How to make a Digital Coupon Book: steps and benefits

César Rodríguez
César Rodríguez
In a saturated market, gaining visibility and capturing the customer's attention is essential. One of the tools that is gaining ground in this challenge is the digital coupon book, which gathers coupons and discounts from multiple businesses in a common area. Not familiar with it? Learn how this collaborative initiative can be a turning point for your business.

A digital coupon book is essentially a list of discount coupons from various businesses. Picture all the businesses in a tourist area, a shopping center, or even all the shops and services in a town or city coming together to offer special discounts.

From the user’s standpoint, the process is simple and attractive. They can browse the digital coupon book and find a variety of discounts available. And only with a few clicks, they can access the coupons they’re interested in. When visiting the corresponding business, whether online or in person, they can present their digital coupon to benefit from the discount or promotion. It’s a practical and modern way to access multiple offers without the need to save and carry paper coupons. Everything is accessible on their mobile device, making it convenient and eco-friendly.

The following example shows a digital coupon book for the establishments in a shopping mall.

Example of how to create a digital coupon book for a shopping mall

Benefits of the digital coupon book

  1. Increased Visibility and Business: By integrating into a digital coupon book, your businesses and services benefit and grow in a shared space. Appearing alongside other attractive establishments enhances the opportunities to attract and capture a broader audience, thus generating more business.
  2. Lead Generation: Digital coupon books not only offer discounts and promotions, but also provide valuable tools for collecting customer contact information, consent to send commercial information, and users’ interests.
  3. Personalization: The information collected during registration and while browsing the coupon book allows for further customization of future offers, ensuring that each customer receives proposals aligned with their preferences and interests, thus increasing the likelihood of them using the coupon book again in the future.
  4. Attraction: Offers and discounts are powerful magnets for customers. With digital coupons, customers not only learn about your offers but also feel motivated to visit your physical stores and take advantage of the benefits.
  5. Convenience and Sustainability: The digital format allows users to access coupons anytime, anywhere. This means they can plan their purchases or store visits in advance, ensuring a smoother shopping experience. By moving past paper coupons, you’re taking an eco-friendly approach.

Prominent Features of Easypromos’ Digital Coupon Book

  • Full Customization: The digital coupon book goes beyond a simple list. Each business has the opportunity to highlight its brand identity. While the coupon book may follow a general thematic design, each establishment has a customizable space, allowing them to add their own image or banner. This adaptability ensures that each store stands out and provides users with a unique and attractive view of each offer or featured product.
  • Comprehensive Coupon Management: Easypromos allows you to manage coupons for diverse environments, whether to redeem them in physical stores or online businesses. Users can obtain a discount code, a personalized PDF, a QR code, a barcode, or whichever system each establishment prefers.
  • Fraud Control in Coupon Redemption: Easypromos ensures the integrity and security of your promotions. The digital coupon book includes a prize redemption security system to ensure that the person who obtains the coupon is the one who will redeem the prize, thus avoiding duplicate coupons and unethical practices.
  • Integrated Email Platform: Easypromos’ digital coupon book not only offers discounts but also includes an integrated transactional email platform, allowing you to maintain seamless and automatic communication with users, all within the same space. For example, you can send an automatic email with the discount the user just obtained or inform them about a new business that has joined the coupon book.
  • Adaptable to Your Digital Presence: You can choose to present the digital coupon book as an independent microsite with its own domain, or if preferred, integrate it seamlessly into your current website or app, ensuring a consistent experience for your users.

Get a feel of the user experience with this DEMO that simulates a digital coupon book for a tourist destination:

How to make your Online Coupon Book?

Just follow these three steps:

  1. Register with Easypromos: Taking the first step is easy. By registering with Easypromos, you gain access to a set of tools and functionalities designed to enhance your promotional strategies. Registration with Easypromos is quick and free. You can create, customize, and test the coupon book and any other dynamics with no payment needed.
  2. Create the Coupon Book: After clicking the ‘create new promotion’ button in your Easypromos administration area, select the ‘digital coupon book.’ Once inside, you can set up a separate space for each different business. Create an attractive design to make the business visually stand out.
  3. Customize the interaction with each business: It’s not just about offering discounts. The idea is to create an experience. You can choose to offer a benefit directly or involve the user a bit more for each business. How about having them answer a question about the business or inviting them to try their luck by spinning a prize wheel? These actions not only make the experience more interactive but can also provide valuable insights about your users.

Curious to learn more? If you want to learn more about how this tool can boost your business, request a demo from our sales team! We’re here to help you reinvent your promotions.

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