How to Organize Before and After Photo Contests

Kamila Palka
Kamila Palka
Ever heard of before and after contests? If so, you will know that they’re the perfect way to showcase your product’s real purpose. Promote your offering by showing your products in action and giving visibility to all the loyal customers that share their transformations with your brand.

What is a before and after photo contest?

Before and after contests show real and inspirational stories and transformations that your online community members have gone through. They demonstrate how certain challenges or difficulties can be overcome, giving inspiration and ideas to your followers. Before and after competitions also tend to create emotional connections between your brand and its audience, as you show that you care about the stories of your followers or clients. 

By inviting users to share before and after photos of their metamorphosis or makeovers you collect social proof for your content calendar, as well as you get to:

  • Foster customer relationships. Give visibility to your customers and their effort by showcasing their journey. It helps you tap into customer loyalty and trust. 
  • Show the potential of your product or service. By sharing before and after pictures of transformations and makeovers you show your products in action. What better way to promote your offering?

And the good news is that you can now run before and after contests with Easypromos! Our Voting Contest app allows participants to upload multiple images to the contest app, making it possible to show the before and after pictures that they wish to share with your brand. 

Voting Contest

How to organize a before and after photo contest with Easypromos?

The Voting Contest app allows users to upload several content pieces in one participation: photos, videos, PDFs, or audio files. The uploaded content is then uploaded as an album which the participants can name. Additionally, entrants can use a dedicated space to add a comment to each content piece, making it easier to provide additional information about their journeys. 

Apart from encouraging your online community to share their before and after photos, you can also invite your followers to vote for their favorite transformations or metamorphosis. This will definitely prompt social media sharing, as participants are more likely to share their participation with friends and family to ask for more votes. The good news is that each user that registers to vote automatically becomes a new member of your database, as they have to accept terms and conditions in order to submit their votes. 

Here’s an example of how a home improvement company could organize a contest for the best do-it-yourself home renovation. Users would participate by uploading a picture or video of, for example, their kitchen before the renovation and another photo showing the improvements. 

Let’s go back for a second to what we’ve already mentioned: votes. In the above image, you can clearly see that each user gets a total of three votes: giving one, two, and three points to their favorite entries.

Ideas for before and after photo contests

Would you like to launch a before and after photo contest for your audience? Here are just some ideas that you could go for: 


Restoration projects

Take a look at this virtual car show that the restoration product provider Eastwood organized to engage its audience, promote its products, and gather high-quality UGC. The brand asked participants to upload before and after photos and videos of their car restoration projects. The participating projects were displayed in public galleries and the winning project was selected by popular vote.

Eastwood before and after photo contest

Home renovations or improvements

Just like we explained above! And here’s an example of how to show all the user-generated content on social media.

house reformation, idea for a before and after photo contest

Garden revamps

Invite your followers to give a second life to their backyard garden, or ask them to share with you their completed projects. All the UGC that you collect you can then reshare on your social media channels to further promote your brand and products. By publishing photos of real customers and real projects, you reinforce customer loyalty and drive more potential customers to your business.

garden revamps for a photo contest

Body transformation

This is one of the most popular types of before and after photo contests. Give visibility to your customers and praise their achievements and effort by sharing pictures of their body transformations. Invite participants to upload snaps showing their pre- and after-transformation bodies and reward their hard work. This is especially popular with personal trainers, gyms, and course providers.

body transformation before and after photo contest

Are you ready to launch your before and after contest? Or maybe you already ran a successful competition that you would like to share with us! Make sure to chat with us!

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