Event Lead Generation with a Timed Quiz: a Success Case of La Trobe University

Randi Jensen
Randi Jensen
When La Trobe University could once again attend career expos after the COVID-19 pandemic, they wanted a new way of creating engagement to support their lead generation. Together with their new stand, they created a ‘Test your clever’ quiz that event attendees could play on their phones. Learn here how to use a Timed Quiz for your event lead generation.

The client

La Trobe University is based in Melbourne, Australia with over 35,500 students across 5 campuses. La Trobe University’s mission is to improve access to higher education for disadvantaged communities. They do this through a range of programs and initiatives. La Trobe offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses in areas of arts, social science, communications, business, education, IT, engineering, science, law, and health.

Renewing event lead generation

La Trobe’s Sales and Customer Experience team attended Victoria’s largest higher education exhibition, The VCE and Careers Expo from 29 April to 2 May. The expo has 16,000 attendees over four days. This annual event at Caulfield Racecourse offers La Trobe the opportunity to engage personally with thousands of Year 10-12 students, their parents, career practitioners, and those looking to return to study.

“In previous years, our activation has been a physical vending machine where students played a brain-training style game and won a prize dispensed depending on their score”, tells Elise Joosten, Marketing Advisor at La Trobe University.

la trobe university exhibition stand

In 2021 the university debuted a ­­new exhibition stand outside the main entrance of the venue. This new space provided additional opportunities for students to speak to recruitment consultants. With the new space and the circumstances taken into account, the university wanted to do something new to attract visitors.

A COVID-secure Timed Quiz

“We wanted to distribute different prizes depending on the student’s score to generate buzz around the stand. The Timed Quiz allowed total customizability to choose the scores and what prizes that would lead to”, explains Elise.

la trobe university timed quiz for lead generation

The recruitment team at La Trobe University created a Timed Quiz with the Easypromos platform. They used the Pop Quiz mode where users tried to get all the answers correct in the shortest time possible. They showed the students 10 out of the 21 questions in total. Also, the questions and the answers were shown randomly which meant that the quiz looked different for each contestant. To keep the students on their toes, they only had 15 seconds to answer each trivia question about the university.

la trobe university quiz for lead generation

The staff placed A-frame signs outside the stand asking participants to “Test their clever to win a prize” to promote the quiz. Students then scanned the QR code on the sign which directed them to enter their details and play the quiz.

Quiz participants could win hoodies, beanies, reusable bottles, notebooks, or jelly bean packets. Once the students received their score at the end of the quiz, they showed it to a La Trobe team member who gave them a prize according to the score. 

la trobe university stand for timed quiz

Leads from future students

For La Trobe University, the VCE and Career Expo is one of the largest lead generation events of the year. Therefore, the main goal of the Timed Quiz was to collect leads from potential students. And the game turned out to be a great success.

“Over the four days, we had 3560 registrants. We were thrilled with this result. It was over four times the number we have received at past events,” tells Elise.

The team found that the students loved the game. It generated a lot of buzz and interest around the La Trobe stand. In fact, in total, the students played the quiz for 3 days, 15 hours, 53 minutes, and 4 seconds. 

What made the online quiz especially useful was that multiple students could take the quiz at the same time. Since students played the game on their own phones, no one had to wait in line as they had to the previous years. Additionally, this also reduced common touchpoints as per COVID guidelines.

The new leads from the event will go onto La Trobe’s mailing list. They will now receive communications regarding upcoming Open Days and communications specific to them depending on their school year level.

The university also utilized the game at the next major expo, the Victorian Careers Show which ran for the first time on 14 and 15 May 2021. The event lead generation quiz worked with equal success.

Easy quiz set-up

La Trobe University found Easypromos through Google when searching for a new way to organize the lead generation at the career expo.

After the initial inquiries about the quiz, Elise saw that Easypromos caters to the university’s needs. She found the quiz app was easy to set up. The feature that especially came in handy was the fact that you can create the questions in an Excel spreadsheet and then add them to the quiz in Easypromos.

Another important reason to choose the platform was the support. “I would describe the service as first class. Nothing was too much for the support team. They were so quick to answer every question and always had the answers for us,” tells Elise.

The team is very keen to use Easypromos again in the future.


Easypromos allowed us to create a customized game activation for our event. The platform was very easy to use and the customer support is second to none. This game has been a game-changer for our event lead generation and we will definitely be using Easypromos again in the future.

– Elise Joosten –

Marketing Advisor, La Trobe University