Automatic receipt validation with OCR

Automatic receipt validation with OCR

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology allows automatic verification of purchase receipts based on the content of the ticket. Thusly, you can organize client-exclusive promotions with direct prizes, without a need for human interference, minimizing the risk of fraud. OCR validation can be used as a prerequisite for participation in your promotion and is available in White Label promotions with login. 

Test the user experience by participating in the following promotions from your mobile device. Both DEMOs have the OCR receipt validation enabled. 

Table of contents

Main features

  • Minimum spend amount

    Set a minimum amount that customers must spend in order to participate in your promotion. For example, the app can only accept receipts for an amount greater than $20.

  • Specific text requirements

    Create participation requirements based on keywords, for example, the name or number of the store, the name of a product, or the town or region of where the purchase was made.

  • Requirements about the receipt's date of purchase

    Create participation requirements so that the system can automatically validate if the purchase was made within a specific date range.

  • Unique code requirement

    Unique codes allow you to fully control fraud. The system will search your code database for the code shown on the receipt and the ticket will be validated only if the code exists in your database and hasn’t been validated previously. Ideal for simplified invoice numbers.

  • Advanced participation requirements

    Use regular expressions and combine different participation requirements so that you can create a validation system that fully meets your needs.

  • Fraud control

    The application detects and rejects duplicated photos and receipts, as well as tickets that have been tampered with. It includes character length controls.

  • Instructions and customized messages

    To minimize the number of customer inquiries, you can add a variety of customized messages that will facilitate the receipt uploading process. Additionally, you can upload instructions for uploading the tickets.

  • Manual verification of user tickets

    The application comes with an internal test tool that allows promotion administrators to manually view and evaluate the receipts reported as faulty by participants. The organizers can identify the problem and inform the participant or adapt and improve the automatic validation process.

  • Fully responsive design

    The OCR receipt validation system is fully compatible with mobile devices. Users can take photos of their receipts directly from the app.

Resources and help

  • Tutorial

    A step-by-step guide to how to create a Validate Receipts promotion with OCR Easypromos.

  • Informative PDF

    Download information about the OCR system as a PDF file.

Frequently asked questions

  • Is it possible to automatically validate purchase receipts?

    Yes, systems like OCR (Optical Character Recognition) allow you to automatically validate purchase tickets and invoices online. Easypromos uses OCR in the Validate Receipts app so that users can upload their receipts that will be automatically verified by the system. It’s a great participation requirement for client-exclusive promotions.

  • Yes, Easypromos uses the OCR technology (Optical Character Recognition) that is used to verify minimum spend amounts, as well as keywords like the name or number of your store. Additionally, the system also detects duplicated tickets or receipts that have already been uploaded to the application, as well as the ones that have been tampered with. The promotion organizer can configure fraud detection levels.

  • Ask participants to demonstrate their purchase tickets. The OCR (Optical Character Recognition) system allows you to create a promotion where users register and upload tickets of their recent purchases. The application scans the photo and automatically validates it. Reward users with direct prizes, participation in online prize wheels, or entries in random prize draws.