount 

First and foremost, you need to know the average amount per ticket and set a realistic objective. Once you have figured out the average amount per purchase, you can decide what is the minimum amount that the customer has to pay to participate and offer an incentive in exchange for the economic effort.

Upselling is another strategy aimed at nudging the consumer to buy a higher-end product. This implies only including higher-priced products in the promotion. Cross-selling is yet another technique that consists of suggesting an additional product that is related to the one originally purchased. For instance, if a customer purchases a toothbrush and dental floss of the same brand to get a reward as it is required that both products’ names’ appear on the receipt.

Capturing leads at the point of sale if the action is offline.

Participants have to register with their personal details alongside with the purchase receipt. This kind of action is ideal for brands that want to capture leads as it wouldn’t be possible to gather user data otherwise.

Check out our DEMOS and templates of our Validate Receipts app and discover how useful it can be to generate sales leads and build customer loyalty.

Advantages of using a Validate Receipts app to grant access to exclusive promotions 

Running a campaign that requires uploading purchase receipts and using OCR to recognize text, numbers, and images instantly implies a shorter implementation period and fewer human resources, which in turn, reduces costs.

Fewer human resources needed 

Avoid allocating personnel to manually verify tickets and avoid fraud with this automated process. An entire team of people to verify receipts in promotions that rack up hundreds or thousands of participations is no longer necessary.

Save time

With the automation of the process, the person in charge of managing the participation will only have to check the receipts that show up as not correctly uploaded. The validation system includes very specific and detailed error codes to inform the participant of what the problem is and how to correct it.

Lower cost

Checking the receipts manually required a lot of time and staff, which often made it necessary to outsource this activity and, in turn, reallocate a lot of resources to this task. 

We hope you find this information useful for your next promotion. If you have any questions or need more information, you can contact our customer support team via live chat. We will be happy to help. 

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Publication date: 2022-05-10