How to Create a Branded Hidden Objects Game?

Kamila Palka
Kamila Palka
Offer your audience an entertaining game and attract their attention in the blink of an eye! In this post, we will take you through all the marketing objectives that you can achieve with this new branded mini-game. Do you want to build your brand awareness? The keep on reading!

GoodFirms report that around 67% of social media users unfollow brands that share irrelevant information. There are 7.75 billion people in the world, and 3.24 billion of them are gamers, meaning that almost half of the population gets involved in game playing. Is there a way to combine these two vital pieces of information and put them into marketing?

Brands must focus on catching the attention of potential followers. And once they have that attention, they must know how to maintain it. They can do it by offering engaging promotions, contests, and creative challenges that are rewarded. 

If you’re asking yourself how to organize such promotions, then the answer is very simple… with branded mini-games. One of these games is our new branded Hidden Objects game. Get your audience to find different objects hidden in a picture and watch the fun and rivalry unfold! Check out the real experience for yourself – play our branded Hidden Objects game DEMO!

Our team created a short video to show you how quick and easy it is to create your own branded Hidden Objects game. You can do it in less than five minutes!

How does the Hidden Objects app work?

The biggest challenge for you as the organizer is to design an attractive image. Image that will reflect your products, brand, or campaign, but it also has to attract the attention of the participants. The picture should be appealing, but it should also have a number of hidden items that the players will need to find before they run out of time. Upon completing the game the participant will be able to register and their name will display in the final ranking. 

Branded Hidden Objects game mobile view

Of course, the game itself is fun and entertaining, however, at Easypromos we always recommend linking your branded mini-games to a promotion. Offer your participants a prize draw, distribute vouchers between all the participants that completed the challenge,  or simply gift the users with discount codes. Just don’t forget the fact that a good incentive is the best motivation for online players!

Why create a Hidden Objects game?

According to the same study, online users – especially the young “Gen Z” audience – don’t mind seeing adverts on social media channels. However, they are interested in seeing not a traditional but personalized style of adverts, the ones that meet their expectations. Branded mini-games are a great tool to achieve excellent marketing results and satisfy the audience. They are very innovative and they can surprise. Here are the main marketing goals that you can accomplish with branded mini-games:

  • Brand recognition – online users are now used to skipping ads and not paying much attention to them. Mini-games give you the possibility to catch the user’s attention for a longer time. Concurrently they allow you to expose the player to your logo, branding or products, which you can add to the game in the settings. 
  • Increased engagement and brand affinity – instead of trying to directly sell to your audience, you should always try to focus on promoting the products in a fun and entertaining way. With the Hidden Objects game, you can hide your products on the creative picture, and then ask the participants to find them. 
  • Lead capture – the users should fill in a registration form in order to see their final score or to be able to enter a prize draw. This is how you capture new leads! But ask only for the details that you need! You can also add a checkbox that the participants can tick to sign up for your newsletter or commercial emails.

What images will I need to create a branded Hidden Objects game?

To set up your own branded mini-game with Easypromos you will only need the following images:

  • Your logo in the PNG format, with a recommended size of 200x200px. 
  • The main image with hidden items, 800x800px.
  • A viral image to share on social media channels (optional, 1200x630px).

The main image of the game will have to be edited and ready upon uploading it to the platform. It must include the objects that you will ask the audience to find. Once you upload the main image to the Easypromos Editor, you will be able to mark the location of the hidden items. This way the platform will detect where the user has to click in order to receive points. Even though you can hide as many objects as you want, we recommend choosing between three and six items. 

What are the special characteristics of the branded Hidden Objects game?

The Hidden Objects app by Easypromos allows you to upload your edited image with hidden items, and then mark the correct areas. So when the participant accurately locates the object and clicks on it, the platform assigns points and then puts a green circle around it. However, if the player marks a wrong spot, the platform will automatically put a red cross, to show the wrong choice.

As the organizing party of the game, you can configure a number of different settings:

  • Set the maximum time to complete the game.
  • Set the maximum number of attempts to finish the game. For example, if there are 5 hidden objects and 5 possible movements, then the player will not be able to complete the game in case of marking the wrong area. 
  • Enable the legend explaining the number of hidden items and what they are. Without this option, the participant doesn’t know how many things are there to find. 
  • Decide whether the users can play more than once.

Branded Hidden Objects game platform

You can also enable a final ranking page, showing the results of all the participants in descending order. The platform automatically assigns points on completing the game: 100 points for overcoming the challenge, and then extra points for the time remaining (10 points per second). Therefore, the organizer can choose whether they want to display the final results of all the players that complete the game. This option will allow you to reward the best player, or put the best 10 players into a prize draw. You can also randomly draw a price among all the players that completed the game. Another option is to award all successful participants with vouchers or discount codes.

Branded Hidden Objects game

Why use the Hidden Objects game by Easypromos?

It’s possible that creating a Hidden Objects game seemed to you like quite a challenge! But now you see that Easypromos allows you to set up the branded Hidden Objects game in no time, and more importantly with no programming skills. The application will only ask you to indicate the correct areas and do the rest of the job for you. Moreover, we have a wide range of tutorials that will take through the whole process. And in case of any extra questions or doubts, or Support Team is always ready to help through our Online Chat.

The branded Hidden Objects game makes it also easy to add and display Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions. You can also configure the registration form fields, so the participants will leave the details that you need. And as with all applications by Easypromos, you can easily download all the data at any moment, or send it directly to your CRM, webhooks or Zapier. 

As if that wasn’t enough, you can draft your branded Hidden Objects game for free! The platform will not ask you for any payment unless you choose to activate the promotion. So create your Easypromos account and design your own mini-game! to Entertain your audience and accomplish your marketing objectives!