How to Project an Image Gallery as a Slideshow

Marta Roura
Marta Roura
In any type of event or celebration – annual fairs, conferences, football games or family parties – people like to take photos and share them, enabling their friends and wider social circle to find out about the event in real time. Have you ever needed to project photos of a place or event onto a screen? In this article we introduce a tool that will enable you to create a slideshow presentation and project it on any type or size of screen, monitor or television in real time.

Easypromos offers two applications with which to obtain images from participants. These are photo contests and hashtag galleries. With both applications, users are given the opportunity to upload a photo which is then published in a gallery. The hashtag gallery application enables you to create a gallery of photos extracted automatically from Instagram by way of a particular hashtag.

A new tool has now been added to both these applications. It’s called Full Screen and it can display all the photos in a gallery as a slideshow. The photos are displayed one by one in a format optimized for screen projection.

Here you have a demonstration of an images gallery being fed automatically with images containing the hashtag #lovetravel. All photos that are uploaded to Instagram with this hashtag appear in real time in this gallery.

This is how the full screen format is displayed:

Here you can see a second demo in full screen projection, where they combine text-only tweets with photos of Instagram. They have the specific hashtag #TravelTips.

Features of the Full Screen mode:

  • 100% adaptable to any type of screen, monitor or television. Ready for projection on high-resolution monitors.
  • Offers the option of projecting images only, images plus text, or text only. You also have the option of projecting tweets as they are posted.
  • Offers a pixel interpolation system. This system automatically adds textures so that low-resolution photos can be displayed on large screens.
  • The slideshow flows at a leisurely, relaxing pace. The image appears enlarged at first, and then grows smaller in size, giving the impression of moving into the distance before it is replaced by the next image.
  • Offers an optional pre-moderation system, enabling you to check the images before they appear on the screen and block any that you may deem inappropriate.
  • Provides you with the option of password protecting the gallery should you wish to restrict viewing (to attendees of a private event for example.)
  • The tool generates a URL which you can share, enabling the gallery to be viewed from any device or computer in real time.

When is the perfect time to use this tool?

Full Screen mode is ideal for any type of event or space with a screen or projector. Here are nine ideas for making the most out of this application:

  1. Conferences and networking events: Display photos of the event taken and uploaded by attendees (and labeled with the official hashtag) in real time.
  2. Celebrations and family events: Display images in real time and see your friends and family enjoying themselves at a wedding, birthday party, etc.
  3. Fairs and markets: Attendees can take photos which are then displayed on a large screen so everyone at the event can see them. Examples of potential events include car shows, gastronomic exhibitions and clothing markets.
  4. Photo contests: Organize a slideshow presentation of images uploaded by participants of a photo contest via hashtag. The slideshow gallery can then be shared and viralized.
  5. Photo call: If you’d like to organize a photo call at an event, all you’ll need is a screen so that the public can view their photos in real time.
  6. Sporting events: In all sporting events there are screens which can be used to display photos taken by the public. Some examples of appropriate sporting events include basketball games, football matches, athletic events or golf tournaments.
  7. Concerts: Another event where there are usually plenty of giant screens for photos to be uploaded by spectators before and during.
  8. Bars and nightclubs: Many have screens where revelers can see their snapshots of the party displayed in real time.
  9. Shopping malls: Take advantage of discount seasons – summer, New Year’s, etc. to create a representative hashtag which the public can use to upload photos which are then projected on screens throughout the mall.

Do you know that Premium and White Label Easypromos application also includes a tool to organize a sweepstake among all users listed in the gallery?

Finally, remember that this feature is available for Premium and White Label promotions. In this tutorial, we indicate step by step how to configure your gallery with Full Screen.