Spin the Wheel

Distribute prizes randomly among users who spin your online prize wheel. Generate excitement with our Spin the Wheel application and collect contact information from potential customers or convert visits to your online store into leads. Entertain your audience as they try their luck and win the prizes you have previously configured. Customize all visual aspects of the wheel for increased brand visibility and exposure.


Every time the Prize Wheel spins, users win a prize and you collect leads!

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Spin the Wheel

Main Features of the Spin the Wheel application

  • Customize a brand personalized wheel

    You can fully customize the prize wheel appearance to match your brand's corporate image. Design it according to your preferences: colors, images, background, and fonts. You can also customize the background color for each prize or upload images for each slot on the wheel.

  • Select how many segments the wheel should have

    Configure up to 30 different types of prizes. You only have to set the number of units for each prize, and the application will automatically distribute the slots proportionally. If you prefer not to award prizes to all participants in your wheel, enable the "No prize" option and set how often it should come up.

  • Manage prize odds

    Adjust the odds for prize distribution. This prize wheel allows you to distribute the prizes based on probability. Additionally you can use the Instan Win feature tu assign higher-value prizes or those you want to distribute on a specific moment.

  • Sound and visual effects

    When the wheel spins, the movements are accompanied by sound and visual effects to make the experience more real, and when the wheel stops, there's a fail sound or applause according to the outcome.

  • Enable user registration

    Includes user identification and registration system to allow you to gather new users' data or to integrate it to your user ID system via SSO. More information.

  • Purchase-to-spin system

    You can require users to upload a purchase receipt to access the wheel and try their luck. Users only need to register once and will have one spin for each different receipt they validate with our OCR system. More info.

  • Embed it on your website or app

    The prize wheel can be published as a microsite with a URL associated with your brand or linked to a new domain. You also have the option to embed it on your own website as a widget or in a mobile application.

  • Integrate it with your marketing tools

    Easily export all participant data to a CSV or Excel file. If you prefer, you can use Easypromos integrations to send them directly to the marketing tools connected to our platform.

Spin the Wheel Prices

  • <strong>Premium</strong> Plan
    Premium Plan


    • Limited to 10,000 participants per promotion.
    • Easypromos branding visible.
    • Customize default template with your own wording and images.
    • Fully customizable registration form.
    • Automated email platform.
    • Third-party integrations with external platforms.
    • Access to advanced promotion statistics.
  • White Label Plan
    White Label Plan

    Premium version, plus:

    • Limited to 50,000 participants per promotion. Contact us for more than 50,000.
    • No visible Easypromos branding.
    • No reference to Easypromos when sharing.
    • Multi-language
    • Use your own domain name with HTTPS support.
    • Developers: Use your own CSS styles, HTML and Javascript code.
    • Developers: Access to the API and Webhooks for real-time exporting of entries.
    • Recommended for big brands and agencies.
    • Priority support.

Combine it with other Easypromos applications

  • Distribute coupon codes
    Create coupons to distribute as prizes. Use the editor to create customized coupons and personalize them with the winner's name and single-use redemption codes.
  • Instant Win
    Combine the prize distribution by odds with the Instant Win feature to have greater control over when certain prizes are won. These prizes will appear on the roulette but will only be awarded on a specific, preset date and time.
  • Multi-Game
    Create several prize wheels in a single application or combine it with other games in a single promotion.
  • Entry Form Giveaway
    Create a double incentive to participate in your promotion by offering another prize awarded through a final draw among all registered participants or those who did not win a prize when spinning the wheel.

Complete features

Spin the Wheel Case Studies

  • Spin the Wheel promotions to giveaway prizes

    Prize roulettes are a fun way to promote your business. Users try their luck and win prizes or discounts. Success case of 2 prize roulettes that Carrefour organized for their Valentine's.

    Agency: Bannister Global

    Client: Carmila España

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  • Examples of successful Spin the Wheel promotions

    Would you like to increase sales, nurture your email database, increase customer retention, and promote your brand? Check out these examples!
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Spin the Wheel Resources

  • Tutorial

    Step by step guide to how to create a Spin the wheel promotion with the Easypromos platform
  • Conditioned prize distribution

    Learn how to distribute prizes when only certain conditions are met.
  • Ebook: Examples of online prize wheels

    Real-life examples and tips on how to use a digital prize wheel to achieve your marketing objectives.

Spin the Wheel FAQ's

  • Yes, you can add your brand logo in the center of the wheel, choose the colors of each segment, customize the frame of the wheel, and upload you own background image. These options allow you to design a prize wheel completely customized with the style of your brand.

  • You can include up to 30 slots, although we recommend not using more than 20 for an optimal user experience. We suggest including at least one slot for each type of prize, but it is not necessary to include as many slots as prize units to distribute. The proportional distribution tool of the wheel will assist you in displaying the prizes effectively.

  • Our Prize Wheel application allows you to create two different types of prizes. Firstly, you can add odd-based prizes, meaning they are assigned based on the odds defined by the organizer. Therefore, you can configure the likelihood of users winning each prize, giving you control over which ones are more likely to be won (e.g., Prize 1, 60%; Prize 2, 20%; and Prize 3, 20%). Secondly, you can add prizes using the "Instant Win" feature, which awards prizes at a specific date and time defined by the organizer. This strategy is ideal for distributing higher-value prizes with limited units, as it allows precise control over the frequency and timing of their distribution.

  • Of course! You can set up the number of spins each user gets. You can, for example, choose to give just one spin or even several spins per day. You can also make it a condition that the users enter a valid code to be able to spin the wheel. This option is interesting if you only want to let users who've made a purchase spin the wheel.

  • For the users to be able to spin the wheel, you can require that they first fill in a registration form. Another requirement could be that the users need to validate their email address before getting to spin the wheel. You can also ask users to enter a valid code to be able to play. For every valid code, the user gets a spin of the wheel.

  • Yes, the SPin the Wheel app features an email tool that allows for the automated sending of the prize by email. This option is useful when the prize is digital, such as a discount coupon or promotional code. The user spins the wheel and receives the coupon in PDF format directly in their email inbox.

  • Yes, you have the widget feature available which includes the code of the Spin the Wheel promotion to add it to a website. You can embed the prize wheel on a page or show it as a pop-up. This way, the users can play directly on your website.

  • When you create the prizes in the wheel, you can define the number of units available. If all units have been given already, the prize will still appear on the wheel, but it won't be won again.