Facebook Gamification: Ways to Gamify Your Facebook Page

Kamila Palka
Kamila Palka
A brand’s Facebook page requires constant creation of interesting content to foster engagement and communicate effectively with followers and customers. Gamification is the newest trend that effectively helps brands in working towards a variety of different objectives. In this article, we take a look at different ways of gamifying your Facebook page - read on for ideas, real examples, tips and ready-made templates.

Social media presence is one of the most important aspects for brands. Thanks to networks like Facebook, companies can stay in touch with their customers, followers, fans, and people potentially interested in their products. But in order to keep your online audience interested and active – and to boost engagement – it’s important to continually generate interesting content that appeals to online users. Gamification on Facebook is one way to stay relevant and connected with your online community.

Interactive content for your Facebook audience

What’s the best type of interactive content for your audience? The first way to answer this question is to analyze your Facebook community and get to know your followers’ tastes and preferences. Content marketing gurus such as Joe Pulizzi can also give you some tips on how to share content on social media. Pulizzi recommends the 4-1-1 sharing system, in which for every six pieces of content shared on social media one is original content created by the brand; one is sales-related content, and four contain content from your influencer target that is relevant to your audience.

By using this content combination, you are looking to stimulate interest and interaction from your community. For this reason, it’s important to provide fun dynamics in your content mix. One option is to use apps such as contests, giveaways, and games. And we’re now going to take a look at different ways of gamifying your Facebook page.

Facebook gamification: branded mini-games

Branded mini-games are one of the most popular marketing applications of the last years. Many brands have already grown fond of them for a variety of reasons. For example, they generate high levels of top-quality entertainment for online communities, while also boosting brand engagement and visibility on social media. Additionally, they’re effective when it comes to lead generation or discount distribution.

Let’s take a look at a few different Facebook gamification examples.

First up is a Spin the Wheel app. This is a great gamification example for Facebook for any brand looking to boost sales and generate leads on social media. All you have to do is launch an online prize wheel with a registration form and offer your audience some incentives! Users share their contact details for a chance to win discounts and prizes while you maximize lead generation and boost brand visibility.

Facebook gamification examples: Spin the Wheel game

Once you configure and launch your prize roulette all you have to do is share a direct link to the promotion with your Facebook community. You can also run ads to reach more potential participants!

But don’t worry if you’re not looking to share more than just one prize. You can still gamify your Facebook strategy, with more simple branded games. How about a Puzzle or Memory game? Invite users to rearrange puzzle pieces of look for matching images as quickly as possible. Here’s an example of an interactive Puzzle game launched by an Australian parking company.

gamification on facebook: example of a branded memory game

In this case, users had a chance to win a $100 parking voucher. How did they find out about this fun game? From a Facebook post!

facebook gamification example from andrews airport parking

Apart from entertaning their audience and boosting customer loyalty, the brand also collected new contact details and reached new potential customers.

Facebook giveaways: gamification examples

Social media giveaways have proven on numerous occasions that they’re fantastic engagement boosters. However, even though they might not be as interactive as branded games, they’re still a great way to gamify your Facebook page! At the end of the day, Facebook giveaways provide entertainment to online audiences – and entertainment is an inseparable part of gamification.

But instead of running a typical comment giveaway where users have to answer an open question or share their opinion, invite them to participate in a challenge!

Recently, Facebook users seem to love riddles – might be all the time extra time that we’ve been spending at home! Share with your online community a riddle, for example, something as challenging as the following image.

example of a riddle for facebook gamification

Ask participants to share their answers in the comment section and then run a random prize draw among those that correctly solved the challenge!

Other Facebook gamification examples

The possibilities provided by gifs

Animated gifs are being used more and more by brands to generate fun, appealing content for their community. If you add a game-playing component to the gif – like a giveaway between all those who capture a specific image of the action – you can boost fan interaction. For example, you could post an animated gif showing several products and ask participants to capture the moment when it turns red. You can use our Facebook Giveaway app to choose your random winner.

Gamify your Facebook page to boost video views

Another option is to post a video and challenge your followers to find the correct answer within. In this way, you can boost the views of the content you generate and make it fun for the community. If you throw in a prize you will incentivize participation even more. This is why combining gamification with giveaways and random prize draw is always a great idea.

facebook gamification example

Here’s a great example of how to boost video views with a gamified solution on Facebook. Participants enter a contest for a chance to win fun prizes, however, before registering for the raffle they must first view the video. You can even ask a series of questions about the video and organize a prize draw just for those that correctly answer all the questions! Try our Knowledge Quiz with video DEMO to discover how it works.

These resources are very important in helping brands maintain a strong relationship with their community, and they are generally used on a regular basis. It’s good practice to accustom your online followers to seeing giveaways, promotions or games on a specific day of the week or month. In this way, you can ensure that your followers remain loyal and keep coming back to your Facebook page. For many people, Facebook has become the place to go for dynamic, up-to-date content on brands, products and companies.

Do you have more questions about gamifying your Facebook page? Make sure to contact our customer support team!