How to Reactivate the Online Community with an Instagram Giveaway | “El Boulevard” Success Case

César Rodríguez
César Rodríguez
Sales season can be the perfect opportunity to boost your brand or business’ visibility on social media and to reactivate your online community. Take a look at this inspiring example of a sales season Instagram giveaway. As a result of this campaign, “El Boulevard” shopping mall got 163,569 impressions and 4,220 comments.

The Agency

Estimado José Alfredo is a creative marketing agency based in Valencia, Spain. The agency believes that thinking beyond the usual is to mix marketing with creativity, bet on effective advertising, offer each brand a wholesome vision with a clear objective, to achieve the best possible results. 

The Client

Located in the Zaramaga neighborhood since the 4th of November 2003, boulevard de Vitoria-Gasteiz has established itself as a reference and meeting point for the citizens of Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain. With more than 3,500 parking spots and 3 floors offering the best shopping, dining, and entertainment, The Boulevard is more than a shopping mall. It fosters cultural and local life and makes every visit a true experience.

A campaign to reactivate the online community: A Sales Season Instagram Giveaway

The shopping mall was looking for a simple action that would give it more visibility and invigorate its social media for the winter sales season. Therefore, the agency decided on an easy action to increase participation and wide promotion of the sales season and topped it off with an attractive prize consisting of €500 of spending credit in the shopping mall.

The agency had learned from previous experience that complex dynamics draw fewer participants and that their audience was somewhat tired of actions with complicated participation stages. Given that the winter sales are well-known, and that the shops’ sales are enough to attract visitors to the mall, the agency decided on an Instagram Giveaway with a single winner

El Boulevard Instagram Giveaway

Requirements of the sales’ giveaway

Participating in the giveaway was easy and the requirements were fairly common and familiar to Instagram users: 

  • Comment on the giveaway post.
  • Tag a friend.
  • Follow the organizer’s account.

Users had to comment on which was their favorite shop in the mall and tag a friend to participate. With this action, the campaign not only got a wider reach but also grew its followers base. 

Promotion of the Instagram Giveaway

The giveaway was promoted in the following channels:

  • Using Instagram Ads to get interactions.
  • Posting the promotion on Instagram Stories

El Boulevard Instagram Giveaway Stories

  • Users registered in the mall’s database received an email with a link to the Instagram account.

El Boulevard Instagram Giveaway post

  • The campaign was posted on the social network and the mall’s website.

El Bpulevard Giveaway Website

Results of the Instagram Giveaway

The promotion was active for 17 days and the audience proved to be much more active than usual, willing to comment, tag, and share the post on their social media.

The action got a total of 163.569 impressions, 750 likes, and 4.220 comments.

The organizers used the Easypromos Instagram Giveaway app to filter participants that complied with the participation requirements, draw the winners and substitutes, and contact them quickly and easily. 

The success of this campaign proves that quite often less is more and that a simple action can be more result-effective than a more elaborate one.


Our agency is made up of a team capable of developing landings with customized solutions. The Easypromos applications allow us to carry out simple or complex actions in an easy and efficient way without having to allocate too much staff to them. This platform offers a wide variety of options, adaptable to any moment and action that we need to develop. Furthermore, it is constantly updated and adapted to the digital needs and novelties. 

-Irene Aguilar-
Digital Specialist at Estimado Jose Alfredo | Creative Marketing

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